InoPressa. Russia uses an invented crime to incite hatred

Germany is furious: the story of migrants allegedly raped the girl in Berlin is not only «rechevymi journalists» — Sam Sergei Lavrov urged Germany «not to politically correct attempt to varnish their internal problems». Another target audience media campaign — speaking population of Germany and Russia, which inspire the thought: it is better to a familiar crisis at home than the violence and chaos in the West, mass media.

«Germany provoked the intervention of the Russian Minister of foreign Affairs in the case of ethnically Russian 13-year-old girl who said that she was kidnapped and raped immigrant in Berlin,» writes guy Chazan in The Financial Times. The case attracted a lot of attention in Russia, however, after initial investigation, the police announced that no evidence of abduction or rape, no. «It is reported that during interrogations, the girl offered four different versions of what happened during the time of absence,» says the author.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov expressed hope that «Germany will not attempt to varnish politically correct its internal problems». «It is clear that the girl disappeared for 30 hours, not willingly,» said the Minister.

On Wednesday the official representative of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert called «unacceptable» the use of this investigation «for political purposes». «In Germany there is an independent court, which should be given the opportunity to continue their investigation quietly and without outside interference,» said Seibert.

«The Russian media are famous for that are clamoring for scary stories, not related to reality,» notes Susan, Recalling the story of the Russian «First channel» about allegedly crucified in Slavyansk Russian boy.

«The Kremlin has made it a tool of the fictional rape in Berlin» is the title of the material in the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Running in the media rumors about allegedly raped in Germany a 13 year old girl from Russia, Russian authorities are making the necessary effect on the homeland.

«Perhaps, no other crime does not cause such strong emotions, as violence against children, — says the author of the material Julian Hans. — Only one hearing is enough to eyes were bloodshot. And when the people are full of hate, they are blind to the facts». In history there were many cases when the rumours about the rape of other nationalities became the reason of pogroms.

Russian state TV «for more than a week warms up a story about a Russian girl, allegedly raped by refugees,» writes the author. German police denies the version about the rape and kidnapping, but the investigation continues, as even the sex is consensual with minors punishable by law. The fact that the police does not open to the public details in this case is the norm.

However, on Tuesday, during a press conference, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that German authorities are hushing up the fact of rape. Shortly before Lavrov stressed that «Russia will continue to adhere to the policy of protecting the rights of compatriots abroad.»

«Picture of a weak Europe, in which chaos reigns, it is very necessary to Russian propaganda, says the journalist: — the history of Russians abroad which allegedly threatened, forced to look life in Russia, deteriorating with each passing day, less dangerous. Supposedly, it is better to a familiar crisis at home than the violence and chaos in the West.»

German law enforcement authorities have refuted the story of 13-year-old girl from Russia «brutally raped in Berlin by a group of refugees», however, in Germany, thousands of people went out to protest against the «violence of newcomers.» «This case clearly shows the special role of Germany in the propaganda battle between Russia and the West,» write Nick Afanasiev & Tulle Kajlani in the pages of the Tagesspiegel.

Analyst German society for foreign policy Stefan Meister noted that currently the Russian society all the forces are instilled with the belief that «the EU comes to an end, and Russia reborn». «Of course, not everything descends from above, is recognized Meister, but the story of a fictional rape appeared not just to feed a pair of zealous journalists», just a few days after the refutation of the German police, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov accused the German authorities in the suppression of the facts. Moscow «constantly need new enemies,» notes Meister. The journalist of the Russian newspaper «Vedomosti» Maksim Trudolyubov points out, it is important for the «political survival» of the Kremlin.

«In fact, — write the authors of an article — consumers of Russian state media have noticed that the indignation against the «fascists» seized the Ukraine subsided. At first it was replaced by old friend and new enemy Turkey and stories about heroes-the pilots who are fighting against ISIS in Syria, and after the Christmas event in Cologne, Germany — hatred of refugees. Supposedly, Europe is lost: first, Conchita Wurst and gay marriage, and now the Islamic hordes».

A former employee of RIA «news» Alexey Kovalev explains that the Russian media blatantly make up stories. Russian «First channel» is caught in a made-up story with allegedly Ukrainian soldiers crucified boy from Slavyansk,» he recalls, noting that «nothing evokes such strong emotions as the abuse of children». The target audience of the current media campaign is not only the Russian-speaking population of Germany, but residents of Russia. «They must believe that, compared with the EU they still all is well», — said Kovalev.

«What really happened during the missing girls, no one yet knows, says the article. — One thing is clear: the girl had sexual relations with men, and voluntarily and even before the disappearance. However, having consensual sex with 13-year-old is prohibited by law, so in regard of two men — a Turkish citizen and a German of Turkish origin — was initiated a criminal case on suspicion of sexual assault. According to the Berlin investigators, she «fell into bad company».

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