InoPressa. The talks on Syria only veil the purpose of Putin, the Saudis and the USA

The long-awaited, but off the cuff meeting on the Syrian settlement under the UN auspices, the opposition flatly refuse to sit down at the negotiating table to meet their conditions. Explosion in Damascus with dozens of victims of exacerbated differences. The real masters of the negotiations in Geneva, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States, but their interests are more important to them than the interests of the Syrian people, mass media.

In the capital of Syria, 50 people were killed and dozens wounded Sunday as a result of coordinated explosions near the Shrine of Shiite Muslims. The Syrian government and opposition exchanged accusations during the long-awaited negotiations in Geneva under the auspices of the UN, reports Ian black in The Guardian. Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by «the Islamic state». According to Syrian media, in the mosque Saida Zeynab first detonated a car bomb followed by two suicide bombers detonated «belts of shahids».

«This is one of the most fearsome attacks in government-controlled parts of Damascus, the article says. — It was another bloody and sinister reminder of what’s at stake at the Geneva talks, the only result which still remain the sympathy expressed by both parties.»

Airstrikes the Syrian and Russian forces continues without restrictions, and the siege of the 15 districts in which rapidly deteriorating the living condition of hundreds of thousands of people, according to black.

«On Sunday Affan de Mistura,PT, UN special envoy on Syria, has dealt a «courtesy» to the opposition negotiators flatly refused to sit down at the negotiating table until the entry into force of UN security Council resolution requiring all parties to provide freedom of movement to humanitarian organizations to release the prisoners, to lift the siege and cease the shelling of civilian areas», — is spoken in article.

Sunday, February 1, Mistura plans to meet with all delegations who are unable to come together due to the deep differences, in the Shuttle mode.

The real masters of the start of the Geneva talks on Syria are Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States, and private interests more important to them than the interests of the Syrian people, says the columnist for Libération, Jean-Pierre Perrin. From this conference should not expect miracles: it’s too poorly trained and its goal is to create the illusion of mobilization of the international community.

«Moscow defends the interests of the Syrian authorities. Riyadh — the interests of the opposition. Washington is torn between them. And this trio makes seriously fear for the future of Syria, writes Perrin. Russia thinks only about supporting «the butcher of Damascus», Saudi Arabia is interested in just how at any price to confront Iran, and Obama’s and John Kerry’s main concern is to deal with the Middle East and to expand American foreign policy in the far East. Hence their desire to quickly finish with the unresolved issues such as Syria, or ISIS, or even leaving a number of acute problems without solutions».

Europe’s aspiration to remove ourselves from the Syrian issue, the author criticizes, because it is the war in Syria triggered a wave of migration — the main cause of concern for Europeans.

While the UN urged the Syrian conflict to join the talks in Geneva, the Russian air force «destroyed almost to the base of Sheikh Miskin, killing hundreds of civilians in addition to soldiers to rebels, says The Financial Times in an editorial. This strategic town in southern Syria held by rebels-centrists, who support the West. According to the newspaper, this is the most clear illustration of the fact that Putin interfere to resolve the Syrian conflict.

But not only Russia bothers to resolve the conflict — FT mentions Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Iranian IRGC and Hezbollah.

There are serious questions about the role of rebels-Islamists — for example, «Jaish al-Islam», client Saudi Arabia, and «Ahrar al-sham», which is supported by Turkey. «Moscow, Damascus and Tehran have referred to them as wolves who have worn sheep’s clothing to enlist the support of the West, — the newspaper writes. But if Moscow and the Assad regime will not move from this bloody path, Syria will not remain anybody, except the wolves, that would be very beneficial to ISIL».

The publication concludes: «the U.S. and its allies should not be intimidated by the insurgents, forcing them to attend the talks, and to support their claim — a call for Russia and the regime to end bomb attacks on the Syrian people». Otherwise, Geneva will not put an end to the war.

In the course of the war in Syria Russian army «rusty clunkers» hits the West and Israel the high level of technology, draws the attention of The Independent journalist Kim Sengupta. A few decades Western armies commanders believed that the technique and strategy of the Russian army is obsolete, bombs and missiles of the Russian air force «is more «stupid» than «intelligent,» and the Navy of the Russian Federation — «rusty rather than ready for battle». What he saw in Syria and Ukraine became for them shock.

«Russian military aircraft sometimes do in Syria more sorties in one day than the coalition led by the United States for a month. The Russian Navy fired rockets from the Caspian sea and established supply lines from Syria. Air defense system established by the Russians in Syria and Eastern Ukraine, which creates extreme risk to the West in case he tries to strike at the Assad regime or the Ukrainian separatists,» — says the author.

The commander of US forces in Europe Ben Hodges called «extremely-huge» Russian achievements in the field of electronic warfare. It was believed that in this field Russia lags behind.

Israel is watching the buildup of Russian weapons to Syria, fearing that advanced arms in the hands of Iran or other Arab countries and then Israel will lose air superiority.

«It is this military power is the Foundation of the strategic triumphs of President Putin», — said Sengupta. The course of events in Syria now depends on Putin, and the «Ukrainian conflict «polysaturated» on his terms». Despite the outrage of Turkey, Russia is allying with the Kurds. It also renews the cooperation with Egypt.

«Anyone who wants to do something in the region, is trying to pave the road to Moscow», — said in an interview with an unnamed senior analyst of Israeli military intelligence.

Now the West is the question of how to respond to the above actions of Russia — a new stage of confrontation with Moscow or compromise, concludes the author.

Further, allegedly citing a source in the Ukrainian government, reports the Independent asserted that the Ministry of defence of Ukraine allegedly prepared a plan of Ukraine’s joining the fight against ISIL, and that could lead to clashes with the armed forces of the Russian contingent in Syria.

Moreover, the correspondent reports that the plan of Ukraine’s accession to the fight against ISIS was allegedly prepared on behalf of the President Peter Poroshenko, and this week, the Ukrainian side allegedly planning to discuss this document with U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter, arriving in Ukraine on an official visit.

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InoPressa. The talks on Syria only veil the purpose of Putin, the Saudis and the USA 01.02.2016

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