InoPressa. The West fears that the blockade of Crimea Putin said the war in Mariupol

«Ambivalent» position of Kiev on the occasion of a blackout of the Crimea suggests a «hybrid counter-attack», the media report. On Monday Poroshenko has suspended delivery of all shipments to the Peninsula. Answer than Moscow? Putin may even think about a full-scale military operation to create a «land bridge» to Crimea by means of the acquisition of territory in South-Eastern Ukraine, experts are warning.

«On Monday the activists from among the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian nationalists prevented repair crews to restore power lines in southern Ukraine that supply electricity to the Crimea. The disputed Peninsula and remained in darkness, and Ukraine and Russia are moving to a quarrel,» according to Ivan Nechepurenko and Neil MacFarquhar in The New York Times, Recalling that «power lines damaged by the terrorists on Sunday.»

The authors report that «Tatar activists» blocking access to the accident site, promised to prevent the repair, until Russia will release «political prisoners» and will not allow international organizations to monitor human rights in Crimea. According to activists, 300-strong community of Crimean Tatars systematically faced with the crackdown since Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014.

«Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, without mentioning about the outage directly, presumably approves of this confrontation,» — noted the authors.

«We are not satisfied with the current status quo, when the occupation authorities Peninsula neglect of basic human rights. There is increasing confrontation between the authorities and self-proclaimed activists,» — said Poroshenko.

In Moscow the Kremlin press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov responded calmly, the article says. From President Putin, who went to a meeting of gas exporters in Iran, an immediate review was not. Sergey Aksenov, appointed by the Kremlin, Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea, on Monday called the outages «a terrorist act».

«Why should we provide the invader with everything needed? — raises the question of the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilevmember of the Ukrainian Parliament. If they occupied our territory, we need to smoke them out of here». According to Jemilev, persons who block access to the crash site, will be allowed to repair the lines needed to supply electricity to the Kherson region of Ukraine, but will not fix a line drive to Crimea.

The issue of restoring Ukraine electricity in the Crimea, which prevented the Crimean Tatars and the organization «Right sector» (banned in Russia. — Approx. ed.), political nature. Contrary to international law annexation of the Crimea, of course, gives Ukraine the right to use boycotts, but the Ukrainian authorities are not only questioned the state monopoly in this area, but you risk a new Chernobyl, writes in the newspaper Tageszeitung Bernhard the experts. The author urges Kiev: «the Pros and cons of stopping the supply must be carefully weighed».

On Monday in response to Russia’s demand to restore supply of electricity in the Crimea, Ukraine introduced embargo on delivery of all shipments to the Peninsula, told The Financial Times.

«The unusually bold step of Ukraine creates the risk that the confrontation with Russia will increase», — says the newspaper. In the last days became more fights with insurgents in Eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin threatened by new trade restrictions if Ukraine, as planned, next year will begin to implement the free trade agreement with the EU.

President of Ukraine Poroshenko announced the blockade on Monday, while protesters didn’t allow the repairmen to the scene of the accident. «Crimea is a territory of Ukraine, — he said. — We will protect the legitimate interests of the Crimean Tatar people and all the Ukrainians living in the occupied territory». (Quotes — the official website of the President of Ukraine in the Russian language. — Approx. ed.)

The newspaper notes: «the Nationalists and Tatars has claimed responsibility for the undermining of the power lines, and the Ukrainian authorities not to lay the blame squarely on them. But the obvious sympathy give rise to a suspicion that action has been coordinated».

«Most likely, for the government it was not a surprise,» he says, implying the undermining of the power lines, the Ukrainian energy expert Dmytro Marunych. Perhaps Kiev is trying to get a lever of pressure on Moscow, resorting to the hybrid counter, he said.

«In Kiev, fell upon hard days. Exactly two years after the beginning of the revolution on the Maidan smoldering conflict in the Donbass again threatened to gain momentum, writes the correspondent of Le Temps, Stefan Soan. French and Russian General staff converging for a common struggle against Islamic terrorism, but in Eastern Ukraine the Kremlin is in no hurry to withdraw their pawns».

Immediately after termination of power supply the Pro-Russian Crimean authorities stated that the Ukrainian «terror attack». The newspaper reminds that the Jewish community of the Crimean Tatars and ultra-nationalists, including Right sector, 20 September and carried out a road blockade of the Crimea, in protest against what the Ukrainian authorities «forget» about Crimea.

Correspondent testifies: on Saturday in Kiev «without enthusiasm» has celebrated the second anniversary of the Maidan — hundreds of nationalists and Crimean Tatar activists came to the presidential administration to remind him of his inaction in the Crimean issue. Under such pressure the government on behalf of Peter Poroshenko took the decision to suspend the delivery of goods to the Crimea. «The priority of the authorities is the determination of future relations of Ukraine with temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea», — said the President, and, in the opinion of the author, the actions of Peter Poroshenko became «a symbol of the Ukrainian state, torn between its own public opinion and the fear that sanctions against Russia will be lifted».

«The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has taken a new sinister turn,»claims — Bloomberg. «While paying a price for the Crimea, but next in line may be Kiev», — journalists write Carol Matlack and Leonid Ragozin, the material under the heading of «Sabotage against the Crimea creates a risk that Putin uses troops».

In Ukraine, saboteurs blew up power lines, and on Monday, President Poroshenko said that Ukraine will temporarily suspend the carriage of goods to the Crimea.

This opposition creates a big risk for Poroshenko and his government, says analyst jörg Forbrig (German Marshall Fund of the U.S.). «If Kiev too much pressure on Crimea, Russia can easily retaliate is to stop the supply of important raw materials to Ukraine, including Russian coal for Ukrainian power stations. These tensions can also provoke a resumption of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine.»

Otilia Dhand (consulting firm Teneo Intelligence, Brussels) said that President Putin may even think about a full-scale military operation to create a «land bridge» to Crimea — in other words, for the acquisition of territory in South-Eastern Ukraine. According to Dhand, still in Russia, apparently, believed that the political damage from such an operation outweighs the potential benefit, but if the actions of Ukraine will lead to a strong deficit of something in the Crimea, «it might change the scenario in the understanding of the Kremlin developers of the course».

The position of Kiev the authors believe ambivalent.

According to Forbrig, the situation highlights the weakness of the Kiev authorities over the remote regions. «Ukrainian society has strong dissatisfaction, — said the expert, referring to the dissatisfaction with economic reforms and disagreement with how the government is building relations with Russia. — This situation now will force the government to take a more clear position against their own citizens, and also Russia».


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InoPressa. The West fears that the blockade of Crimea Putin said the war in Mariupol 24.11.2015

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