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The President of the United States begins to fulfill these controversial promises like the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and the transfer of the Washington Embassy from tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Media don’t consider it «good deals». The Guardian warns: trump is obsessed with his popularity and is able to pour oil on the flames of war ISIS or confrontation with China, if only to unite Americans around himself.

«On Wednesday, which he called «a great day for national security,» President trump has taken steps to limit immigration and strengthen American borders — in particular, ordered to «immediately» build a wall on the border with Mexico, which was the hallmark of his campaign, reports Howard Lafranchi in The Chrisitan Science Monitor. — Starts the transformation of his campaign slogan «America first» concrete reality».

Trump signaled the intention to behave in accordance with the idea that more high walls and strong boundaries — and not involvement in the Affairs of the world — best for national security. Earlier this week, he made the decision to formally withdraw the United States from the Transatlantic partnership, reminds the author. Trump leads the country from interdependence with other countries, and it will be a test for world security and for the United States, the article says.

This week trump also needs to sign the order about temporary suspension of the redistribution of refugees and to close the door to refugees from Syria and another half-dozen Muslim countries. This will be, at least in partial fulfillment of the promises trump to stop the entry of Muslims in the United States, said Lafrance.

During the election campaign Donald trump promised to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and, according to his press Secretary, the first talks are already underway. Trump runs the risk of further aggravate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, writes the columnist of Der Spiegel, Christoph Sydow.

Israel proclaimed Jerusalem as its capital in 1967, after the six day war and the capture of the Eastern part of the city, which the UN security Council considers illegal.

Apparently, trump wants to end this practice. «But in this case the businessman trump will go on initially a bad deal and hardly something you’ll win, writes Sydow. — Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who could not stand Barack Obama, already favorably disposed to Trump».

Meanwhile, «already in the US not a neutral party in the middle East conflict, and an accomplice of Israel,» the article says, «the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital will further strengthen this vpechatenie, and trump angered not only the Palestinians, but also its close ally in the region Jordan,» — said Sydow.

«The monarch will be wary of the unrest,» — said in the article, but trump should be considered with Jordan, if you seriously intend to eradicate the «Islamic state».

«President trump has promised to improve relations with Moscow, however, the new administration’s diplomacy on the Russian direction is still being formed, — it is spoken in editorial article of The Wall Street Journal. — Two initiatives, passing the chain of command in the Senate, will be the first test of whether the current attempt of cooperation with Moscow more successful than the failed «reset» Obama.»

First, we are talking about the proposal of senators McCain and Cardin to strengthen the sanctions regime against Russia. «Trump was the idea that the US can cancel some related to Ukraine sanctions in exchange for cooperation with Putin in the fight against jihadists in Syria. This may seem like a good deal, writes the WSJ, but it would allow Putin to put the future cooperation in the middle East to dependence on «freedom of hands» in a sovereign state, bordering with NATO.»

A second issue is the ratification of the accession of Montenegro to NATO, which Russia vehemently advocates. Supporting the intentions of Montenegro, the trump will send a signal to allies in Eastern Europe that his rapprochement with Russia will not happen at the expense of their security and independence, says the publication.

«President trump ordered the Pentagon and Gepartment to create a series of «safe zones» in Syria. Critics of the administration argue that this step may involve the us army in the Syrian civil war more deeply, writes Carlo Munoz in The Washington Times.

During the presidential campaign, trump advocated a «safe zone», as his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton.

«It’s so sad, and we’re going to help people, — said trump in December. — We build and help you build a safe zone in Syria, to give people a chance».

«However, questions about the oversight and functioning of these areas of concern to the specialists in security and private analysts: they believe that this obligation will delay the armed forces of the US and its allies in Syria for an indefinite time,» the article says.

«Donald trump almost certainly not going to fight with China over the disputed Islands in the South China sea,» writes in The Guardian Isaac stone fish, research fellow, Center on U.S.-China relations at Asia Society NGOs. In mid-January, during the Senate hearing, he compared the provocative maneuvers of Beijing in the sea with the «annexation of Crimea» and said that «China’s access to these Islands, too, will not be tolerated,» recalls the author.

But the blockade of the Islands not only «is actually the act of declaring war» — it is «almost impossible with the operating point of view,» lead author assessment of an unnamed expert on the region. Such «outbursts of anger» trump may use «with the aim to achieve trade concessions from China,» the expert believes.

But, says the author, «if in the coming months or years, the presidency, Trump will face an ignominious end because of some scandal or poor management, a national crisis — with China, ISIS or other external player can allow the billionaire to cling to power.»

«In light of the national crisis with the participation of external forces, the popularity of presidents often increases,» says fish, in political science this phenomenon is called «effect of rallying around the flag». «Trump, undoubtedly, understands this and is able to resist the temptation to add fuel to the fire of crisis in order to protect themselves,» — said the journalist.

The author of the article suggests to think about «obvious insecurities» trump and his obsession with the «manifestations of his own popularity». «The white house continues to insist that the crowd at the inauguration of the trump was the largest in history and that he lost the popular vote only because of the massive irregularities; both statements are obvious lies,» writes fish.

Declaring a state of emergency after the attack of ISIS, or perhaps war with China to «bring back our jobs» can be used by trump to retain the popularity, the author. «Our national nightmare can become a dream of the tramp that the time will come when his reverence will be absolute and invincible,» concluded fish.

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