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Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis in Europe, much has changed, and the transaction is in the spirit of thinking trump is to refuse to support Ukraine in exchange for reconciliation with Russia — attracts pragmatists. Ukrainian officials also fear the coming changes in US policy, but in public, keep the iron optimism, the media are writing. In the East of Ukraine there is a positional war, and the OSCE is inefficient: thousands of people live in constant fear and terrible conditions.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, as they call much more significant conflict between Western countries and Russia in Europe «much has changed, and therefore the transaction in the spirit of thinking trump is to refuse to support Ukraine in exchange for reconciliation with Russia, sounds very attractive to many pragmatists,» writes the correspondent of Die Presse.

One of the reasons «Ukrainophiles» — that is what the Ukraine has no history of success, says the author. Because of the negative result of the referendum in the Netherlands there has been no progress on the Ukrainian European integration — the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the EU. In the EU there is no consensus on the extension of sanctions, and there was disillusionment over the lack of progress in the Minsk agreements, the article says.

Finally, reforms in Ukraine: «Certain progress has been achieved in police reform, anti-corruption institutions, the introduction of a new scheme of regulation of the gas market and asset declarations for politicians and senior civil servants, but many initiatives remain ineffective without debridement of justice».

In fact, there is a struggle between the forces of inertia and the reformers, between the old and new institutions, the author writes. The strengthening of the President running the risk of turning into an authoritarian leader, experts say, in the case of Yanukovych, which will trigger a new independence and a regrouping of political forces.

«As Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday, he believes that the United States support him after the election Donald trump, although during the election campaign he promised that he «would think» about recognition of the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea», — writes Michael Birnbaum in The Washington Post.

On Thursday Poroshenko arrived in Brussels to ask the EU to convince the United States to maintain sanctions imposed on Russia. Just a few weeks ago, the United States put pressure on Europe with the aim to preserve the unity of the sanctions that the European countries wanted to cancel, said the journalist.

Poroshenko said that Ukraine supports both the Washington party. According to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, held a conversation with trump about the Ukraine was «at least encouraging» compared with the pre-election rhetoric of the elected President of the United States, the article says.

«Privately, Ukrainian officials expressed concern about possible changes in U.S. policy against their country after the arrival of trump, but in public, he maintained an iron optimism. Poroshenko said that trump himself raised «the question of Russian aggression, the illegal annexation of Crimea» during their conversation on 15 November,» reports Birnbaum.

A report in the German business newspaper Handelsblatt is devoted to the «forgotten war» in Europe. Erupted in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, the conflict has long ago turned into trench warfare, reminiscent of the correspondent.

Units of the Ukrainian army and separatists, supported by Moscow, almost daily violate the agreed ceasefire; firing is conducted from small arms and mortars and heavy artillery.

In mid-October, the meeting of Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin in Berlin raised hopes for de-escalation, but any changes has not occurred, the correspondent.

Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug first drew attention to the situation of the civilian population in the frontline area. «Many of those who are there, the old man,» he says.

Thus, the 82-year-old resident of Novooleksandrivka in the Luhansk region «lives alone in the house, which was damaged in the shelling. There’s no gas, no coal, no electricity, not even water.» Humanitarian aid, as emphasized by the hug, does not come because of the danger.

In the nearby Krasnogorovka of Donetsk in the summer of 2014 there is no gas heating, and the electricity on schedule. The potbelly stove is not less than 100 euros — a luxury for most people, the article says.

In another suburb of Donetsk — Avdeyevka — fighting for several months. «They shoot in the evening, near six-thirty, and it goes on until the early morning hours,» says local resident Sergei.

In Kiev, the OSCE, the hug strongly encourages the coordination center of the Russian and Ukrainian military finally come to a permanent cease-fire. No one should let thousands of people live in fear and experience of deprivation, he says, hoping for understanding.

The OSCE, which this year is being chaired by Germany, is increasingly characterized as a «paper tiger» — largely due to the inefficiency of the organization in the framework of the Ukrainian crisis, writes the correspondent of Die Welt, Daniel Friedrich Sturm.

On the eve of the meeting of the Council of foreign Ministers of the OSCE on 8 and 9 December Steinmeier makes a new attempt of a breakthrough at the political level. «Europe’s security is under threat,» — said in an interview with the Minister.

Contrary to international law annexation of Crimea by Russia, and the unresolved conflict in the East of Ukraine «once again raised the question of war and peace on our continent.» In this largely affected the trust, there was a threat of a tightening «spiral arms,» he said.

According to him, «no matter how difficult the relations with Russia, we need to expand the dialogue.»

No one can tell in advance how a year will happen not only with Europe but also with the world. «But we are responsible to calculate all the possibilities and to contribute to the strengthening of peace and stability», — stressed the Minister. He emphasized that the OSCE is the «main platform» to achieve these goals.

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