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USA «clarified» the sanctions regime against the Russian FSB, the American company will again, as expected in Russia, to obtain the FSB license to import electronics. According to critics, «trump made a gift to Putin«. Media write: «it is hoped that permission to American firms to contact with the Russian secret service — not the beginning of a large-scale easing of sanctions, otherwise the card will jeopardize the effectiveness of this tool.»

The U.S. Treasury has eased sanctions against the Russian secret service FSB, introduced in late December by Barack Obama, writes columnist Neue Zuercher Zeitung Benjamin the Tribe. Then, in retaliation for Russian attacks on the presidential elections in the United States, arranged according to instructions of the Kremlin, Obama has banned American companies to enter into transactions with the FSB that, according to Russian reports, has called into question the export of American IT-technologies and electronics.

A White house spokesman stressed that the current step is not the easing of sanctions, but only clarification of the restrictive measures.

«To import into Russia any electronics, having the technology of encoding data, companies have to obtain permission from the FSB», and this applies to everything from smartphones and tablets to wireless mice for computers, the author writes. Whether such permission deal? Henceforth, the purchase of licenses and certificates of the FSB in the amount of up to 5 thousand dollars will not be a problem. While U.S. companies are still prohibited from selling any goods of the FSB, and also export any goods to Crimea, the author adds.

Reporting that the U.S. Treasury corrected the sanctions, the correspondent of The Financial Times writes: «the leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi accused the President that he gave Putin a gift in gratitude for the intervention in the elections».

However, the experts on sanctions said that change in routine clarification is made in the interests of American companies, not Russia. «Everyone needs to take a step back and a deep breath, said Washington lawyer Doug Jacobson, specializing in international trade. It’s not a gift trump Putin.»

The change in the sanctions, which Jacobson called «eliminating unwanted effects» allows American companies to pay the FSB for the necessary permits.

«The tramp has changed the current regime of sanctions against the Russian FSB in order to provide the necessary technical amendment, but it caused sharp objections from critics of President trump,» writes The Wall Street Journal.

«Even the supporters of this measure noted that to accept it so soon after joining trump in the position of a means to cause political tensions,» — said the journalist Felicia Schwartz.

«Perhaps this is not so important, but highly inappropriate,» — said Advisor to the President, a Republican, occupying a tough stance on Russia.

Democratic Senator mark Warner, a senior member of the Senate intelligence Committee, said: «This low should be the first step in easing or even lifting of sanctions since the intelligence services, who interfered in our presidential elections.»

«President trump has repeatedly offered to remove the American sanctions against Russia, to improve relations with President Putin. On Thursday, the U.S. Treasury made a small amendment to the existing sanctions regime,» writes in Foreign Policy Elizabeth Rosenberg, from 2009 to 2013 held the position of senior adviser in the U.S. Treasury.

Within the framework of the sanctions regime change is minor, but it is to be hoped, writes the author, that this is not the beginning of a broader weakening. The administration trump will jeopardize the reputation of the US and important alliances with partners in security, if you cancel effective economic sanctions against Russia.

«If trump will aggressively promote the plan for a unilateral lifting of sanctions, it will break the carefully coordinated transatlantic foreign policy stance on Russia, created so many of my colleagues in the Ministry of Finance and the state Department,» warns Rosenberg.

«European officials tell me they try to stay on the US side, but keep a firm position towards Moscow», — writes the author. She admits that the «European agreement on sanctions might collapse» and «this confusion and rupture of transatlantic ties will be extremely beneficial to Putin.»

«More importantly: in the future, those who are under sanctions, will be less likely to take them seriously and will try to avoid them, and not to constructively change their behaviour. In the end it will undermine the ability of trump and his successors to use sanctions as a political tool,» says Rosenberg.

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InoPressa. «Inappropriate,» a signal to Russia on sanctions 03.02.2017

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