InoPressa. The main threat to the Pentagon — Russia?

In response to the escalation of threats to U.S. security signal to Putin and increase the defense budget, suggesting that the return to the policy of the Pentagon, which he followed in the midst of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the topic of several publications in English publications.

«The U.S. Secretary of defense ash Carter said this week that the United States was in face of the growing threats to their security, and we will add that in a number of these threats included the strengthening of authoritarian States that wish to dominate their regions — Iran, China and Russia, — informs edition The Wall Street Journal in the article «NATO sends a signal to Putin». — We are therefore pleased that the Obama administration is finally doing more than usual to strengthen the Eastern front of NATO on the occasion of confrontation with Russia».

«On Tuesday the White house announced that the budget for financial year 2017 implies the allocation of 3.4 billion dollars to the European confidence initiative (ERI), previously treated 789 million dollars a year. The Pentagon launched the ERI in 2014, after Russia illegally occupied Crimea,» the article says.

«Epoch-making innovation in the budget for this year was the fact that the Pentagon has planned to equip a militia, equal in number to the crew, which on a rotational basis will be at the front line of NATO, including Poland and the Baltic States. The team will be alert and will be able to use heavy weapons, prepositioned on the continent,» say the journalists.

«It cannot be denied that under President Vladimir Putin, who has violated the sovereign borders by the annexation of the Crimea, and unleashed a civil war in Ukraine, Russia has become openly aggressive, says the editors of the New York Times in an article entitled «the Main threat to the Pentagon? Russia». — Last year in Ukraine was announced to the world, yet Russian troops are still present in Eastern Ukraine, and that begs the question, will not try to reach Russia and to the Baltic States». The authors also disturbs Russia created a complex defense system that can block NATO access to certain parts of the airspace of Eastern Europe and the establishment of a similar system in Crimea and Syria.

«The new plan of the Carter will provide a permanent presence in [Europe], including Hungary, Romania and the Baltic States, a fully armed brigade of Alliance (about 5 thousand soldiers). According to the 1997 agreement, NATO and Russia have agreed that they will not permanently be placed on the boundaries of each other’s troops or nuclear weapons. The Americans claim that their new plan will not violate that promise, as the troops would rotate, even from the point of view of effect it would be tantamount to a permanent presence,» — reports the edition.

«Increasing investment in the defense of Europe, America Putin takes the signal and receives the benefit of allowing you to get the rest of NATO to increase their defense budgets, — believe the journalists. — However, the sheer size of the increase suggests a return to the policy of the Pentagon carte Blanche, which he followed in the midst of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.»

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InoPressa. The main threat to the Pentagon — Russia? 04.02.2016

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