InoPressa. The master of the situation in Syria was «ruthless Putin»

Syrian truce that was born on Friday in Munich, already dead, media outlets, and this shows how diminished the U.S. influence. Obama uses cold-rational schemes to a crisis in which the cruelty and cynicism of the participants provoke a biblical Exodus from the country, and Putin uses his errors and ignores international norms. According to The Times, «the Russians inflicted massive strikes on three hospitals».

«Syrian truce was born in the early morning of last Friday in Munich, and the next day in the same city, he was diagnosed with his death,» says columnist Marc Champion Russia. «This turn of events has exposed how diminished the U.S. influence on the conflict», — believes the author. He agreed with Britain’s foreign Minister Hammond: the truce in Syria is entirely up to Russia.

Fyodor Lukyanov, the head of the Council on foreign and defense policy (Russia), said that the deal is dead, but «after two or three attempts» is reached a viable agreement. One of the minimum military objectives of Russia in Syria — return to Aleppo under the control of Assad.

That’s why, says Champion, the Munich agreement did not mention the cessation of the air strikes, the U.S. will refrain from close military cooperation with Russia in Syria. Close military cooperation in selecting targets for attacks, among which, at the insistence of Russia, will be and Aleppo would constitute a whitewashing of Russian «anti-terrorist» campaign, despite the civilian casualties and refugees, says the author.

«Both superpowers,» writes the next Champion should be alarmed by recent statements about the possible introduction of ground forces of Turkey and Saudi Arabia to Syria, because in this case «on the opposition party to survive much larger forces, there is a risk of a direct Russian-Turkish conflict,» said Lukyanov.

However, Champion believes: as soon as the fate of Aleppo will be solved, Putin «will be able to maintain the ceasefire and to send its aircraft and ground troops of al-Assad against the «Islamic state» in its capital raqqa».

The problem the US and its allies that Russia is now practically master of the situation in Syria, the author concludes.

«The Kremlin launched a barrage of air strikes» in three hospitals in Northern Syria, — writes The Times: suffered a field hospital «Doctors without borders» in Maarat al-Numan (Idlib province), and national hospital and gynaecological clinic of «Tabled» in the city of Azaz (Aleppo province).

Massimiliano Rebaudengo, head of mission «Doctors without borders» in Syria, said, «apparently, is a deliberate attack on medical facility and this attack in the strongest possible terms». Powerful the strikes were felt even on the other side of the border; ambulances transported the injured to Turkish hospitals.

The fact that the Kremlin in the Syrian conflict supports the Kurds, the author explains a desire «to annoy Ankara». The actions of Russia and Turkey pose a threat of direct conflict between them, the article says. The aggressive position of Russia, coupled with strong shelling Kurdish militants in Syria, Turkey threaten to upset the truce is scheduled before it will take effect.

The Russian President understands that Barack Obama is not going to change the installation and to take steps that could provoke conflict with Russia on Syria, writes Massimo gaggi in the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

For many months targets for bombing in Syria become a farm, cluster bombs are dropped on the vineyards, and we are no longer talking about collateral damage, incidents during the chaos of the civil war, the author writes. One is sure that the Russians not only want to strengthen the Assad regime, but also to push the opposition to the mass Exodus from the country, which has left 7 million people.

«This escalation, aimed at the strengthening of the refugee crisis that weakens Europe and makes a split in NATO, takes place in almost total silence of the US administration,» says Haji, considering it a «gross miscalculation» by the President of the United States.

«Obama uses a cold-rational schemes to a crisis in which the cruelty and cynicism of the participants provoke downright biblical, the Exodus from the country, and ruthless Putin is willing to ignore international obligations and norms, repeatedly putting the strategists in Washington at a disadvantage,» reads the article.

«Will Obama change their installations in the last months in the White house? Unlikely. Putin knows about it. And this is,» concludes the correspondent.

«Appetite comes while eating, — so has commented on John McCain Russia’s actions in Syria — we have seen this movie in Ukraine.» Speaking at the closing of the Munich security conference, us Senator aptly expressed the prevailing sentiment of the discussion, is marked by helplessness and bitterness of the West in the face of powerful pressure from Russia, writes Le Monde.

Sharpen public debate between the West and Russia continued Russian bombing in Syria and the constant talk about the return of the cold war destroyed the hope for implementation of the agreement on a temporary ceasefire, and the Turkish intervention in the fighting has pushed all the pessimism, says columnist Sylvie Kaufman.

«In Munich the Americans and the Europeans were not able to resist the strategy of Moscow, which for several months had allowed her to come out of diplomatic isolation over Ukraine, and then to become a vital link in finding a solution in the middle East, to engage in war in Syria and, finally, to become the mistress of the game,» Kaufman said.

The lack of American leadership as one of the main factors of today’s difficulties — along with the fragmentation of Europeans, completely bewildered because of the crisis with the refugees. Many Europeans claim that in the long run the Kremlin’s strategy to return the lost will not bring the victory of Russia. «Donbass is a failure, and he will become a burden for Russia,» the newspaper quoted the Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt. And British defence Secretary Michael Fallon is convinced that Russia will pay dearly for its policy in Syria and become a pariah in the middle East.

Anyway, so far, Russia imposes its own rules, disregarding the loss of life, concludes Kaufman.

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InoPressa. The master of the situation in Syria was «ruthless Putin» 16.02.2016

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