InoPressa. Russia and Iran could win the war for Assad

Syrian rebels have lost half the most important stronghold in the East of Aleppo. Now they know and the new US President is not going to provide them with assistance, write media. The rebels cannot overthrow Assad, which is based on the Russian bombings and an inexhaustible stock of Shiite mercenaries from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Putin looks tough and cunning in the background are incompetent and unable to fulfil their commitments of America.

«Syrian rebels have lost almost half of its former stronghold in the East of Aleppo, suffered a «major defeat» since the beginning of hostilities in 2012″ — according to Bel trew in The Times.

Yesterday, Assad’s army, backed by Russian air strikes invaded the North-Eastern parts of Sakhur, Haidari and Sheikh Khodr, and formally neutral Kurdish forces captured the neighboring Sheikh fares.

It is the rapid advance of the split of the besieged Eastern enclave into two parts and drove the rebels from most of the Northern territories, trapping them in the South, the article says.

«We left empty-handed, taking nothing, except the clothes we had, — said the resident of Sahur Adnan Abdullah. — I saw a man who was dragging his children and told them to run. The other searched for the missing child. One woman was holding three babies. We all were fleeing. We saw the wounded, all the blood on the streets, but could not do anything for them to do.»

The author says: «These losses are paving the way to the complete victory of Assad and his allies Russia and Iran in Aleppo, which would be the turning point of the conflict.»

The British Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson demanded an immediate ceasefire to prevent a «humanitarian catastrophe».

The result is the capture of Aleppo by government forces, «the rebels will lose one of its most important bastions in Syria,» writes political columnist for Der Spiegel, Christoph Sydow. The US and Europe are giving Russia a carte Blanche in Syria. «Starvation of millions of people in the besieged cities, raids on hospitals and schools, the cases of use of chemical weapons for any of this neither Putin nor Assad did not have to answer,» — said the journalist.

Moreover, two months later, the US President will be Donald trump, who probably «will see Assad partner rather than an enemy that is not a good prospect for the Syrian opposition,» writes Sydow.

«When the dictator Assad will return control of Aleppo, it will be able to use their troops against the other controlled by the rebels territories. Compared to them, he has two advantages: first, the ability to make attacks from the air with Russian and Syrian air forces, the second — almost an inexhaustible Fund of Shiite mercenaries from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. The rebels simply cannot win such a war,» predicts Sydow.

In another article, Der Spiegel reports that the Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on foreign Affairs Norbert röttgen and member of the German Green party Francis Brandner appealed to the German government and the EU with the requirement to enter new EU sanctions against Russia and to create an air bridge to Aleppo because of Russia’s actions in Syria.

The appeal, which is at the disposal of the newspaper, MPs demand: «the EU ought to impose sanctions against Russian supporters of these atrocities. You can’t let the people responsible for war crimes, was flown to Munich or Paris for Christmas shopping, while in Syria, killing women and children.»

The UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura, recently, in Berlin, said that «the Syrian authorities have a strong intention to solve the issue with Aleppo by military means,» reports the publication. Putin, in his opinion, wants to «use the time remaining until the inauguration of the new US President on 20 January, for the devastating attack».

«East of Aleppo is about to fall,» writes Louis Lema Le Temps. «It is obvious that unprecedented tragedy that befell a large part of the Syrian population, primarily generated by the location of the constellations in the modern sky international, says Swiss journalist. — Leaving aside the direct murderers of the Syrian regime, Russia and Iran, and their accomplices-the enemies of the Sunni — led Gulf countries, the West has allowed this situation to become what it is. The Obama administration could do much more to prevent the Syrian horrors.»

«Obama did nothing. Now it is the turn of the next President, the author writes. Today in Aleppo, as in other places, there is the belief that all hope is gone».

«Neither Donald trump nor françois Fillon, no one else will come to help the Syrians of Aleppo. Perhaps it is this confidence explains why today besieged enclave ready to collapse, just a house of cards. Before joining the White house, Donald trump has won his first war, along with Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin, but he gained a victory on the side of the executioners» — concludes LEM.

«It begins to seem that President Bashar al-Assad can survive the uprising,» writes in The New York Times journalist Alissa J. Ruby.

Assad’s victory, if he does win, it may well be a Pyrrhic one: it will control the desert from an economic point of view, experiencing resistance from the rebels.

According to Ryan Crocker, a veteran middle East diplomatieke action in Syria will continue for years as soon as the Assad government take the city, the rebels will take refuge in the countryside.

«Now, Assad remains, and the Russians and the Iranians win, but they will run a living corpse. Syria is nothing like the gaping wound that stretches as far as the eye», — said the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford.

«In addition, Assad would have obligations to two of his supporters, Russia and Iran, it will curse many private citizens in a country with a predominantly Sunni population to reject some of the leading Sunni States in the Middle East,» the article says.

Washington carries strategic damage due to its decision not to participate in the Syrian conflict, said Emile Hokayem, expert from the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

«Putin looks tough and cunning in the background are incompetent and unable to fulfil their commitments of America, and it is a great achievement because many countries in the region now overestimate their relationships, believes Hokayem. — Currently, Russia is a relatively weak country compared to the US, but President trump is not to be expected that the United States will serve as a guarantor of regional security, so that Russia is a very attractive partner.»

Continental Europe, in turn, wants the war to stop the flow of refugees.

«Angela Merkel is just waiting, says Crocker, who had recently visited in Berlin. Any US playing the role of a leader, or none. Merkel can’t do it».

Meanwhile, Assad’s victory may put Europe in front of «Hobson’s choice»: to provide financial assistance for the reconstruction of Syria, or the flow of refugees does not stop, the article says.

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