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Together with Russia, Turkey guarantees a truce in Syria, said Moscow before the New year. On January 15, was scheduled peace talks in Astana, but the rebels stopped the training. Assad bombs suburb of Damascus under rebel control. In Syria, Putin is just one of the many players, media outlets, and much will depend on the policy of trump: will he be able to stretch out in the political split between Turks and Kurds?

Russia and Turkey truce in Syria again under threat. Things in Syria will depend on the position of trump, even if now the US have no role in peace talks, says columnist Neue Zuercher ZeitungКристиан Led.

«Together with Turkey Russia guarantees the truce, said Moscow before the New year. Putin is a state of things could not but rejoice. On January 15, planned the negotiations for a peaceful settlement with participation of Iran and representatives of the rebels. US involvement was not intended, the article says. — A meeting was to be held not in Geneva or new York, and in Astana (Kazakhstan). A clear signal: the world is now refashioned in the East.»

«Joy for Putin, however, was short-lived, says Led. On Monday 12 rebel groups stopped the preparations for the talks in Astana, accusing the Assad regime and its allied Shiite armed groups in repeated violation of the ceasefire».

The author is not surprised: back in October, Assad said that the victory in Aleppo would only be a starting point for further Stripping of the remaining rebel-controlled areas in Idlib province from «terrorists». «Why would he give up these plans today, when increasingly weakened international support for the rebels? If the new U.S. President will deliver on their promises, then the Syrian opposition will remain without support, says Led. Ankara is now focused not so much on the overthrow of Assad, how to block attempts of the Kurds to gain autonomy, and without the support of Turkey to the rebels in Northern Syria will come to an end.»

The resolution of the conflict depends on another factor: the Kurds. They are not involved in the negotiations, although it is likely that only they are able to expel the militants of the «Islamic state» from their Syrian «capital» Raqqa. It’s like Putin and Erdogan or not, but as allies of the Kurds a crucial role to play in the USA. And, despite an interim victory of Moscow, many in Syria will depend on the middle East policy of the tramp, and whether tramp be stretched in the political split between Turks and Kurds, the article says.

«Putin needs to take into account: it is at home, he could be absolute ruler, in the East it is just one of many players» — concludes the journalist.

«According to residents and opposition groups that monitor the situation on Thursday, warplanes of the Syrian government bombed a strategic suburb of Damascus under rebel control. It’s part of the offensive, which intensified, although a week ago throughout the country was declared a ceasefire,» writes the journalist The Wall Street Journal Noem Raiden.

In the suburb of Wadi Barada is the main source of water for Damascus. Last week the UN said that as of December 22, approximately 4 million residents of Damascus left without water due to infrastructure damage.

The Syrian regime and opposition monitoring organizations claim that in Wadi Barada in the midst of other rebel groups being present «jabhat al Fatah al-sham», formerly known as «dzhebhat an-Nusra».

Rebel groups and residents of Wadi Barada deny that in their area «jabhat al Fatah al-sham» is generally present. «Initially, the government accused the rebels of Wadi Barada in the pollution of water, while the opposition argued that the regime has damaged the water supply system», — stated in the article.

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InoPressa. Syria: Putin’s short-lived joy 06.01.2017

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