InoPressa. It turns out that Navalny, the Kremlin fears and respects

The Russian court «disqualified» the only candidate who is ready to really participate in the presidential race of 2018. Despite the rating of Putin and all the traps and tricks of the authorities, they decided not to allow independent candidates, the media write. The political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky said: «Navalny barred from elections softer than Givi«. The scenario is the same: sluggish debate old sparring partners of Putin, predicts Le Temps.

Race in connection with the presidential elections 2018 in Russia has not yet started, but the «Russian justice are already disqualified for the first contestant: a suspended sentence is sufficient to Alexei Navalny — the only person who could pull the part of Putin’s success — will not be able to participate in the election,» writes columnist Sueddeutsche Zeitung Julian Hans.

If the autocrats are getting less than 70%, then their legitimacy is in question, the election results were «a demonstration of power to the people», the article says. And they know how to quickly change the mood of people: so, in the winter of 2011, tens of thousands of Russians came out to protest against election fraud. When he ran for mayor of Moscow in 2013, recalls Hans, «Navalny received 27% of votes, while the national TV kept silent about it.»

«Apparently, Alexei Navalny, the Russian dissident who famously called the Kremlin leader toad in the oil pipe, was defeated in his attempt to participate in the presidential elections in 2018», — regrets the British edition of The Times.

«The manipulation of Putin’s internal and foreign Affairs led to a long era of indifference, intolerance and stagnation, which made the young Russian citizens’ political eunuchs, the article says. — Power Bulk was the fact that he could rekindle some hope at least some young citizens».

The authors recall that Navalny made his name as a fighter against the corruption of the Kremlin that he has «the talent to mobilize major protests» and received 27% of votes at the Moscow mayoral elections in 2013.

«The new generation of activists to think about the practical problems of control fair and effective Russia in the post-Putin era. Bulk — not the voice of one crying in the wilderness. He knows that to bring about change in Russia, there need to be a long game. And survive. We wish him good luck in both endeavours,» writes The Times.

«The most popular leader of the Russian opposition, most likely, will not be able to be a competitor of Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin autocrat will again run for President in 2018,» writes the editors of The Wall Street Journal.

In 2011 the Prosecutor’s office began to investigate the activities of Navalny as a free consultant in the state wood processing company, accusing him of orchestrating the theft of wood. In 2013, Navalny was convicted. Last year the Supreme court overturned the verdict and appointed a revision of this case. And now Navalny is convicted again, that assumes a 10-year ban on participation in elections.

The Navalny verdict was delivered just after another Russian activist movement for democracy — Vladimir Kara-Murza — went to the hospital with signs of poisoning similar to those that were with him in 2015, it adds.

Some Western politicians, from Donald trump to françois Fillon and marine Le Pen, is now fashionable to say that they want to cooperate with Putin as Ronald Reagan with the Soviet Union. «There is one caveat, writes the WSJ: — he would not hesitate to speak out in defense of Navalny and Kara-Murza».

Alexei Navalny was sentenced to five years probation in the case with political overtones, but expresses the desire to continue his presidential campaign, writes the journalist of Le Temps Emmanuel grinshpun.

«The Kremlin did not dare to imprison a leading member of the opposition,» but «the sentence does not subject the election of the only candidate credible in this election,» says the author.

«This case, as a blueprint, charged to the previous one, which was promoted in 2013 and have been criticized by the European court of human rights», — stated in the article.

«The Russian political scientist Alexander Morozov believes that the Kremlin might be afraid of seeing long queues of those wishing to volunteer in the election headquarters of Navalny in St. Petersburg. The popular anti-corruption activist in large Russian cities remains the main «nail in the Shoe» of President Putin», — the author.

Political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky, with a hint of sarcasm, said: «the truth is, Navalny barred from elections softer than Givi. It is impossible not to recognize.» «The commander of the separatists of Donbass with the Callsign Givi was killed Wednesday morning in Donetsk — probably because he cast a shadow on the local commander, supported by the Kremlin,» explains the author.

«The reviewers agree that 64-year-old Putin seeks a fourth mandate to stay in power until 2024. The most likely scenario seems the same as before: to put one against the other older politicians, not embodying a real alternative. Nicknamed his sparring partners Vladimir Zhirinovsky (nationalist), (socialist) and Gennady Zyuganov (Communist) participated in elections since 1990-ies. They argue among themselves, never attacking Putin, and serve to give the guise of democratic elections, fully controlled by the Kremlin» — sums up Greenspan.

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InoPressa. It turns out that Navalny, the Kremlin fears and respects 09.02.2017

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