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American exploration is not the first month examines the claims that the advisers trump was in contact with Russian agents, but nothing is yet confirmed. Explosive allegations have collected in a single file ex-employee MI-6, and the other day about «compromising» reported Obama and Trump. BuzzFeed News took the controversial decision to put 35-page PDF file with the details in open access.

«According to informed sources, the intelligence agencies and the FBI spent several months trying to prove explosive allegations, which brought together a former employee of a Western intelligence» reports
The Wall Street Journal. On these allegations, «agents of the Russian government entered into a comprehensive plot with the advisors of the election headquarters of Donald trump and members of his campaign.»

Unaudited statements, including the version that Russia has materials suitable for blackmail trump, was considered the apex of intelligence important enough to summarize them in a two-page Annex to the classified report about Russian attempts to influence the presidential campaign in the United States, which was submitted by Trump on Friday, the article says.

Trump responded on Twitter: «Fake news — a total political witch hunt!»

According to officials, the same information was received by the President Obama.

In a series of confidential memos of a former employee, in particular, there is a statement that trump’s attorney Michael Cohen met with Kremlin officials and discussed how to arrange for cash payments to hackers who under the leadership of Moscow acted to the detriment of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. «Officials said the FBI has not found evidence of his [Cohen’s] visit to the Czech Republic, where it is alleged in August last year was held the meeting», — writes the edition.

Sam Cohen said in an interview that no such meetings were not, and that neither the FBI nor any other U.S. Department or trump never contacted him on such matters.

According to officials close to the investigation, a retired employee who created the dossier, works in a private detective company and the reports of the long been circulating in law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as in the offices of congressmen and media outlets. Although U.S. agencies failed to verify the allegations referred to a retired employee has extensive experience and is well respected among the intelligence officials, the newspaper said.

«In memos that caused the hot interest, included allegations that Russian officials have evidence that trump has engaged in sexual acts with prostitutes, and hold this information in reserve for potential blackmail,» write the authors of the material.

On Tuesday evening the full text of the dossier was published on the Internet.

«In the debate about the Russian intervention in the US presidential elections in 2016 — a new twist,» writes political commentator Sueddeutsche Zeitung Mathias Kolb: several us media reported that Moscow has allegedly «compromising material on the future President Donald trump».

According to CNN, the head of the FBI, CIA and NSA, as well as the head of N. I. USA James Clapper was informed about this last week and the current and future presidents. Obama and Trump in addition to the secret report on Russian hacker attacks on U.S. institutions were transferred to the two-page document, which States that «Moscow presumably has information about private life and finances future American President».

According to CNN, the heads of the four U.S. intelligence decided to add these two pages to «inform the future President trump about him running on rumors and allegations.»

Data, which, as they say, Russia were collected in the last five years, was merged in the file of a former agent of British intelligence MI-6 on behalf of inner-party opponents of the billionaire during the election campaign. As the Guardian writes, «the ex-agent working for several decades in Russia and the former Soviet Union, has excellent connections.»

In the dirt, says Kolb, contains «pretty explosive accusations». In particular, said that the Kremlin «has provided the Trump materials on the Democrats and Clinton couple. Instead, he hopes to blackmail trump. Also, there are different statements about the sexual life of trump.»

The author calls the decision scandalous Buzzfeed News to put a PDF file is still not confirmed information about trump in open access. Editor in chief Ben Smith explained it this way: «Americans Have a right to know what the charges are run on the future President at the top».

«On Tuesday, BuzzFeed News media was at the center of a heated debate about journalistic ethics after his decision to publish a 35-page document with a scandalous but unsubstantiated allegations about links between the Russian government and the elected President, Donald trump,» write the journalists of The New York Times.

Intelligence officials recently submitted a two-page summary contained in the dossier of allegations to President Obama and the Trump, reported CNN on Tuesday. However, CNN has refused to cover the charges contained therein, for example a claim about a secret agreement between trump and the Russian agents, saying that its journalists can’t find independent confirmation.

«After about an hour the website BuzzFeed, contrary to normal journalistic practice, has published a document which in details describes the allegations, referred CNN», — said in the article.

The solution to BuzzFeed, in addition to the immediate political consequences for the elected President, of course, exacerbated the raging debate about the role and reliability of traditional media in our rapid information age, the authors write.

«Of particular interest is the practice of using unconfirmed information from anonymous sources underlying the so-called fake news — false rumors masquerading as real journalism,» emphasizes the publication.

«There is an editorial cliche: «Let the readers decide for themselves». This phrase often uttered in relation to disputes about public policy or finds, discovered in the investigations, when the arguments presented and the facts firmly established, writes media specialist Eric Wemple in The Washington Post. Today BuzzFeed has applied this motto in a very different context.»

In the article, with three parallel storylines journalists of the news division of the popular website has published a number of unsubstantiated claims about Donald trump and Russia, according to the author. Describes the attempts of Russian officials to cultivate the popularity of trump, and provides a very compromising materials about him.

«To honor BuzzFeed, edition prominently points out that «the charges not proven and the report contains errors», — is spoken further. — The bad thing is, what was the motive of the website explains the publication of questionable statements: «BuzzFeed News published the full document so that Americans can decide how to treat statements about the elected President, which circulate at the highest level of American government.»

Well, Yes, says the author, Americans can «decide for themselves» — if will create its own intelligence Agency and provide a high concentration of operatives in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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