InoPressa. Moscow prepares Syria and the world a choice: Assad or ISIS

Russian airstrikes «destroyed the settlement» of the U.S. in Syria, acknowledged U.S. intelligence. The offensive of the army of Assad with Moscow’s support — a slap in the face to the West, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia who rely on moderate rebels. The priority of the Putin — to use the Syrian conflict in its own interests, not to pave the way to the end of the war, and many of the goals he has already achieved, say analysts.

Russian military intervention in Syria completely changed the course of the civil war and raised the possibility that President Bashar al-Assad and forces loyal to him remain in power, said Tuesday the leadership of American intelligence, reports The Washington Post. Russian airstrikes to derail the intent of the administration Obama to depose him under a political settlement to the conflict.

The head of the Intelligence division of the U.S. Department of defense Vincent R. Stewart during a Senate hearing on Tuesday said that Assad is today «in a much stronger negotiating position than some six months ago.» Then the leadership of the American intelligence spoke openly about the «end game» for the Syrian leader, reminds the author, adding that apart from Russia, Assad supports Iran.

At the hearing also voiced the «grim evidence of security challenges — including cyber-attacks, the terrorist threat and the destruction of States, with which almost certainly will face the next occupant of the White house,» the article says. In addition to military intervention in Syria, Russia is showing itself more and more aggressive enemy of the USA and on the Internet, said the Director of National intelligence of the USA James Clapper.

«Putin tries to strengthen the influence of Assad before talks, says in the Los Angeles Times, analyst at the Washington Institute for middle East policy Dennis Ross, who held senior positions in the administrations of Bush, Clinton and Obama. — Putin wants to demonstrate that Russia, not America is the main political authority in the middle East region and, increasingly, in other places. His priority is to use the Syrian conflict for their own purposes, not to pave the way to the end of the war. If the Russian costs had increased, he could have been looking for a way out, but while he is convinced that we are neither directly nor indirectly shall not offer the Syrian opposition the weapons.»

«Putin also hinders us to achieve other goals — to isolate the Islamic state (organization banned in Russia. — Approx. ed.) and give the Sunnis the opportunity to lead the fight against him,» writes Ross, stating that ISIS, a Sunni group.

«If we want the Sunnis joined the fight against «Islamic state», it’s time to make it clear to the Russians: if they do not make Assad and Hizbullah to cease firing and will not insist on opening of humanitarian corridors, we’ll have no choice but together with partners to create Syria safe area for refugees and the organization of the Syrian opposition,» says Ross.

«Creating a safe area — the last thing Putin wants,» explains the analyst: it will reduce the pressure on the EU wave of refugees and reduce the chances of Russia to lift the sanctions for Ukraine, «formation of less fragmented opposition in Syria will increase the price of military support to Assad.»

«We need to be honest about our Syrian strategy. We are not yet ready to closely oppose the actions of Russia, we will not have Sunni partners, and the possibility that diplomacy would work, would be still smaller,» concludes Ross.

The white house holds in Syria is the wrong policy, said in an editorial comment to The Washington Post, entitled «Russia continues its offensive in Syria, and Obama sits idly by». The offensive of Syrian troops with the support of Russia and Iran on Aleppo and rebel-controlled territory, which connects this city with Turkey, threatens to «destroy any chance of acceptable completion of the civil war in Syria,» the article says.

From the point of view of the publisher, the Obama administration in these conditions behaves like «a sample of the passivity and moral disorientation. President Obama remains silent. Secretary of state John Kerry was confined to those that read aloud resolution 2254, as if it can force Russia to change behavior.»

The Washington Post also faulted Kerry that he criticizes not only Moscow, but also the Syrian opposition (for refusing to participate in the Geneva talks). «For a long time already it is clear that Putin’s regime is making no truce, but military victory over the rebels, who support the West,» the article says.

«Insisting on the holding of the Geneva talks and reducing support for insurgents in order to force them to participate in them, the United States created the conditions for the current military fiasco. Obama, who predicted that Russia would fall into «the swamp», now risk to see how Putin would destroy any naturalisticheski alternative to the Assad regime than strengthen ISIS».

The publication recommends that the U.S. and its allies without delay to support rebel forces and to create safe havens for refugees.

Correspondence verbal sparring between Angela Merkel, condemned the Russian bombing in Syria, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, who called the Chancellor’s careful choice of words, illustrates the tensions between the West and Russia at a time when the Syrian army with the support of Moscow and Tehran is taking the offensive on nagaevsky rebels holding Aleppo, writes Les Echos.

The offensive by Syrian army a slap in the face to the West, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia who rely on these rebels in opposition and Bashar al-Assad, and Islamic state, say the journalists. According to a senior diplomat between the Kurds and the Russians there clearly was a Union. «It’s the attack of the Kurds is the last straw for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which fears unrest by Kurdish separatists in Turkey itself. In addition, Moscow pretends that he feared a Turkish military invasion».

With regard to the recent statements of Riyadh’s readiness to send ground troops to Syria, it is perceived by the West with caution, the article says.

«It seems Moscow will be able to achieve its goal, virtually destroying the rebels, so that the choice in Syria was reduced to the formula «Assad or ISIS». In Paris, they think that now more than ever it is important to convince Sunni tribes to fight ISIL, because if the opposition will lose Aleppo, it will be a crucial strategic moment», journalists conclude.

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