InoPressa. Sanctions pressure on the Kremlin: the debate is not subsiding

The Europeans linked the lifting of sanctions against Russia with the implementation of the Minsk agreements, but the EU is not unified: Alexis Tsipras in Kiev called for their replacement with other measures. Ukrainian Prime Minister Groysman is confident in the support of Merkel, and trump calls «here to understand what’s really going on». Experts of the US state Department concluded that «smart» or «targeted» sanctions imposed in 2014 against Russian companies and individual citizens are working fine.

«The Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras on Thursday during a visit to Kiev, called for the abolition of the EU sanctions against Russia,» reports Le Figaro, citing AFP.

«On the one hand, we understand the need for an adequate response to what is happening. On the other hand, we think that all sanctions should be replaced with other measures,» said the Greek Prime Minister, without specifying what it was. «The sanctions were imposed in order to find a solution,» added Tsipras.

The Europeans linked the lifting of sanctions with the execution of the Minsk agreements signed in February 2015, Ukraine and Russia with the Franco-German mediation, with the aim to achieve peace in the East of Ukraine, reminds the edition. However, some countries such as Spain and Italy, have expressed the wish to lift the sanctions, because the response to the Russian food embargo has dealt a severe blow in their agricultural sector.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in an interview with Bild expressed the hope that Donald trump and Angela Merkel will not allow the easing of sanctions against Russia.

«We believe that the American President trump will understand that here (in the East of Ukraine. — Approx. ed.) is really going on. I can’t imagine the discussion about the easing of sanctions on the background of current Russian aggression,» — said the politician. The easing of sanctions «possible only when Russia withdraws its troops from the territory of Ukraine, and the separatists will abide by the Minsk agreements». «As long as Russia is waging a war here, it is impossible», — said Groisman.

«Chancellor Angela Merkel — a great friend of Ukraine. She, like no other stands for the European values. It plays a key role in world politics, and it will not allow decisions to the detriment of Ukraine. I am sure,» — said Groisman.

Also the head of Ukrainian government has denied allegations that in recent weeks the Ukrainian army reportedly attempted to move on the territory controlled by separatists, provoking thus the aggravation: «the Truth is that we want peace, Russia wants to further destabilize Ukraine.»

«A scientific report recently published on the website of the us state Department, argues that U.S. sanctions against President Putin and his closest associates, working as intended; at the same time, the President , Donald trump hinted that he is open to lifting the sanctions measures,» according to Hayes brown of BuzzFeed.

«The average company, sanctioned, or associated firm loses about a third of operating income, about half the value of their assets and about one-third of employees compared to similar companies not placed under sanctions», — quotes the edition of the extract from the report.

According to the researchers, «smart» or «targeted» sanctions imposed in 2014 against Russian companies and individuals live up to their name. «Four rounds of sanctions aimed at Putin’s inner circle, several Russian banks, defence industry and energy sector, were able to discuss these specific subjects without causing significant damage to the Russian economy as a whole,» the report said. Much more macroeconomics of Russia suffered from the fall in oil prices.

Disclaimer preceding the report States that «the expressed views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the Office of the chief economist of the state Department and the Department of state,» notes the publication.

«Advisor to the President for national security Michael Flynn privately discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia, Moscow’s Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak before joining President trump in a position that is contrary to the public assurances of the official representatives of trump, according to current and former American officials,» writes The Washington Post.

«Contact Flynn Kislyak was interpreted by some senior U.S. officials as inappropriate and possibly illegal signal to the Kremlin that he could expect a delay of sanctions imposed by the administration Obama in late December, with the aim to punish Russia for alleged interference in the elections of 2016″, — stated in the article.

On Wednesday, Flynn denied that discussion of sanctions Kislyak.

However, all the officials familiar with the reports of American intelligence leading monitoring negotiations of Russian diplomats, said that the references to Flynn sanctions related to the elections were honest. «Two of these officials went even further, saying that Flynn urged Russia not to react too violently to sanctions Obama, explaining that both sides will be able to revisit this issue after trump will bring the presidential oath,» the article says.

«The dubious impression that the sanctions will be revised later,» said one former official.

According to Flynn, he discussed with Kislyak a number of questions at the end of December, including the organization of telephone conversations between Vladimir Putin and trump after the inauguration and expressed his condolences after the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey.

Kislyak described his conversation with Flynn as fruitful. «It is normal diplomatic practice,» he said.

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