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«Russia reinforced its armed forces and tried to assert themselves on the world stage with an assertiveness not seen since the cold war», — noted by Western observers. The visit to Moscow of Indian Prime Minister confirmed «the strength of the relationships that belong to the category of the most valuable military partnerships in the world.» New strategic contracts in nuclear energy and defense suggests that India still considers Russia as one of its most reliable friends.

«Russia is rearming for a new era» — says the headline in The New York Times. «Russia reinforced its armed forces and tried to assert themselves on the world stage with an assertiveness not seen since the cold war that has heightened tensions with the West,» write the reviewers Katrin Einhorn, Hannah Fairfield and Tim Wallace, listing «what Russia is doing to restore its influence».

First, Russia is building and expanding bases in the Arctic. Secondly, the defence budget steadily increased until recently. «But sanctions associated with Ukrainian conflict, falling oil prices and other financial problems have weakened the Russian economy, and analysts expect the military expenses will slow down,» reads the article.

Thirdly, conducts large-scale military exercises. «Russian official sources give the impression of preparations for a large-scale war between States, — quotes the edition of Johan Norberg from the defence research Agency, Sweden. Is afoot for the sake of peace efforts or combat the insurgents».

Fourthly, «Russia again and again invaded the airspace of other countries, including the United States, or sent their aircraft along its borders», says the publication.

Fifthly, Russia to use its military in foreign conflicts. «In several regions of Russia mobilized its military power, brought the opponents into confusion and sowed instability in order to maintain their influence,» the article says. The authors mention Syria, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and Georgia.

Finally, Russia is upgrading military equipment. She «tries to make up for what has reached the West in technical terms,» said Nick de Larrinaga (IHS Jane’s).

According to
Financial Times, Thursday India and Russia signed a number of contracts in the fields of defense and energy. «Indian Prime Minister modi visited Moscow to reaffirm the strength of relations, which are the most valuable military partnerships in the world,» journalists write Farce Jack and Amy Kazmin.

Modi and Putin announced the agreement concerning the production of Ka helicopters in India and location of the new plant, which will build a Rosatom.

«India, the world’s largest importer of military equipment, is going in the next 10 years to spend 250 billion dollars on modernization of their outdated equipment. But modi’s key policy — the desire to have these new arms and other equipment were made mainly in India and not abroad,» reads the article.

Russia and India have long been each other’s major partners in defence. However, in recent years, India is trying to expand the range of their diplomatic ties, and also purchases military equipment from a motley variety of providers, including the US.

«But modi made it clear that it still considers Russia one of the strongest friends of India. He clearly said he wants to revive and deepen the weakened strategic ties, particularly in areas like nuclear energy and defence», — is spoken in article.

Indian authorities hope in the next 10 years to increase the turnover of trade with Russia three times. India’s Commerce Minister Nirmala Seetharaman recently made it clear that India will try to revive the trade settlement for rupees and rubles or even to conclude a barter agreement.

According to
The Washington Post, «on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi pledged to strengthen the time-tested ties between their countries and their governments have signed cooperation agreements in defence, nuclear and energy sectors». Agreements on easing the visa regime, the establishment of a joint venture for the production of military helicopters in India and construction of nuclear reactors.

«Tellingly, in their joint statement does not mention the long-awaited transaction — the sale of ultra-modern Russian anti-aircraft missiles s-400 to several billion dollars, — note the authors. — But on Thursday the public announced, it seems that she has not yet been withdrawn from the agenda».

In particular, Indian defence firm Reliance Defense signed an agreement on production and maintenance at $ 6 billion with the Russian company «Almaz-Antey» — the manufacturer of s-400. In a statement Reliance Defense States: «both parties called anti-aircraft missile air defense systems, (…) radars and automated control systems the spheres of partnership», says the authors.

«Perhaps India is the only country in which there are no restrictions on purchases from Russia. It is the only country that has no potential for conflict with Russia», — said Alexander Khramchikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of military and political analysis.

«Khramchikhin said that the interest in Russian weapons has increased as the Russian army has adopted new technology, such as missile systems With-400, and also due to the use of Russian weapons, including cruise missiles, in combat in Syria,» passed the Mouth of Lakshmi.

«If you arm yourself with such weapons — a good advertisement, the best advertisement — use it in battle,» said Khramchikhin on Thursday in a telephone interview with.

Journalists noted that «in the last few years, the U.S. compete with Russia [in the Indian market] and became the largest supplier of arms to India, including military aircraft and helicopters». According to Roth and Lakshmi, the chief of the defence deals signed on Thursday, Russia and India — the agreement on creation of joint enterprise on production of helicopters Ka-226.

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