InoPressa. The onslaught of Putin in Syria, the region and the world

With the help of a ruthless Russian bombardment of Eastern Aleppo will soon be taken «government-stump» of Bashar al-Assad. The Libyan General is going for help to Moscow. Russian weapons in Kaliningrad «can not give aircraft and ships of NATO to defend Eastern Europe and the Baltic States». Media write about the «weakness and abject confusion of the West, the political elite which paralyzed amid the onslaught of» Putin.

«Relentless Russian bombardment and initiated by Iran tactics «to starve» meant that rebel-held Eastern Aleppo will soon be taken by the Syrian «government-stump» of Bashar al-Assad. It can put an end to the struggle of the Sunni majority to overthrow the Assad regime. But these ruins will arise neither stability nor peace,» says The Financial Times columnist David Gardner.

Since 2011, when the uprising of citizens against the Assad regime, external forces in Syria has not been able to maintain the unity of the country or to alleviate the suffering of the people, says the author. In addition, many external actors in the middle East helped to release the Genie from the bottle of radical Islam.

Faced with chaos and a quagmire in Iraq, the US and its Western allies called for the removal of Assad, but did not give the rebels the means to do so, to facilitate the creation of a vacuum that was exploited by the jihadists, says the author.

While the Assad regime remains in power, even as a ward of Russia and Iran, this would still be an incentive for Sunni insurgents, says Gardner.

Syria and neighboring countries, perhaps a long time will have to deal with the abyss of potential recruits of the terrorists and the Assad regime «will be remembered for the ability to lead to desperate extremists, burning religious fanaticism», the article says.

«European leaders privately warned President Putin that if he would allow Bashar Assad to turn the expected capture Aleppo military victory in most parts of Syria, to pay for her recovery will be Russia,» reports Patrick Wintour in The Guardian.

Cost estimates for the reconstruction of Syria range from the April forecast of the world Bank — 180 billion dollars to much larger sums. In Russia they say that Putin wants to create a kind of global «Marshall plan» for Syria, involving the division of responsibility between the EU, Saudi Arabia, Iran and China.

«However, Western diplomats have made clear that the EU will not sign any checks for the country, managed by a man who is accused of numerous war crimes and mass murder of their citizens,» writes Wintour. Diplomats acknowledge that their primary method of pressure on Russia may become the issue of the costs of the reconstruction of Syria.

«Never before since the end of the cold war, the United States, France, Britain — the three countries the leader of what is called «the West,» did not seem so powerless in the face of Russia, which was the only true mistress of the situation in Syria, writes mark Semo in Le Monde. — They are everywhere trumpeting the «deep concern» tragedy occurring in Aleppo, but seem to have little to do, while the Russian aircraft is in control of the Syrian sky, which prevents the dropping of humanitarian aid».

«Already restrained in obligations beyond the fight against «Islamic state», the USA trump taking the greater risk of losing interest in the Syrian dossier, says Semo. — Paris and London, two other major center of support of the moderate opposition, also paralyzed. The British, embroiled in the «Brakit» have concentrated on their internal problems. In France, the Hollande presidency is coming to an end.»

«It is not so much about powerlessness, but about the lack of political will, first and foremost Americans,» analyzes Bruno Tertre, leading researcher of the Foundation for strategic intelligence.

Arab allies of the Syrian uprising, starting with Saudi Arabia, also now will not do anything that could put them in a difficult or dangerous situation before the arrival of the new President of the United States.

«The Russians use the opportunity to more to do on the ground, a fait accompli before the placement into the power of Donald trump and then play the card of dialogue,» laments one unnamed Western diplomat.

The French Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Tuesday urged to convene an emergency meeting of the UN security Council in order «to cease hostilities and ensure the unhindered access of humanitarian assistance».

But, according to one French diplomat, «the question is to what extent Putin is still sensitive to world public opinion.»

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that «Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the government the Eastern regions of Libya, met with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and said that he is seeking Moscow’s help in fighting Islamist militants in the country.» Material published in The Guardian.

«The haftarot associated with the Eastern Parliament and government, located in Tobruk, the past two years waging a military campaign at the head of the Libyan National army against Islamic extremists and other opponents in Benghazi and other Eastern regions,» writes Reuters.

Since 2011, Libya is under a UN embargo prohibiting the importation of arms. The Kremlin did not answer the question of if it will have the Haftarot any military help, says the publication.

The German Bild published an interview with the Polish military expert Marek Sverchinski. Weapons that Russia places in the Kaliningrad region, represent a threat and is very effective in the case of the war Arsenal, said the expert.

The Russians are creating the «so-called combination of A2/AD, which is so not like the military» deployed in recent weapons «limit or forbid access to and maneuver on land, on water and in the air within a radius of 500 km around Kaliningrad».

«In the case of a new crisis, Russia will be able to give aircraft and ships of NATO to defend Eastern Europe and the camps of the Baltic States», — said the analyst.

Nevertheless, the expert thinks that Russia is planning an attack from the Kaliningrad region. «If I were preparing an attack, I would not do the cooking in front of the whole world. In addition, the use of the «Bastions» in Syria last week says more about the show of force for the media than about real preparation for war,» said Wercinski.

It seems that in world politics today, everything happens in accordance with the interests of the Kremlin. To achieve this, Russia uses all available means, and the West is too fragmented and weak to oppose its actions something serious, says columnist Die Welt Richard Hertsinger.

«When in the spring of 2017 in the decisive battle for the presidency in France will join conservative Francois Fillon and the leader of the right nationalist marine Le Pen, Putin can only sympathize», the author writes, Recalling that both his supporters.

«If Austria, the Netherlands and Italy to the government will be able to get right-wing populists, the balance in Europe largely shifted to Russian influence. And even more so — when the head of France will stand at the helm of the Pro-Russian President,» continues Mr. Hertsinger.

In this scenario, a former KGB officer close to be persecuted in Soviet times, the goal of distancing Europe from the United States. «Surely Putin himself surprised how fast and smooth it is promotion to designated themselves the new world order», — stated in the article.

Nationalist change in US foreign policy, which stated trump, «I think fits into the strategic representation of the chief of the Kremlin», the author notes.

«Confident that now he should not be afraid of even weak resistance, which rendered him in the Syrian issue, the administration Obama, Putin and his ally Iran went to the final destruction of the Eastern part of Aleppo», — is spoken further. There have been in Syria the contours of world order that is acceptable to Putin.

«So why Putin could suddenly threaten the painstakingly built up over decades the basic principles of international relations? asks, Hertsinger. — It’s weakness and cowardly confusion of the West, the political elite of which look as if paralyzed against the background of such pressure.»

The situation in Syria should convince us that «Putin’s policy of violence is not the way to peace. On the contrary, it brings the war into new, more destructive level,» notes an observer.

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