InoPressa. Talks without opposition: who can stop the Syrian tragedy?

Higher Committee on negotiations of the Syrian opposition refused to participate in Geneva meeting «without preconditions», as called for by the U.S., connecting its position with the Russian. Local and regional forces are unable to stop the Syrian cataclysm — now the reconciliation depends on the US and Russia, mass media.

The Syrian opposition is United in Riyadh in the Higher Committee on negotiations (WCP), after three days of intense discussions, decided to withdraw from participating in the next round of the peace process in Geneva, finding that it does not portend anything good for her, but without the CPSU, the negotiations make no sense, writes Libération.

The USA tried to persuade the opposition to participate in negotiations «without preconditions», but the CPSU this position, more near-Russian, are not satisfied. «We don’t want to negotiate, doomed to failure, it would be a disaster. That’s exactly what happened with the conference of 2014, which was ill-prepared and ended in failure. The result was the strengthening of the ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation. — Approx. ed.) and weakening the moderates,» said Riad Hijab, the coordinator of the opposition.

Among the few reviewers who hoped for a favorable outcome of the conference. «Let’s be realistic, the chances are incredibly small» — leads the publication the words of a diplomat from the UN security Council.

«The opposition shocked «humanitarian blackmail» is intensified with the approach of the conference by Russian airstrikes on markets and schools,» the author writes. On Thursday, 54 civilians, including ten children, were killed in the Russian bombardment.

Another stumbling block between the CPSU and foreign countries was the participation in the conference of the Kurds, who, according to the opposition, entered into a secret agreement with the regime of Assad, the correspondent.

Diplomatic chaos on the eve of peace talks due to start today in Geneva, distracts attention from important changes on the battlefield and changes in the balance of power between the backers and opponents of the Syrian government, says a columnist for the Independent, Patrick Cockburn.

The support of the Russian air force and the US have, respectively, Assad’s army and «people’s self-defense Detachments» of the Syrian Kurds (YPG), gives troops a significant increase in firepower and military strength. It is not surprising that these forces win victories over the Islamic state and the opposition.

Whatever was the outcome of the war, now few expect defeat Assad, even if his army is not strong enough for decisive victory.

«The Syrian problem will be solved on the battlefield,» says Fuad Hussein, the chief of staff of Massoud Barzani, President of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Hussain identifies three stages of the war in Syria: first it was the local power, the second was dominated by regional players (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Hizbullah). In the third stage, the United States and Russia increasingly in control of the situation, which was encouraging Hussein: «If the crisis will be resolved only by agreement of Russia with the United States.»

«Military and diplomatic steps the US and Russia in Syria is an intricate combination of cooperation with competition, — says the author: — the attack on YPG ISIS to the West of the Euphrates in recent weeks was supported initially by the U.S. air force and later Russian aircraft. But in the province of Idlib the US supply the armed opposition fighting Syrian army, which supports Russia».

Military and political intervention of Russia and the US narrows the impact of regional Sunni countries. Hussein believes that now, in the presence of air force and air defense of Russia, the direct military intervention of Turkey is unlikely.

The local Syrian forces and regional powers are unable to halt the cataclysm of the Syrian war nor the means, nor the means of diplomacy, the author concludes, is now «a genuine progress towards reconciliation depends on the actions of the USA and Russia».

«Is this the United States of America is constantly inferior to Russia and Iran, and then Syria Bashar al-Assad? Is it our actions and words help one of the most bloody, destructive and destabilizing regimes in the entire history of the world? Is that we’ve lost strategic instincts and moral compass and consciously reproduce a policy that aggravated the war and atrocities in Syria? — laments the writer, historian and political scientist Anne R. pierce in the pages of The Washington Times. The discouraging answer: «Yes.»

«The UN security Council voted to Syrian «peaceful settlement» began in January, with a ceasefire and negotiations between the Parliament and the opposition, which, in turn, should lead to the formation of a «transitional government», — said in the article. In accordance with the wishes of Russia and Iran, the United States does not insist that President Assad is gone».

The United States and Russia urged the rebels to participate in the negotiations «without preconditions», but the rebels require to improve the humanitarian situation and an end to the bombing by the Russian and government forces. As a result the talks, which were scheduled for January 25, «deferred» and «all this is not new,» writes the author.

Listing multiple conferences that took place in the Russian conditions, and «over before it began», Pearce recalls: «In December 2012, senators McCain, Lieberman and Graham wrote in The Washington Post: «If we will not deviate from current course, future historians will probably call the killing of innocent Syrians and the damage to national interests and moral state of America, a shameful failure of US leadership and one of the darkest chapters of our history».

Because «USA did the unforgivable — did not waver from this course, the Syrian Chapter is really shameful,» concludes the author.

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