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«Russia will pursue its national interests, often at the expense of causing harm» to others, said Trump , the CIA chief. The senators urged Obama to declassify the dossier on the role of Moscow in the American elections. The EU is strengthening the defense because «the aggravated situation close to the European borders». In the middle East also changes: the Syrian opposition talk about the secret negotiations with Russian in Aleppo, and «without United States».

«The CIA Director said to Donald Trump that any measure of the United States, aimed at the termination of the nuclear deal with Iran will be the top of madness, but also warned that we should not trust Russia,» reports Deborah Haynes in The Times.

John Brennan «called on trump to exercise caution when dealing with Putin«. «Russia is a country that will pursue their own national interests, often at the expense of harming the interests of the countries in which it operates, — said the chief of the CIA. — I do not think that the Russian promises were fulfilled.»

«The head of the CIA confirmed that Russia tried to influence U.S. elections through computer hacking and the dissemination of false information,» reports Haynes.

Seven members of the intelligence Committee in the U.S. Senate hinted that there was and remains a secret vital information about the Russian intervention in the American presidential election, which, in their opinion, should be disclosed, the correspondent of The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman.

«We share the specific details on secret channels,» — said in the letter that the senators wrote to President Obama.

«In short the letter, nor in the discussion with sources on Capitol hill was not mentioned specific intelligence about Russia, ( … ), there is no credible evidence of forgery or abuse of the election, in addition to not confirmed by any evidence of the trump» — emphasizes the author.

The leader of the Senate Democrats Harry Reid said in October that the FBI Director James Komi «there is explosive information on the close relations and coordination between Donald trump, his key advisers and the Russian government,» recalls the journalist.

The European Commission invites EU member States to allocate much more money on defense than now. It is proposed to create a «new European defense Fund, which is especially important in the context of the election in the US Donald trump and the aggravated situation close to the European borders», according to Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Currently, the shortage of funds earmarked for the defense, in the whole of the EU from 25 to 100 billion euros, says the European Commission. Her proposals are part of a plan to create the European Union on security and defence, which will be finally adopted at the EU summit in December.

The new organization, as stated below, will not compete with NATO and will not pursue the goal of creating a European army, but thanks to her, the EU will be able «faster and more efficient to take military action near its borders, and effectively deploy projects on new developments in the military sphere,» writes Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

According to the figures of the Syrian opposition, Syrian rebels are waging with Russia in secret talks about ending the fighting in Aleppo, reports The Financial Times. It demonstrates how you can push Washington on a number of key conflicts in the middle East, writes journalist Eric Solomon.

«Four members of the opposition from Northern Syria controlled by the rebels, told the FT that Turkey plays the role of a mediator in negotiations with Moscow in Ankara, the article says. — According to them, the main topic of the talks was an agreement to end the conflict in Aleppo».

«Now the Russians and the Turks speak without the United States. He [Washington] is completely removed from these negotiations and not even know what is happening in Ankara,» said one of the leaders of the opposition, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of negotiations.

«Apparently, the negotiations have not progressed much, but the fact that they are — and without the participation of the United States — highlights change in the balance of power in the middle East. It seems that now the regional actors more willing to operate in a bypass of Washington, attempting to enter into a Pact with Russia, and she strives to create an image of growing power, which can help achieve such agreements», — says the journalist.

Why Moscow is now seeking to conclude an agreement with the rebels? «One opposition member suggested that Russia seeks to expand its role in the negotiations concerning not only the Middle East. According to him, Russians «are actually saying, you Americans.»

«Thanks to significant financial investment within 10 years, Moscow has acquired modern weapons, had revived the Navy, and created the special forces to foreign military action,» writes the journalist of Le Figaro, Isabelle Lasserre.

Russia’s military intervention in Syria saved the regime of Bashar al-Assad and changed the course of the war.

But if the Russian military tools so effective in Syria, then it’s because he was put «at the service of political objectives and foreign policy» of the Kremlin, said Isabel Facon, expert at the Foundation for strategic research (FRS). «It allows us to achieve faster and more assured results than «soft power», the main levers which weakened», — says Tatiana Kastueva-Jean of the French Institute of international relations (IFRI).

Russia’s determination to resort to force and the speed of translation of political will at the level of hostilities has affected the countries of the West. Those, of course, will be forced to come to terms with this, the article says.

«Crimea and Syria has allowed Russia to restore its status of great power, and Vladimir Putin to consolidate his power,» commented Isabelle Facon of FRS. Now she expects that the Kremlin will continue to resort to its military Toolkit.

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