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First, six groups of Syrian rebels United with the powerful «Ahrar al-sham» and declared war on jihadist militants. «The problem with «al-Qaeda» in Syria can be resolved by itself», — hopes Die Welt. Second, trump is promoting the idea of establishing safe zones in Syria. The Pentagon is not happy: how to ensure that they operate in the background of the Russian presence?

Six groups of Syrian rebels have merged with a powerful Islamist organization «Ahrar al-sham» in the face of the frequent attacks of jihadist militants, the correspondent of The Financial Times. The grouping «jabhat al Fatah ash-sham», are excluded from the truce, concluded with the support of Russia and Turkey, began a series of attacks on the rebels who signed the agreement on cease-fire. «Jabhat al Fatah ash-sham» — one of the groups seeking to overthrow Assad, armed in the best way, the author adds.

Clashes spreading in the North-Western Syrian provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, can combine nagaevsky rebels in one group, even if controlled by the «Ahrar al-Sham,» writes the author. Group «Ahrar al-sham» has issued a statement which said that any strike by members of the new movement will be considered a «Declaration of war».

«Al-Qaeda» in Syria’s most powerful rebel group. But now, writes Alfred Hackenberger on the website of Die Welt, the opposition groups announced the extremists are their enemies and they have all the chances to put an end to the terrorist network.

«Jabhat al Fatah ash-sham» (the former «dzhebhat an-Nusra») is a Syrian branch of «al-Qaeda» and since 2012 is on the list of most dangerous terrorist organizations, giving the palm only to the «Islamic state». «Jabhat al Fatah ash-sham» wants to create in Syria extremist Emirate, which should be a part of a worldwide Caliphate. However, the group instigated an open war, to win which is not able,» — said in the article.

While Astana hosted the conference on Syria, initiated by the Russian side, the militants of the «jabhat al Fatah ash-sham» attacked border checkpoints, bases and weapons stockpiles under the control of «Syrian free army».

On Tuesday «the Syrian Islamic Council» issued a fatwa which proclaimed the fight against «jabhat al Fatah ash-sham». He called radical jihadist traitors of Islam, the article says.

Experts believe that such development of the event is the trick of the Kremlin: organized by Moscow peace conference on Syria was just a chess move designed to set one against the other groups of the Syrian opposition, reports the author.

The result of the meeting in Astana was to be the decision on the extension of the truce, under which the rebels could no longer capture territories. The actions of the «jabhat al Fatah ash-sham» is more like a manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation, because the jihadists are aware of being extremist group, they have no chance for the future. This was agreed as Russia, the United States and the members of the international coalition.

«Russia could be satisfied» — sums up the journalist.

Recently, Donald trump called for the creation of no-fly zones over certain areas of Syria. Trump also wants to build on spetszony Syrian territory, where refugees could safely hide from air strikes by Russian VKS and aviation of the Assad regime. «This means that trump is a confrontation with Russia,» — writes the columnist of Der Spiegel, Christoph Sydow, Recalling that the Kremlin has strongly opposed the establishment of such zones, and the Russian authorities constantly asserted that such a step will be regarded as illegal military intervention and it will be given the appropriate answer.

This time, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov reacted with restraint, noting that the White house «with Moscow, this issue was not discussed, and he would have to calculate all the possible consequences of such a no-fly zone».

The American General staff in 2013 estimated the cost of such an operation in a billion dollars a month.

«The whole plan is fraught with significant risks, — the author continues. No — fly zone makes sense only when watching her. In other words, the United States will have to shoot over the zone every Syrian or Russian bomber. The consequences can be very unpredictable.» Zadov recalls that trump during the election campaign spoke loudly against confrontation with Russia over the conflict in Syria and stated: «If you listen to Hillary Clinton (also advocated a no-fly zone. — Approx. ed.), the Syrian conflict will end Third world war.»

«And now, after one week of presidency in the White house this turn,» writes Sydow. «Pentagon strategists still may come to believe that a no-fly zone in Syria impossible, as in Russia there are air defense systems s-300 and s-400, which the Russian army is able to shoot down Western planes,» adds the analyst.

«The promise of the President of trump to create safe zone in Syria for displaced civilians implies the possibility of increasing US military intervention in the conflict, including more extensive use of military aviation and American or allied ground forces,» writes The New York Times.

Trump says that such safe zones could serve as an alternative to the reception of refugees in the United States.

«These statements were made against the background of the development of the project of the decree of the Pentagon and the state Department to present plans to establish safe zones for 90 days. The decree has not yet been published,» say the journalists.

As stated by the official representative of the Pentagon, «at the moment our Department has only one goal in Syria is to weaken and destroy «the Islamic state».

The years, Turkey has unsuccessfully demanded that President Barack Obama to create a safe zone in Northern Syria that could serve as a haven for refugees and a base for the operations of the Syrian rebel groups supported by the two countries, the article says.

Even now, the Pentagon is likely to resist the decree on the establishment of such large-scale safe zones in Syria.

«The danger is that the establishment of these zones can develop into a military mission with an uncertain completion date — says Jim Phillips, senior research fellow, Heritage Foundation (Washington). — Any American troops sent to Syria, will immediately become a lightning rod for terrorist attacks.»

«To create a full blown no-fly zone that would protect a certain area from the air bombing, the United States will have to remove the existing Russian and Syrian air defenses or to reach agreement with Moscow and Damascus on the cessation of military strikes,» — says the journalists.

«On Thursday, the Syrian rebels were positive about the idea of creating safe zones in Syria, but questioned its authenticity, citing complications related to the Russian intervention,» the article says.

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