InoPressa. Questions about Putin’s hackers largely up in the air

Media reported the findings of the report, the CIA, FBI and NSA: Russia organized a covert operation to discredit Hillary Clinton. Attacks «the Kremlin hackers» in the United States were also a response to the leak, «Panama records» and doping revelations. Journalists have noted the «weakness» of the report because of the redacted classified information, reminiscent of the «American record of intervention in Affairs of other countries» and point out the mistakes of the Clinton.

«Russia has almost certainly made the hacker attack and stole information of the National Committee of the US Democratic party, as well as email account of John Podestà, who headed the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate of the Democrats,» writes The Christian Science Monitor in an editorial, recounting the findings of a fresh report of CIA, FBI and NSA.

Because its the army and the economy is much weaker than the us, Russia turned to non-traditional means of influence — to hacker attacks. The paper suggests that the way Russia responded to the leak, «the Panama document», which, according to Moscow, the US is involved, as well as to the revelations of doping Russian athletes.

The United States has its own capabilities of conducting cyberwar, the newspaper writes, however, advised Russia and the United States to increase the use of cyber dirty tricks against each other, and try to agree on «cyberattack» discreet and the termination of retaliatory measures on the principle of «an eye for an eye». «Maybe now it’s time to engage in quiet negotiations instead of posturing and making loud statements,» the article says.

«Faith, as taught in the Bible, is a testimony that we cannot see,» writes in an editorial The Washington Times. «But the secular leaders of intelligence tell us that faith is also the key to understanding the state of Affairs.»

The people of the President «said that said the last word in the scandal with the Russian hacking: it is concluded that Vladimir Putin was scheming to bring to power the 45th President of the United States. But if the leaders of the intelligence force to explain how they found out about it, they will probably have to kill us.»

They said the words, but not gave evidence, «because the disclosure of such information would reveal classified sources or methods and jeopardize the ability to collect critical intelligence abroad in the future,» quoted the report of the FBI, CIA and NSA about Russian hacking. «In other words, trust us. But it is a matter of ordinary Americans — to take or not to take on faith,» the article says.

Looking at the world through the prism of representations clearly politicized intelligence, ordinary Americans have the sense to remember the old Russian proverb that was particularly fond of : «Trust but verify», — concludes the edition.

«One superpower is wedged in the election campaign other: attacks by Russian hackers during the election campaign in the United States, of course, are themselves a scandal. But do not forget: in his defeat primarily to blame for Hillary Clinton herself,» writes the article on the website of Der Spiegel, the white Medic.

«Against the background of not quite cloudless reputation of the CIA, the NSA and other intelligence agencies can, of course, to doubt the presented conclusions. However, for them to invent such a story?» — the author writes.

The report «exposes both parties and the US administration in the modern digital world fools, for which computer security is familiar with the concept. Putin, by contrast, appears as the player who, standing behind a huge control panel in the Kremlin can manipulate the world. Would someone Wake up similar associations, if not his hands were on the thorough investigation?» — the journalist writes.

«Basically, the whole story, of course, true. Not to trust Putin and his cronies properly. This is also true in Europe — the Physician continues. But for the most part in their defeat, blame Hillary Clinton. The effect of correspondence released by WikiLeaks would have been less negative if Clinton had developed the correct strategy in this matter.»

«Some Democrats like to present themselves as victims of Moscow. And the accusations against Putin forgotten the carelessness of the election campaign Clinton in the Central part of the United States, it is forgotten that the Democratic candidate has not developed a clear message for voters, preferring to assure them that after her win at all somehow everything will be okay,» — said in the article.

Trump will have a difficult presidency. «But entirely to hope that Democrats don’t have — otherwise they will be disappointed and in 2020» — concludes the author.

The main U.S. intelligence has concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin organized a covert operation to discredit Hillary Clinton and thus to facilitate the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election of 2016, wrote in The Washington Times political columnist cal Thomas.

«While Democrats and some Republicans criticize Russia, they would do well to remember the questionable actions of the United States. Presidents from both parties have a long tradition of lying and trying to dictate to other States who will govern them,» — said in the article.

Thomas gives examples. Thus, on 1 November 1963 toppled the government of South Vietnam — the coup received the tacit approval of the administration Kennedy. In 1973, Henry Kissinger convinced President Richard Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected government in Chile.

The author also recalls the war in Iraq, initiated on the basis of unconfirmed intelligence, and support the administration of Obama’s protests against Hosni Mubarak and .

«From the point of view of morality is different from what presumably was organized by Putin to influence elections in America?» — asks Thomas.

«Given the track record of American interventions in the Affairs of other countries and a series of leaders deceive us, we should not look for the mote in another’s eye», — says columnist.

«Report on the alleged involvement of Russian hackers in the us presidential elections, published on Friday by the US secret services, in Russia caused frustration, fun, or neglect — Veronika Dorman wrote in Libération. Even critics of the Kremlin, who are starving for authentic revelations, and they described this document as «weak», «malaanonan», «naive», «useless».

Vladimir Putin, charged that he «gave orders about the campaign effect in 2016 in the U.S. presidential elections,» he told his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov to say that he is «tired» of «absolutely not backed by anything, the allegations that sound at a fairly Amateur level, an emotional level».

Indeed, the report with deleted classified information does not introduce any new data, nor objective evidence of the intervention of Russia, says Dorman.

«The report is disappointing, because if the security services are acting professionally, and so it is, for them it is unacceptable to cite their sources and disclose methods,» explains Professor mark Galeotti, an expert on security issues at the Institute of international relations in Prague. But the fact of Russian intervention is beginning to be recognized unanimously — even Donald trump in the end this allows. «The only question is to know whether it was an opportunistic action or talking about a more global strategy,» said Galeotti.

«Trump eventually agreed that Moscow could participate in cyberattacks, though continues to deny that Russia had any influence on the election results. Strongly Reaffirming its intention to move closer to Moscow, he announces the nomination of Dan Coates, a former Senator in the Russian «black list» are to head N. I. USA, — the author writes. — Galeotti concludes: «the Russians sitting comfortably in a chair, eat popcorn and watch a spectacular show, where the President-elect because of some trifles quarrel with his intelligence. It exceeds all their expectations.»

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InoPressa. Questions about Putin’s hackers largely up in the air 10.01.2017

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