InoPressa. Russia broke with the ICC under the sarcastic comments of the foreign Ministry

Russia refused to participate in the work of the International criminal court — national self-interest celebrates the return exactly at the time when the world is engulfed in global crises, writes Die Welt. «It happened on the background of the investigation of the Ukrainian conflict and calls to give Russia to court for its airstrikes in Syria,» notes The Independent. After the election trump Moscow even more «emboldened,» the expert adds.

«It is hardly possible not to notice the sarcasm in the explanation of the Russian foreign Ministry» about Russia’s decision to cease membership in the International criminal court (ICC), the authors of the article in Sueddeutsche Zeitung. In a statement, the foreign Ministry said that «during the 14 years of its work the ICC has issued a total of four sentence, spending with more than $ 1 billion». And further: «unfortunately, the Court did not justify the hopes assigned to him and became a truly independent, respected body of international justice».

Moscow refers in particular to the ICC the question of the war in Georgia in August 2008. However, it is clear now that her death is connected more likely not with Georgia and Ukraine, events around which the court investigates 2014. In a report published on Monday, Hague speaks of «international armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia,» as well as «occupation», and this is all a point of view that categorically deny in Moscow.

«Russia’s withdrawal will be a blow to the ICC, which has to fight for recognition,» say the authors. It was created as a supranational court, investigating war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, and from the beginning this idea has caused a lot of controversy -the US, China, India and Russia were against it, because such a structure endowed with the rights to investigate crimes against their citizens and governments, the article says.

In recent years, some African countries have accused the ICC of unwanted attention to their continent. Now the Hague prosecutors want to fix the roll in the direction of Africa: investigations are conducted not only against Russia, but, for example, starting in 2014, examines the UK’s role in the war in Iraq, misleading the journalists.

The Russian President ordered the government to withdraw from the Treaty on the establishment of an International criminal court, and the government has criticized the ICC as «inefficient and biased» reports The New York Times.

«This action was largely symbolic, because Russia and the United States — have not ratified the Treaty and is not under the jurisdiction of the court. But it is a step back for a relatively young court, which (…) is a symbol of international order,» — noted the authors Ivan Nechepurenko and Nick cumming-Bruce.

«In fact, it’s just wanton slap, not a hard blow,» says Kate Cronin-Furman, a lawyer and a political scientist (Harvard Kennedy school).

This week the ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda called the Russian annexation of the Crimea «continued occupation,» the judgment, supported by the UN Committee on human rights, which confirmed that sovereign rights over the black sea Peninsula belongs to Ukraine, writes the edition.

The foreign Ministry also mentioned the position of the ICC in the short war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. The court stated that it was investigating the involvement of all sides for possible war crimes in Georgia (the country, a member of the ICC). Russia may disturb and calls Western officials, including Secretary of state John Kerrythat the court investigated the bombing in Syria, journalists said.

«When Russia signed the Rome Statute in 2000, she wanted to be a part of the modern world, — says an expert on international relations Vladimir Frolov. Now she doesn’t want me».

According to British analyst Leslie Vinjamuri, Russia has ceased to support the ICC, as the «emboldened» because of the election of the President of the United States Donald trump, wrote in The Independent journalist Lizzie Dearden.

The author of the article says: according to some reports, Secretary of state in the administration of the tramp may be ex-Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, who conducted a campaign against the ICC.

The United States did not participate in the ICC, and Russia is among the countries that signed the Rome Statute (the Treaty that established the ICC), but has not ratified it. Now the signature of the Russian Federation under the Rome Statute will be cancelled. This means that from now on, the ICC will not be able to formally investigate the activities of the Kremlin, says Dearden.

Vinjamuri said that Russia is dissatisfied with the earlier investigations of the ICC in relation to the Russian-Georgian war and outraged by the report of the ICC Prosecutor to commence a new investigation on the events in Ukraine. «This decision is unlikely to greatly affect the work of the ICC because Russia has never had a reputation for his supporter,» she added.

In October, the French President Hollande made clear that Russia should be blamed, including through the ICC for war crimes for its bombing of Eastern Aleppo.

«The Kremlin denies constant accusations of military intervention in the conflict in Ukraine and supporting Pro-Russian rebels, but the ICC Prosecutor said that the situation in Crimea is tantamount to «international armed conflict» between Russia and Ukraine, the definition of which is in the Rome Statute. This means that it falls under its jurisdiction,» reads the article.

The ICC has said it will work together with the government of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, but it is now expected that the Kremlin will refuse any cooperation.

Zeid RA ad al-Hussein, the UN high Commissioner for human rights, said Wednesday that the position of all countries intending to withdraw from the ICC, «it seems rather an attempt to protect their leaders from prosecution».

Russia refused to participate in the work of the International criminal court — national self-interest celebrates the return exactly at the time when the world is engulfed in global crises, writes columnist for Die Welt.

«The chief Prosecutor of the ICC had done its job and called the Russian annexation of Crimea and military actions in Eastern Ukraine «amount to international armed conflict» between Moscow and Kiev. In other words, a war to which applicable international criminal law», — says the author of the publication.

In response, Putin ordered an end to Russia’s participation in the work of the court. In October, reminds the reporter, to withdraw from the international criminal court of justice declared South Africa, Burundi and the Gambia. In 2000, the signature under the Rome status revoked then US President bill Clinton.

The author comments: «the Loss of the International criminal court, its members fit into the picture of the alarming erosion of institutions and agreements are responsible for compliance with international legal norms. World politics is bursting at the seams.»

«Effect of agreements on arms control is terminated, the OSCE, languish. NATO has to deal not only with unrestrained President of Turkey, but also with the future President of the United States, which seems to not have a high opinion of transatlantic ties. In turn, the UN is degraded to the role of the ball, which transferred powers: the Council already does not cares about the preservation of peace throughout the world, and is used as an arena to demonstrate the national policy of the authorities», — writes columnist.

«International law as a whole is in crisis, and it becomes good news only for dictators, war criminals and terrorists» — summarizes the author.

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