InoPressa. The Pentagon’s plans is to «contain Putin» in Europe and invest in technology

The draft U.S. defense budget for fiscal year 2017 is assumed to increase allocations for advanced weapons and American presence in Europe — the Pentagon plans to counter the «technological and military advances of China and Russia and to keep Russia from further aggression in the region.» «It’s actually serious, and the Russians are gonna be pissed,» says the expert.

«President Obama plans to significantly increase the number of heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other military equipment, deployed in NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and this move, say administration officials, is aimed at holding Russia from further aggression in the region,» reports The New York Times.

The white house is going to make a budget request 3.4 billion on military expenditure in Europe in 2017. «Armaments and military hardware will be used by U.S. and NATO troops, and this will guarantee that the Alliance will be able to contain the fully armed crew in the region on a regular basis,» the article says.

Although military activity of Russia in Eastern Ukraine in recent months has come to naught, Moscow continues to maintain a presence there, working with local Pro-Russian forces. In the opinion of USA, NATO must send a signal to President Putin that the West is still highly suspect estimates of its motives in the region.

A senior official of the U.S. administration called the move NATO «strategic response to the changed security environment in Europe», reflecting «the new situation in which Russia has become a more complex player.»

«It’s actually serious, and the Russians will be pissed — says Evelyn N. Farkas, former curator of the Russian and Ukrainian direction in the Pentagon. — This is a serious sign of commitment to a policy of containment of Russia and strengthening of our Alliance and partnership with countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia».

Russia made significant military investments, making the hulking Soviet-style army into a more lightweight and flexible force, capable of rapid invasion. Coupled with the willingness of Putin to use the army to expand Russian influence abroad this has made it necessary to create a stronger deterrent force, said the officials.

«It’s a signal that we understand that they are capable and that they are ready to go to their political leadership,» said another senior administration official regarding Russia.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter presents the draft Pentagon budget for fiscal year 2017. It is expected to increase allocations for advanced weapons and American presence in Europe, writes The Washington Post. Almost half of new investment is associated with growing, according to officials, the threat from Moscow.

If the project is approved by Congress, allocations to U.S. troops in Europe will grow fourfold. The money the Pentagon «would increase the presence of American troops in Europe; will place additional combat vehicles and other equipment; help allies in the construction of infrastructure; increasing training allied forces». The Obama administration hopes that the increased American presence will push European countries to increase their own military spending.

«It’s actually not a provocation and an escalation, said in a conversation with The Washington Post, an unnamed U.S. official. — It is rather the result of our long-term response».

Carter will «to justify why the rapid military buildup of China and Russia’s actions beyond its borders are more significant threat to US security than extremist groups like Islamic state (is prohibited in the Russian Federation. — Approx. ed.). However, the planned expenditures on the fight against the ISIL also «significantly increased» up to 7.5 billion dollars, says the author.

In the field of «military innovation» Russia and China «sometimes overtake the United States,» and that, according to an unnamed high-ranking official, is «forced to compete».

On research and development in the draft budget allocated $ 71.4 billion dollars, 1.3 billion more than this year. Apparently, the authors of the project «make a choice in favor of small unmanned systems such as the newly developed microtron — said Ryan. These portable devices are manufactured on a 3D printer and entire swarms can be dropped from aboard the fighter jet at high speed. Among other objects of investment in technology — a high-speed projectile that can be fired from already standing on the armament of the Navy guns for defense against missile attacks».

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InoPressa. The Pentagon’s plans is to «contain Putin» in Europe and invest in technology 02.02.2016

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