InoPressa. The resignation of Abromavicius and «last chance» Ukraine

The resigned Minister of economy of Ukraine aivaras Abromavicius told The Financial Times about the reasons for his resignation. Journalists appreciate his decision and talk about the future of the country in the context of stalled reforms and unsuccessful fight against corruption.

«Former Minister: technocracy — the only hope for lasting reform», is the title of an interview of Aivaras of Abromavicius the correspondent of The Financial Times Neil Buckley.

«Old power» and stakeholders in Ukraine are trying to push back the structural reforms undertaken since the revolution of 2014, and purely technocratic government is the only way to ensure the continuation of this process, warns of the resigned Minister of Economics.

Abromavicius, who resigned last week, said in an interview that his decision to leave «should be? alarm that the reform process must continue at a new level of transparency».

According to him, under the «old forces», he meant not only the oligarchs: «it Became very clear that, unfortunately, some of the closest allies of the President and Prime Minister that were oslavany in local and international media interfere in the Affairs of state corporations.»

Abromavicius said that last Monday he was handed documents relating to the candidate, which, as he said, he must appoint a Deputy Minister, although this job was not it. The person who contacted him, said he is Igor Kononenko , a longtime business partner Poroshenko, who is now an MP, said Abromavicius.

In the opinion of the resigned Minister, the motive for this approach was the recent transfer of control over the «Naftogaz» from the Ministry of energy the Ministry of economy.

Abromavicius has warned that Ukraine faces a «crisis» of confidence and values. He believes that the technocrats could form a «competent and efficient» government if they enlist the support of parties in Parliament of Ukraine.

«Support from our Western partners is reduced, and it is important to use this opportunity to regain confidence,» he said.

«The last chance of Ukraine to preserve freedom» — says the title of the editorial article in The Financial Times.

«The latest political crisis in Ukraine affects the substance facing the country’s problems. Aivaras Abromavicius, technocratic economy Minister, born in Lithuania, resigned last week, saying that the implementation of reforms became impossible», and it exposes the ongoing failure of Ukraine in the fight against corruption and the rule of law, according to the authors of the commentary.

«In the end, the entire Pro-European elite must abandon greed, infighting and corruption that have characterized post-Soviet Ukraine, and to work together to create a system that allows all citizens to prosper and be free. The failure of joint work will play into the hands of the Russian leadership that seeks to return Ukraine in its sphere of influence. As Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden Vesco said during a visit to Kiev in December, Ukraine may be the last chance to secure the prosperity and independence in the future,» the authors conclude.

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InoPressa. The resignation of Abromavicius and «last chance» Ukraine 08.02.2016

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