InoPressa. Murder Nemtsov — «the sign of political degeneration of Russia»?

«Despite the attempts of critics of the Kremlin to join efforts after the death of Nemtsov, a year later, the opposition is even more marginalized and face more pressure,» write the reviewers. Nemtsov murder was most dramatic sign of political degeneration of Russia over the past year, says the Western press. The customer of the crime remains unknown, but the opposition believes those involved Kadyrov. Meanwhile, the leader of Chechnya in an interview announced that he wants to leave his post.

«Thousands of Russians marched through Moscow March in memory of opposition to the policy of Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead steps from the Kremlin on 27 February last year, according to Catherine hill
Financial Times. — At this event — the largest event of its kind after the funeral March, held a few days after this assassination, the biggest in modern Russian history, sadness about the loss of the energetic, charismatic Nemtsov mingled with fear and rebellion — a reaction to oppressive as ever, the political climate in the country.»

Hill recalls that the murder of Nemtsov detained five Chechens and that the customer of a crime is unknown, but the opposition believes Kadyrov is involved in it.

«Despite the attempts of critics of the Kremlin to join efforts after the death of Nemtsov, a year later, the opposition is even more marginalized and subjected to further pressure, says the article. — In addition, Kadyrov and his supporters in the last two months are more likely to threaten the liberal opposition.»

«The Russian opposition is still looking for the killer of their leader» is the title of the material in The Washington Post.

«The majority of participants in Saturday’s demonstration were veterans of the protest movement, which carried the image Nemtsov or posters with faces of protesters calling for «Fight», — is spoken in article. — Some have criticized Ramzan Kadyrov, the authoritarian leader of Chechnya (the troubled Russian region) whose nearest ally Nemtsov called the customer of murder».

According to political scientist Catherine Shulman, «Saturday’s March will serve as a sort of census of the liberal and Pro-democratic opposition, which will again enlist the support of the Russians, angry with the economic situation in the country, in parliamentary elections in September». «Analysts suggest that the economy, not the political situation, will be the engine of dissent in 2016,» writes Roth. «Already there was small, disparate demonstrations,» the journalist recalls the protest of the truckers and the workers «Uralvagonzavod».

On the anniversary of the assassination of liberal opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, his daughter Jeanne, who now lives in Bonn, gave an interview to La Stampa.

«Putin is not interested in investigating my father’s death. It is his political responsibility,» says Nemtsov, TV journalist Deutsche Welle. Joan did not agree that the investigation into the murder of her father finished. According to her, the performers were identified, but none of them could think of a murder without a team at the top. «Putin is not interested in the investigation, says Jeanne Nemcova. — Although a year ago he said that Nemtsov takes the matter under control and promises to punish the perpetrators.»

The daughter of oppositionist is sure that his father was killed because he dared to speak out against the regime. She asked to reclassify murder into «an attempt on the life of public-political figure», but she refused. «Putin does not want to say that this is a political murder: this would mean that Russia has to kill its opponents. But, in my opinion, he bears the political responsibility. And not only that: he was de facto guilty of not conducted a real investigation,» says Nemtsov.

On the question of whether Kadyrov is an untouchable or even a threat to the Kremlin, Nemtsov’s daughter said, «I don’t know whether the blame directly Kadyrov in the death of my father. But I do know one thing: the power in Russia — a monolith, where one covers another. In the system of Putin can be internal conflicts, but they never come out».

The murder of Boris Nemtsov committed a year ago was a terrible blow for the Russian opposition and unwanted shock to the country’s political elite, writes on the pages of The New Yorker columnist Joshua Yaffa.

According to the author, when Putin’s power to investigate such murders were usually slow and ineffectual. «But in the case of Nemtsov, Putin gave the FSB unusually wide privileges to hunt the killers,» reads the article.

«The FSB has long generals did not trust Kadyrov, whom Putin allows more autonomy than any other regional officer. Now the rivalry between Kadyrov and security forces spilled out,» says Jaffa.

«In the absence of answers, which inspired more satisfaction among the Moscow opposition rooted vivid conspiracy theories that all the time «metastasize». Perhaps Kadyrov thought that will please the supervisor, eliminating the enemy. Or, maybe the FSB framed Kadyrov, to drive a wedge between him and Putin. Perhaps is the most terrifying option — Putin all knew from the very beginning,» the author writes.

Ilya Yashin, a close friend and political ally of Nemtsov, «believes: Kadyrov demonstrates that Putin’s system is an empty shell, a fake force projection, masking something much more dangerous.» «It turns out that Putin is nobody in this country does not control, it’s all bravado — all this talk about how he created this machine, this vertical of power,» the article says.

According to the author, the murder of Nemtsov was not the only thing but the most dramatic sign of political degeneration of Russia over the past year. «Next to the Kremlin killed a man who, even when they were in opposition, was a member of the political establishment. But the government seems not really able to do anything in that regard (or lack motivation)», — says the author.

Meanwhile Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Chechnya, supported by the Kremlin, he announced that he wanted to leave his post, according to The Wall Street Journal. In an interview with NTV Kadyrov said that there came a time when the Russian government must look for a replacement, the authors explain James Marson and Paul Sonne.

«According to the evening of Saturday there was no indication that he filed a resignation, and the Kremlin has not commented on his interview», — the newspaper writes.

Meanwhile, representatives of the liberal opposition went to the rally in Moscow not only in memory of Nemtsov, but also to demonstrate that they are not intimidated by threats leader of Chechnya. «Leaders of opposition urge to interrogate Kadyrov for the murder of Nemtsov. Kadyrov denies involvement», — reminds the newspaper.

«Many members of the opposition have expressed excitement due to the fact that the investigation into the murder of Nemtsov did not affect Kadyrov, and the Kremlin blames it for denigrating the leaders of the opposition,» the authors write. According to the newspaper, attempts to unite the Russian opposition parties to participate in parliamentary elections have so far been unsuccessful.


Jeanne Nemtsov: «Putin the investigation is not necessary» (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

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