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Sergei Lavrov yesterday, made it clear how much the Kremlin glad emergency care Obama. In Moscow, the portrait of trump was decorated with gold iPhones and dolls, tell the media, but the Kremlin, which allegedly attempted hacker attacks and propaganda to help Trump win, now took the position of «wait and see» and relies on «long-term game».

Yesterday Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov «very clearly gave to understand that Moscow happy that soon Obama and his people will disappear, and in their place will be Donald trump,» writes columnist of the Frankfurter Rundschau Stefan Scholl.

According to the Minister, us diplomats have undermined the process of negotiations on limiting strategic arms, the U.S. military had deceived the Russian side in the delimitation of the Syrian opposition and terrorists «dzhebhat an-Nusra», and the USA tried to use «Islamic state» to weaken Bashar al-Assad. In addition, the Americans allegedly planted in the car of the Russian diplomat in Washington on 10 thousand dollars, and American diplomats in Moscow were women dressed in the bathroom and participated in illegal demonstrations of the Russian opposition.

«These undiplomatic statements from the mouth of Lavrov, a diplomat with 45 years of experience testify to the extremely bad attitude of the Kremlin to the current White house,» — emphasizes the journalist.

At the same time, Lavrov repeated that Moscow will be glad to dialogue with the future President trump: «If what is being said by Donald trump and his team of Russian and willingness to look for a Russian joint approaches to solve common problems, overcoming common threats, if this is the attitude of the new administration, we’ll reciprocate».

Judging by the products on the shelves of Moscow, Russia is waiting for good news from the presidency of Donald trump, the journalist writes The Financial Times, Kathrin Hille. Portrait of trump was decorated with gold iPhones, sugar packs and the dolls, but the Kremlin (which, according to US intelligence, tried with hacker attacks and a campaign of propaganda to help Trump win Clinton) took a position of «wait and see».

According to Russian officials, they focus on the fact that relations between the U.S. and Russia began well. The sources expect that in a telephone conversation immediately after the inauguration of trump and Putin will discuss the option of meeting in some neutral European country, reports the hill.

The Kremlin’s plans to change the relationship with the US is too conservative. «Obvious topics» — the fight against terrorism and the restoration of bilateral economic cooperation, said an unnamed senior official of the Putin administration.

The same source said that the option of ousting the United States from the settlement in Syria is not considered. «The Syrian issue is too complex for Russia and Turkey were engaged in it independently. Without Russia it is impossible to solve, but without US it is impossible», — declared a source.

Regarding sanctions, Russian officials believe that if trump quickly to take them off, «he may run into negative domestic reaction, fraught even with the consolidation of sanctions in the law,» writes hill. Perhaps the Kremlin sees Russian-American economic relationship as «long-term».

In response to The report published in The Financial Times article, «Kremlin seeks to hold a summit Putin-trump in a neutral country,» Professor of international relations at the University of Marburg Hubert Zimmerman wrote in the editorial: «it’s Amazing and funny how history repeats itself, though with opposite signs».

The Professor recalls that in 1991 a meeting was held between the two presidents, one of whom was inexperienced, prone to clumsy statements and had vices, not worthy of a statesman and the other was the retired head of intelligence of his country and experienced professional diplomat. The first President was the Russian (Yeltsin. — Approx. ed.), the second American (Bush senior. — Approx. ed.).

«Probably, the Russian was shaking (and in General, not without reason), says Zimmerman. — And now about you, Americans?»

«Many people in the United States and abroad consoled myself with the thought that the outrageous statements of Donald trump was caused solely by political considerations and it will soften them when you become President. But they seem to be wishful thinking: the man chosen to guide the most powerful country in the world, continues to claim that two pillars of the postwar security and prosperity — NATO and the EU — have become outdated,» writes The New York Times, commenting on an interview with trump The Times and Bild.

Trump said that NATO is obsolete, the EU has called «essentially an instrument of Germany» and predicted that other European countries may follow the UK leave it.

Trump has shaken the position of Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, continues to criticize the newspaper. He also made it clear that he sees no difference between Merkel and Putin, saying that he, at least initially, will be to trust them equally.

«More than any other from all this Putin wins, which works hard not only on the delegitimization of American democracy by intervening in elections, but also on the destabilization of Europe and the weakening if not the destruction of NATO, says in an editorial. — Putin is almost certainly going to try to convince trump to deny us support for NATO’s plans to strengthen the defense against reoccurring Russia.»

«Changing course in the near future would be a huge mistake,» — convinced the authors of the article.

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InoPressa. Not only dolls with the face of trump 18.01.2017

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