InoPressa. The West has been hijacked by Putin’s strategy in Syria

While the Assad regime, Russia and Iran rely on military means, the negotiations in Geneva will only «feign diplomacy». Russia’s recent actions in the Syrian theater are cruelty and brutality. The Obama administration puts pressure on Moscow, demanding to stop the bombing, but today is a real change in Washington’s position would be tantamount to direct confrontation with Russia that it is hard to imagine the media report.

According to the official version, the inter-Syrian peace talks in Geneva «temporarily suspended», reminds
The Financial Times. «But their resume seems almost impossible, since the strength of the Syrian government, backed by Russia, is rapidly advancing on the North of the country, leaving in its path destruction of massive proportions», write the journalists, their ultimate goal is the city of Aleppo, the last major stronghold of the rebels.

A European diplomat, citing intelligence reports, says: now Damascus support not less than 3 thousand Russian soldiers, including special forces. According to the newspaper, Moscow has also deployed in Syria at least 40 «high-speed jet aircraft that combines the functions of a bomber and multirole fighter» (the wording of the authors).

«Putin switched to his original plan, which was to help Assad to recapture Aleppo and all surrounding area up to the Turkish border, said an unnamed high-ranking intelligence officer from Europe. — Russia tried to do it when beginning the intervention, but underestimated what resources she will have to leave Syria for the sake of it».

Many Syrian oppositionists say that the attack Assad denies Syrian peace talks no sense at all, but some people think that just because the onset of negotiations needed urgently.

A source at a European intelligence claims that Russia has divided Syria on «zones of influence». Washington and Kurdish forces in Eastern Syria are free to move to combat ISIS. «But antigravity coalition led by the United States virtually powerless to restrain operation of the Russian Federation on the territory that stretches to the West and reaches Aleppo Deraa in the South. In Aleppo Russia is bombing those same rebel groups that the US is trying to cooperate in the fight against ISIL», — journalists report.

«Increasingly intense Russian bombing to force tens of thousands of Syrians to flee Aleppo and heading to the Turkish border, said the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet davutoğlu», predicting a new wave of refugees to Europe, writes The Guardian.

Speaking in London Thursday at the donor conference on Syria, which has raised more than 10 billion dollars, the US Secretary of state John Kerry urged the regime and its supporters to stop the bombing of areas held by the opposition.

«To this criticism was responded by Moscow with prosecution in Turkey preparing military intervention in Syria,» reads the article.

In an interview with The Guardian, Turkish Prime Minister said: «We have lost hope and faith that anything will get from the UN (…) the UN was created to protect humanitarian values. As the UN Secretary General went to Srebrenica in Bosnia to apologize, because the UN failed to stop massacre in 1995, and I am sure that someday another UN Secretary General will travel to Aleppo and Madau (besieged city in the South-East of Syria. — Approx. The Guardian) to apologize to the Syrian people because we didn’t stop these massacres».

Announcing «suspension» of the Geneva talks on Syria, UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura did not speak about the failure or to call the perpetrators, but the leaders of Western countries gathered in London for a donor conference on Syria, did not hide: massive attack Assad forces with the strong support of the Russian air force just broke the negotiations, wrote in Le Tamroi LEM.

The Syrian opposition from the Higher Committee on negotiations wanted to be limited to «humanitarian» aspects of the conflict, but even in this achieved nothing, and now the Russian bombardment of Aleppo portend relentless siege of the city. Last active in this part of the country the hospital is bombed by the Russian aviation, the author adds.

«Russia is pursuing a strategy of «the worse the better,» says Tom the Pierre, a specialist on Syria at the University of Edinburgh. — It artificially supports the Damascus regime, not building anything for the future.»

After numerous meetings with Lavrov and Kerry, preceded the Geneva talks, today’s actions of Russia is a knife in the back. With each week the situation becomes more complicated, but while Americans are just trying to minimize the damage.

Today, the actual change of position by the United States would be tantamount to direct confrontation with Russia that it is hard to imagine, analysts said. There remains the illusion of a more or less coordinated fight against the common enemy, which remains the ISIL, the article says. «However, both Russia and Iran may well accept only a limited presence of the «Islamic state», — said the Pierre. — The fight against ISIL is West, not Moscow». Russia once again showed that she has other interests.

On Thursday the Obama administration more forcefully demanded that Russia had suspended its bombing campaign in support of President Assad, reports The Washington Times.

State Department spokesman Kirby told reporters that military actions in Syria — «a sign that the regime, backed by Russia, is still trying to find a military solution to problems that actually require political solutions».

Secretary Kerry tried to give the situation a more positive tone, describing the phone conversation with Russian foreign Minister Lavrov. «We agreed to participate in the discussion about how to implement the cease-fire specifically, but also about some possible immediate steps to build trust in order to establish the delivery of humanitarian aid,» Kerry said in London.

The newspaper commented: «Although the last time Lavrov and other Russian officials claim that they support the pursuit of a peace agreement, some analysts say that Moscow only supported the initiative of the Obama administration».

«In settlements of Russia and the foreground ground war, although they always say in return», says Antoun Issa (Middle East Institute, USA).

When Kerry and Lavrov agreed on peace talks on Syria, the end of a terrible war, it seemed quite real: «if the foreign Ministers of the two old powers were able to agree, then neither the Syrian regime nor the opposition, nor the regional powers like Iran, Saudi Arabia or Turkey, might not be able to get out of it,» writes Paul-Anton Krueger in the pages of the Swiss Tagesanzeiger. The UN security Council unanimously passed resolution 2254, which provided for the holding of peace talks in Geneva, obliges all parties to provide humanitarian aid to the besieged territories and demanded to immediately stop shelling areas with civilians.

«But none of this has not been implemented,» — writes the correspondent. The Kremlin has declared what to speak about a ceasefire yet. «In the end, when the Syrian regime still sat at the negotiating table, his forces launched an offensive on Aleppo, and the Russian aircraft continued their support, making two hundred flights every day.»

«Until the Assad regime, Russia and Iran consider it possible to win the conflict by military means or, at least, due to the hostilities greatly improve his starting position in the negotiations in Geneva will be only «feigning diplomacy,» — said the author.

The Kremlin from the very beginning of the operation in Syria, which only at first was disguised as the fight against terrorist organization «Islamic state», adhered to this goal. «The West and primarily the USA gave Putin the opportunity to its many years of throwing and lack of strategy — says Kruger. — Therefore to believe that Putin in the end will allow Assad to step down and succumb to the temptation to dictate the world on their own terms, it would be naive».

«In Syria, Putin wants to restore Russia’s right to the title of great power. And there he raises a conflict with the US. Launching cruise missiles against Syria — a clear sign of this, since from a military point of view it was meaningless,» the article says.

In the current situation in Syria are fortifying their positions Assad and ISIL, while the rebels are destroyed, writes Fabrizio Cicchitto, journalist, Le Huffington Post.

«Assad, of course, the main culprit in the catastrophe, which caused the deaths of 300 thousand people and nearly 5 million refugees. However, as in Iraq, to the emergence of ISIS has also led to the mistakes the U.S. and the West in General,» the author writes.

The first Syrian revolution was secular, it was attended by the representatives of the poor, thousands of soldiers, representatives of the middle class. The United States and Europe ignored the revolution and the revolutionary process was introduced jihadism, and subsequently born and has spread grouping «Islamic state», writes the author.

«And when Obama intervened in connection with the use by Assad of chemical weapons, the stage was won by the Russians and Iran who support Assad. Turkey, for its part, was to allow anyone, including foreign fighters to infiltrate Syria, destabilizing the Assad regime. Meanwhile reinforced its position, Putin’s Russia, which operates, recovering its Imperial role, from Ukraine to the Middle East,» the article says.

«Russia’s actions are characterized by cruelty and brutality — continues Ciccitto: — it bombed the rebels, associated with the United States and Sunni Arab countries on the civilian population, and to a small extent, on the LIH. The situation in Aleppo was to negotiate some kind of short circuit. Unfortunately, the UN in the person of de Mistura was unable to create the conditions for genuine negotiations».

In other words, the tragedy continues and may lead to two devastating consequences: in Syria strengthens positions of Assad and the ISIL, and outside Syria, the refugee flow leads to the destabilization of the situation in Europe, concludes the author.


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