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«Lenin should turn in the Mausoleum: Russia dominates the most unusual election in American history», although nobody knows how the relationship will develop between Washington and Moscow, writes Le Monde. In an interview with Bild and the The Times trump said that while he trusts Putin and considering the «deal», including the reduction of nuclear weapons in return for the lifting of U.S. sanctions, however, sharply criticized the Russian intervention in Syria.

Future US President Donald trump expressed his point of view concerning anti-Russian sanctions in an interview with German tabloid Bild and the British newspaper The Times.

«I think people need to agree and do what they need to do, to do what is right. Isn’t it? There are sanctions against Russia — let’s see, won’t we have to conclude with Russia a good deal. For example, I think nuclear weapons should be a lot less, you need to reduce that. This is one part. And then the sanctions, and Russia is suffering heavily from them. And I think there maybe something to go, what a win,» said trump.

So far, the trump, he said, he trusts Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of Germany : «at First, I’ll trust MS Merkel and Mr Putin, but it may not last long.»

Trump acknowledged serious problems in NATO, calling the number one problem that the organization is «outdated as it was founded many years ago.» «The two countries are not paying what they should pay,» he added. While trump said he believes «NATO is a very important organisation», reports.

«A few weeks after taking office, Donald trump will offer the UK a fast and fair trade agreement with the United States, to contribute to the transformation of «Brekzita» in «something wonderful,» writes Times, anticipating an interview with trump.

Trump predicted that, following the UK and other countries out of the EU because of the migration crisis has dealt the EU a huge damage.

Trump will agree to sign with Russian President Putin an agreement on reducing nuclear arms in return for the lifting of U.S. sanctions, the newspaper writes, however, sharply criticized Russia’s intervention in Syria, describing it as «a very bad phenomenon,» which entailed «a terrible humanitarian situation.»

«He believes that Angela Merkel made a «disastrous mistake», admitted in Germany more than one million migrants», — tells the newspaper.

«Trump said that first he will trust Merkel and Putin, but it probably will not be for long,» — said in the article.

Columnist for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin reports that Richard Barr and mark R. Warner, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence, made the extraordinary statement: «as part of its regular work, the Committee oversees the collection and analysis of intelligence community data associated with Russia; however, the joint statement on security issues in the elections of October 7, 2016 Department of homeland security (DHS) and the office of the Director of National intelligence (ODNI) combined with unclassified «Assessment of the activities and intentions of Russia in American elections» caused deep concern».

Barr and Warner has promised to conduct an investigation, analyzing the intelligence that formed the basis of the «Assessment of the activities and intentions of Russia…», and other intelligence relating to relations with Russia, the individuals involved in political campaigns, as well as Russian cyberactivist.

The journalist is convinced that Americans need to know, «did trump the benefits, provided a hostile external force (and perhaps even worse — worked with her) to win the White house.»

«Lenin should turn in his Mausoleum, and Nicholas II in his yet fresh tomb: Russia is back — she was still fully dominates the most unusual election in United States history, — writes columnist for Le Monde, Sylvia Kaufman. — Russian question has always been a decoration ever since, as appeared on the scene Donald trump. Meanwhile, on the eve of the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA no one can predict in which direction the relationship will develop between Washington and Moscow».

«Donald trump said that, as President, will be able to establish a productive dialogue with Vladimir Putin, «a real leader» and «very smart man». Only 11 Jan trump has publicly acknowledged the responsibility of Russia for interfering in the election campaign, the article says. «However, the people he chose for the formation of his administration, ( … ) spoke about Russia radically opposite and more traditional. So, according to future Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, Russia is «a threat» about which «our allies have reason to worry». According to the future Minister of defence, General James Mattis, «it is necessary to admit that Putin seeks to destroy the Alliance, and we must take the necessary steps to protect themselves.»

Standing at the head of ExxonMobil, Tillerson had the opportunity to begin the study of Russian nature, says Kaufman. And, speaking before the Senate, he has clearly analyzed the current logic of the Russians: «They think that they deserve a proper role in the world order, because they are a nuclear power. After the collapse of the USSR they could not apply for it. They have devoted all these years to the development of their abilities to come to it. All they do now is designed to show that Russia is already there, Russia is of great importance, Russia is a force to be reckoned with».

Emissaries of Moscow saying the same thing, but go even further, according to the author, outlining the points of the speech of 12 January, the Russian Ambassador in Paris Alexander Orlov.

As for the hypothetical Russian influence on the election trump, the Ambassador said, «don’t exaggerate!» Of course, «Russia did not hide his preferences trump», but the truth is that «social and economic model of Russia is of interest».

«The Kremlin is developing plans for the first summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in a «neutral» European country a few months after the inauguration. This approach is intended to recall the historic attempts of making deals with Washington and Moscow», — the correspondent of The Financial Times.

«The first meeting should take place not in Russia and not in the US, and in a neutral third country, the official said the administration of President of Russia. — It certainly would not London and never will be Germany because they are both too hostile to Russia. France is also not suitable — the meeting there would be perceived as inappropriate, as there is election campaign. How about Iceland?»

«The Kremlin believes the summit Putin and trump a vital opportunity to set the tone for the restoration of relations, which, in his opinion, has deteriorated due to the harmful effects of the crises in Ukraine and Syria,» the article says.

In Reykjavik in 1986, the negotiations of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachevlaid the foundations for the prisoner a year of the Treaty of nuclear arms control. Two Russian officials (from the President’s administration and the government) informed the authors of the article: Kremlin expects that the meeting will take place before the summer, but do not want to rush trump.

«When trump going to the UK — and that can happen no later than February or may — he may visit a couple of European countries and on this occasion will be able to meet with Putin in some pleasant place, — said the General Director of the Russian international Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov. — Key question — do trump with Putin on the way to Europe or on your way back.»

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