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Russian airstrikes in Aleppo, which began shortly after the opening of the Geneva talks on Syria and on the background of the visit to Turkey by German Chancellor Merkel, alter the entire military-political landscape of Syria, writes the Western press. Agony diplomacy, humanitarian disaster and migratory crisis grow, Western leaders seem «angry and helpless». «The agony of Aleppo» will be for Europe «test of determination» and «the turning point of the civil war in Syria,» comment observers. Russia has used the uncertainty of the U.S. and perhaps even persuaded Obama to some agreement on Syria to avoid direct confrontation with each other and contagion in the whole region.

«German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed outrage at the Russian airstrikes in Northern Syria, which caused a new outflow of civilians to the Turkish border, contributing to the European refugee crisis,» reports guy chazan in the Financial Times.

«After talks in Ankara with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Merkel said that «not only shocked, but outraged by the suffering of tens of thousands of people caused by the bombing, mainly from Russia». She urged Moscow to implement the resolutions of the UN security Council demand to stop bombing the civilian population», — is spoken in article.

As noted by Ulf Pochard on the pages of the German newspaper Die Welt, Russian airstrikes in Aleppo «produces the visit of Chancellor Merkel to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Both, by the way, looked at the press conference, angry and helpless».

Thus Putinsays Pochardt, «taking revenge on the Turks for the downed in November, the Russian combat aircraft and the Germans, who did not allow interference in its internal Affairs after the incident of alleged rape Russian girls in Berlin. Moreover, it again shows how fragile and meaningless attempt by Merkel to solve the immigration crisis by diplomatic means. Putin clearly she shows how all these small and meaningless.»

«The agony of Aleppo will become for Europe a test of determination» — says in the title, the editors of the Financial Times.

«Now, when European leaders are watching the Russian bombardment of Aleppo, they should understand what is at stake. Putin sends their aircraft not only in order to reaffirm the power of Russia in the middle East, — the newspaper writes in its editorial. — He simultaneously spurring a migration crisis that has split Europe, strengthened the position of the populists and threatens to weaken German Chancellor, who opposed him when he invaded Ukraine. 28 members of the EU must overcome its internal differences and unite around a common migration policy before Putin deepens their differences,» urges the Financial Times.

The fall of Aleppo will be a turning point of the civil war in Syria, according to the Le Figaro columnist Isabelle Lasserre. The diplomatic process is in his death throes; a large-scale offensive the Syrian army with the support of strongly-minded Russian and U.S. inaction threatens the very existence «nagykaracsony» opposition to Bashar al-Assad. Her disappearance will turn Syria into an arena of confrontation of the regime with ISIS.

«With the help of a military operation in Syria, Moscow wants to take revenge over the American rival-the winner in the cold war, and to weaken and split Europe, says Lasserre. — Returning Syria under its control, it strengthens the Assad regime and restores Russian influence in the middle East. Cutting off the way to Turkey, Russia to deprive the rebels of arms and «shows a nose» Erdogan, with whom relations soured completely».

«Russian firepower changes the whole military-political landscape of Syria. But the investigation of this new balance of power will also affect the West, the weakening strategic influence of which in the middle East every day felt stronger. The disappearance nagykaracsony opposition, which, according to Western calculations that eventually had to end the Islamic state, deprive the West of leverage in Syria. Already weakened by the annexation of Crimea, questioned the foundations of the world order and security that emerged after the cold war, Europe today shakes the migration crisis which is rising because of the Russian bombing, the push for the flight of new refugees», — the newspaper writes.

Not helpful to the peace process and the confrontation between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran, however, «the challenge of Moscow, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, two key aides of the rebels, makes one fear for the universal fire,» says Lasser.

«Eight months before the American elections, the likelihood that the Obama administration will tighten its Syria policy, is practically zero. Criticism expressed by the US and its European allies, was swept away Russian bear, which continues to rule the roost on the ground in Syria, and diplomatic meetings. The Kremlin promised to offer «new ideas» at the Munich security conference, which opens this week. There is no doubt that we will focus on changing the situation in favor of Bashar al-Assad,» the newspaper writes.

«As for Europe, it has never been so divided. If the situation continues to deteriorate, one day she may have to choose between Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan. While Turkey is part of NATO», — the journalist concludes.

According to Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post, «Russia and the U.S. compete for an Alliance with the Kurds in the fight against ISIL».

«The Syrian Kurds announced on Saturday that they will open its first foreign representative office in Moscow», — reported by Ariel Ben Solomon, noting that «the choice of Moscow, and not Washington or Western Europe speaks volumes».

According to veteran Israeli intelligence, diplomat Shmuel Bar, combining areas of Syrian Kurdistan with the support of Russia can contribute to the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. «It is highly likely that Russia will take advantage of this trend and support the Kurds, effectively making American ally in Russian», — said Bar.

«…In the Kurdish gambit, Russia has used the uncertainty of the U.S. who are afraid to piss off Turkey’s full support for the Kurds. This greatly complicates the life of Ankara, while she continues to fight with the Kurdish uprising at home,» says the author.

According to the chief negotiator of the Syrian opposition Riyad Hijab, growing in Northern Syria a humanitarian disaster was the result of «flawed American strategy.» He stated this in a telephone interview Russia.

«According to Hijab, Moscow wants to disrupt peaceful negotiations,» the article says.

«The situation has taken a terrible turn, especially due to the scorched earth tactics adopted by the Russian aircraft, and how they are bombing, literally destroying everything around, said the Hijab. — The other party has taken measures to frustrate any negotiations due to the horrific bombings».

«Failures of negotiation lead to the fact that the Syrian people has less trust the moderate opposition. The authority of the United States is falling among the population not only Syria but the entire middle East region,» said Hijab.

Le Huffington Post suggests that between Putin and Obama, there is some agreement on Syria.

«In recent weeks began to appear the facts that may indicate the existence of an agreement between Moscow and Washington. Putin’s Russia has no problem with the evidence of things can not afford Obama, especially in an election year. We are talking about a merciless war against all opponents of the Assad regime to restore power or, perhaps, it changes,» writes author Eric Salerno.

«Putin and Obama exchanged alarms, but none are attempting to shift to direct confrontation. And, probably, even to the indirect conflict. The Russian economy weakened. The American economy is at risk, and Obama does not want to involve his people in a new war after he won the Nobel prize for a non-existent world. It is legitimate to assume that the leaders of the two major powers (not superpowers) agreed to end the conflict in Syria and surrounding area? Moscow could regain an important role in the middle East with a strategic base in the Mediterranean. Washington could say that won the war and created the conditions for the renewal of the region. It is obvious that their failure could lead to the spread of inter-Arab conflict or the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites in the entire southern Mediterranean region, where in a risky situation modes, for example, Algerian (Saudi Arabia), which is experiencing difficulties due to dramatic fall in oil prices», — the journalist writes.

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