InoPressa. «Servile» attitude trump Putin is bad for the EU

Trump shrugged off the question of why he respects «the killer» Putin, saying about the moral equality of the U.S. and Russia, «he is not willing to help America to defend global values,» concludes the NYT. Trump and Putin in the background «Brekzita» try to redraw the map of Europe, allows for Independent. «Lukashenko is deeply concerned that unhappy the Kremlin may try to topple his regime,» writes the Observer.

«A strong male friendship between President trump and President Putin, have long become a source of confusion and anxiety in the West, became more and more outrageous. This weekend, trump shrugged off the question of why he respects «the killer» Putin, saying about the moral equality of the United States and Russia» — reminds the editors of the New York Times.

«Of course, the U.S. had made a terrible error, for example, invaded Iraq in 2003 and tortured terrorism suspects after September 11 — recognize the authors. But no American President has not done what Putin did, which silenced almost all independent media, crushed dissent, murdered, originating sometime in the future, invaded the Ukraine, intervened in the American elections — apparently on the side of trump and now is trying to destabilize Europe.»

«Since taking office, trump showed no willingness to help America to play its traditional role of defender of universal values such as freedom of the press and tolerance. Trump tried to shield not only Putin, but also to strike at US allies», the article says.

Journalists connect «obsequious» behavior trump against Putin, fierce fighting in Ukraine and welcomed the fact that on Monday, European leaders pledged not to withdraw Russia sanctions: «at least someone has integrity in leadership.»

Donald trump and Vladimir Putin on the background of «Brekzita», most likely, will try to «redraw the map of Europe in accordance with their ideas,» warns a group of senior French politicians, including former Prime Minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin as, according to The Independent.

The new American President, according to them, can take advantage of the desperate need of the British government in the trade agreement with the United States after «Brekzita» as a model for undermining and weakening the EU. «Trump is trying to hold the EU hostage «Brekzita,» said Raffarin as.

According to Raffarin and his colleagues, Putin can also use similar tricks to destabilize Western European alliances.

«As for Russia, said Raffarin as, — we need to wait and see but Putin sees Europe through the prism of NATO and also adheres to the logic of bilateral relations for their own benefit».

The Germans are very interested in a United Europe, stressed Raffarin as. «France and Germany are United in their approach,» he says.

The Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen and President of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė visited Lithuanian military base Rukla, where he is now stationed international contingent, according to the German Bild, wondering whether these soldiers to stop the Russian.

While in Lithuania arrived first 300 NATO troops. The same units will be established in Estonia, Latvia and Poland. Provided for joint exercises with local armies, the purpose of which, as pointed out by the correspondent, is «containment of Putin.» «The Russian President must see: if he tries to do on the territory of NATO something similar to what he did with Eastern Ukraine, he will have to deal with the whole Alliance,» — says the article.

NATO strategists believe such a danger is realistic, because Russia has a powerful military grouping in the North-East according to their estimates, on the border with NATO, where up to 80 thousand Russian soldiers. According to estimates by the U.S. military, «Putin had just three days to occupy the capital of the Baltic countries — Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.»

The Russian President is well armed against retaliation by NATO Kaliningrad has a powerful air defense system. Placed there missiles can be equipped with nuclear warheads and fly to Berlin. Thus, according to the article, «the Alliance runs the risk of counter-attack to unleash a nuclear war. And since nobody wants this, Putin could play on that.»

Will Belarus next victim of Putin? asks John Schindler, a former analyst of the national security Agency of the United States, in an article for the Observer.

«The old economy of Belarus is mired in the inefficiency of the planned model, and the only thing the years have helped Lukashenka to stay afloat is aid from the Kremlin,» writes the author. Instead, Putin has received a buffer state, protecting Russia from NATO and the West.

However, as the author writes, the last couple of years Lukashenko quietly distanced himself from his longtime patron, carefully trying to establish a connection with the West. Russia reduces financial assistance to Belarus, reducing the supply of cheap oil — in response to «the position of Minsk on such controversial issues as the Ukraine, became less obsequious», the article says.

According to Schindler, the relations of Moscow and Minsk — «on the edge of full-blown crisis.» So, during the press conference, which lasted more than seven hours and «full of anti-Kremlin sentiment,» Lukashenko said that Putin planned new airbase for the Russian VKS will not be built. Reacting to the deterioration of relations, Moscow returned to the border control on the border with Belarus.

«Lukashenko is deeply concerned that unhappy the Kremlin may try to overthrow his regime, replacing it with someone more pliable when it comes to the desires of Putin,» the article says. According to the author, «Lukashenka fears fully justified, and the complexity of its situation in the extremely close ties of the Belarusian KGB and secret service of the Kremlin.»

According to Arseniy Savickogo, Director of the Belarusian Center for strategic and foreign policy studies, Putin can take advantage of the chaos in Washington and uncertainty over the emerging foreign policy of the administration to trump, to take action against Lukashenko from disruptive and intimidating stake in Russian exploration to total invasion.

And then arises a difficult question: what will the White house?

«Belarus is located on the borders of NATO, not to mention the Crimea or Eastern Ukraine, and the possibility that a military crisis will be there is out of control with dangerous consequences, are real. For all parties it would be better if any such crisis will be averted before the start,» concludes Schindler.

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