InoPressa. Syria: will Obama and the Kremlin to force its allies to the world?

The agreement between the USA and Russia on the partial truce in Syria raises more doubts than optimism, the media are writing. Moscow left five more days to «much stronger to bomb Aleppo»? Putin said on TV that they will continue the attacks on «terrorists». Claimed that Washington’s policy is also not designed for the end of the war — if only Syria «was in full swing a little less hard.»

«On Monday the US States and Russia announced agreement on a partial ceasefire in Syria, however, reservations and careful formulations focused attention on the obstacles that prevent the current diplomatic measures to end a five-year Syrian civil war, reports mark Landler in The New York Times. — The United States assumes responsibility for bringing to a common denominator of the various opposition groups and the Russians should put pressure on the Syrian government».

Under the agreement, the Syrian government and the armed Syrian opposition is being asked to agree to a «cessation of hostilities» on Saturday, but the truce doesn’t extend to the two most deadly extremist group «Islamic state» and «EN-Dzhabhat Nusra», and this raises the question of whether it will be longer that the previous one.

«Analysts have expressed skepticism about the deal, noting that before the ceasefire went into force five days the Syrian (government) troops and their Russian allies even stronger to bomb Aleppo. Some have suggested that Russia may extend its military campaign in the North-West of Aleppo the city of Idlib, in which also the militants «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra», — said the journalist.

«It fully depends on the goodwill of Russia, Iran and the regime of Assad — sides, none of which had shown great good will in the last five years, — said Frederic C. Hof, Atlantic Council analyst and former adviser to Obama on Syria. — The Russians are completely powerless to stop all this in five days. The fact that they took another five days, suggests that they use «Dzhabhat EN Nusra» as an excuse for further promotion».

«On Monday in Riyadh, the Saudis supported the consortium of the Syrian opposition groups and political dissidents, said he was willing to agree to the terms of the armistice. However, Riad Hijab, coordinating the work of this group, said he did not expect from the Syrian government, Iran and Russia to fulfil these conditions, because survival depends on Assad to «continue its campaign of oppression, murder and forcible resettlement of people,» according to Landler.

«The stated policy of Washington is not designed to end the Syrian war, said an expert on Syria at the Institute for middle East policy (Washington) Andrew J. Tabler. — [USA] just want to calm it so that it was in full swing a little less hard. This is another attempt to contain the conflict that is not amenable to deterrence».

«The U.S. and Russia agreed to impose a truce in Syria since Saturday,» the correspondent of The Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon. Officials warn that there remain significant obstacles to peace, including it is not clear whether to enforce this agreement and any of the warring parties involved.

The cessation of hostilities does not apply to «Islamic state» and «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra». But, as militants associated with «al-Qaeda», are present in most parts of opposition-held areas, rebels fear that it will make possible the continuation of attacks on them.

Reinforces doubts about the prospects for an actual ceasefire and that the Kremlin and the Syrian regime has repeatedly branded all opposition forces fighting in the country, as «terrorists».

«It remains unclear whether the Obama administration and the Kremlin to force its allies to respect the ceasefire and will they do it», — said in the article.

Under the agreement, the United States and Russia intend to cooperate with spacemission the UN on Syria Staffan de Mistura, to ensure compliance with the agreement by all parties, but the mechanism of these guarantees has not yet been developed. The US and Russia offered to be bombing the warring parties that refuse to cease hostilities, according to the author.

The agreement coincided with the release of the report of the Independent international Commission on investigation of events in Syria, which painted a terrible picture of years of conflict. Among other things, the report condemned international forces and neighboring countries involved in the war in Syria, saying that they contributed to the escalation of hostilities.

Analysts on Syria assume that the Assad regime and his supporters this time are more willing to abide by the ceasefire: they are close to the goal to return to Aleppo, which will allow the regime to cut the line of support of insurgents from Turkey, and more aggressive in dictating the terms of any negotiations that will be conducted after the armistice.

Putin went on national television and said: «I am Convinced that the American party agreed with the joint action can radically expand the crisis in Syria.» Putin, however, added that the strikes on positions «Islamic state», «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» and other terrorist organizations will continue, reports the publication.

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