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Several primarily President Putin held an annual telethon in the spirit of the labor collective, mass media. He is deliberately softened the image suggests that the Kremlin is concerned about the impact of the crisis on the public mood of the Russians. Statements that cannot withstand even a cursory check on factual errors — charges Sueddeutsche Zeitung in the answer about offshore Roldugin.

On Thursday, more kind and gentle than usual, Putin talked with the Russians during the annual telethon, in an effort to show that he was still hard, almost omniscient technocrat, but feels the pain of ordinary people, writes the correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor’s Fred Weir.

«Clearly, — said Nikolai Petrov, Professor, higher school of Economics (Moscow), — that he was advised to demonstrate that he is aware of the difficulties through which many people who understands this and does everything in his power to improve the situation.»

According to experts, this softened the tone suggests that the Kremlin is concerned about the current crisis and its impact on the public mood with the upcoming parliamentary elections in September, the article says.

«Voters are interested in the personality of Putin, and it is easy to little lifted, — believes Alexei Makarkin, Deputy Director of the independent Center for political technologies (Moscow). — In fact, he told us, but showed a bit of warmth.»

Analysts also noted a more conciliatory tone than usual, in the sphere of international relations. Putin insisted that Russia is not surrounded by enemies, Turkey as «a friendly country», called for peace in Ukraine and made a compliment to Barack Obama.

However, the answer to the question of Schoolgirls about who he would save first if the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko sank, sounded more in the spirit of Putin, says the author. «If someone decided to drown, to save his already impossible», — Putin said.

«A few primarily — or at least, not satirali nose — President Vladimir V. Putin on Thursday for the annual «Straight line,» writes The New York Times. «Answering staged calls were intended to emphasize that he cares about the ordeals of ordinary Russians in the light of the second, painful years of recession», — said the journalist Neil MacFarquhar.

Philippic in the United States and Turkey almost stopped as they are replaced by praise of domestic cheese makers and fishermen, as well as encouraging words about the efforts of the government to keep the prices low for all.

«We need to think about how to deal with America. We need to think about how to deal with internal issues and problems, — Putin said, — roads, addressing issues of health, education, the development of our economy and its recovery, with giving her the required rate of growth». According to Putin, if Russia decides these issues, she will feel «invincible».

However, «the Russians obviously felt vulnerable were questioned about the high prices, non-payment of salaries, the increase of tariffs of housing and communal services and the closure of schools and hospitals,» the article says.

The President described the economy as «gray band», reported that it expected, in 2016, a decline of 0.3% and then begin a slight increase. He also said that reserves will last for the next four years. «It’s a much more rosy picture than the forecasts of foreign analysts», says MacFarquhar.

The audience in the Studio complained about enduring problems type of inspections carried out by civil servants, and hinder the activities of entrepreneurs. Putin assured that the number of such audits declined by a third.

However, during his speech, the inspectors searched the offices of billionaire Mikhail D. Prokhorov, as well as the search took place in the office of the Swedish company IKEA, according to her lawyer. «Officials have long enviously look on at a feverish turnover of the network in Russia», — said in the article.

Every year for a few hours Vladimir Putin responds live to questions of Russians. «Thousands of people hope that will come to their issue,» writes columnist Yulia Smirnova of Die Welt.

«This play is staged every year in Russia. The President of Russia receives millions of questions. They mainly relate to minor problems of people from all corners of Russia. People complain about the poor state of roads, houses that are not repaired for years, corrupt officials. It’s like hundreds of thousands of Germans suddenly decided to complain to Angela Merkel on a leaky roof — in the belief that she alone can solve these problems, explains to readers Smirnova. — Each year live Putin demonstrates how in a matter of minutes can resolve any problem».

The journalist watched the «Straight line» along with several teachers and students of the Timiryazev Academy in Moscow. Several thousand students and professors «of Timiryazevka» send SMS to «Straight line», protesting against building fields of the Academy, she explains.

«I don’t think he will help us», — said before the beginning of one student. And Putin begins to answer questions about inflation and rising prices, the budget deficit and the trade balance. «Students start to get bored, as bad lectures, get the smartphones, put their heads on their desks, yawning. In the past, none of them were interested in «Straight line», but they are waiting for the answer to one question,» reads the article.

«Every year we in the camp watched. Much better than working. Yes and he says well,» says 39-year-old Sergei, recently released from prison. He is now receiving education in the field of landscape design. About his attitude to the President he says evasively. «You know what they say: tell me, who is Putin, and I’ll tell you who you are.»

In the end the question about the Academy still sounded in the air. «Timiryazevka» should be «left alone», said the President. «Putin!» — exulted the Professor, who was sitting next to a journalist.

«This time Putin kept unconvincing, is considered by Leonid bershidskiy, a correspondent of Russia. — As before, some of his statements could not withstand the most superficial check on factual errors, and it was like a parody of himself — and Dr. Evil from «Austin powers». He even read a piece of paper of economic data, although considered important to demonstrate his impressive memory.»

Putin dismissed the question about inflation, promising that prices will stabilize once the market will be filled with Russian goods. Endless inspections of business he explained the mentality of the bureaucracy. Meanwhile, during transmission, the police searched the Central office of IKEA in the suburbs, and the «secret police» of the FSB companies belonging «ONEXIM group» Mikhail Prokhorov, the bershidskiy.

Putin «not even swallowed the bait» when he was asking questions about geopolitics.

«Grey and boring style of Putin’s responses to most questions may have been conceived as a calming» — suggests the bershidskiy.

«Putin came on the air as a calm and experienced leader, and not a swindler and an adventurer on an international scale, which saw the world when he led the war in Ukraine and in Syria. «Why do people hate me?» as though he had just asked him a harmless manner,» reads the article.

«But Putin is far from harmless,» says the journalist: even with «lulling» on Thursday, the Russian President supported their statements fabricated facts. Said that Russia’s reserves returned to the level of 2014, although they are now 388 billion and then reached $ 500 billion, Said that the newspaper Seuddeutsche Zeitung, dubbed «Panama», Goldman Sachs (hinting that that the information leak organized by the Americans for his discredit), though its owner — Suedwestdeutsche Medien Holding (Stuttgart).

«The last presidential term of Putin observed a terrible gap between his public statements and reality. His enemies as if you exist in an imaginary, paranoid world. Its economic estimates and projections (…) wildly optimistic, writes bershidskiy.- And due to the lack of an economic plan, he then looks uncharacteristically helpless, presumptuous».

«When Vladimir Putin threatens to strike at critics, the Western press and some alleged dark forces that mean Russia when talking about the revelations in «the Panama document», Russian media prepare him for the bigger stage,» writes the columnist of Der Spiegel, Benjamin Bidder. «Direct line with Putin» aired three public television networks and three radio stations.

One of the questions was about why the President did not respond to information, through an offshore company of his friend Sergei Roldugin from Russia has flowed away millions of dollars. Putin replied that the cellist had spent all her money on the purchase of two valuable violins and cellos, and then pounced on those who were engaged in the analysis of information from Panama. As the President said, for these provocations are «employees of the U.S. official institutions,» and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

«Süddeutsche Zeitung is included in the media holding, and holding this media belongs to the American Finance Corporation, Goldman Sachs, that is sticking out everywhere the ears of the customers — they stick out, but not even blush,» continued Putin.

Meanwhile, the Süddeutsche Zeitung has denied any connection with Goldman Sachs and «extracts from company registers indicate that the owners of the Süddeutsche Verlag in 81,5% are Stuttgart Südwestdeutsche Medien Holding GmbH and SV Holding Munich GmbH Friedmann, with whom Goldman Sachs is also not linked», the article says.

«It is quite possible that the Kremlin misled information from the Internet,» says Bidder.

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InoPressa. The results of the «Direct line»: in Russia, capable only of good «Dr. Evil» 15.04.2016

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