InoPressa. In Uzbekistan it is the future?

Early on the question of when something will change in their country, the people of Uzbekistan answered: «When Karimov will not. This day and waited for, and feared might come, in mass media. Any obvious successors belong to the political elite of the country and hardly anything will change, even though change is desperately needed regime, mired in corruption and violating human rights.

«Alive or dead, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov? Mystery is not made clear for several days,» wrote The Guardian in an editorial.

The authors note: «If the press hates an information vacuum, the dictatorship of his love. According to legend, when the first Emperor of China Qin Shi Huang died during the journey, the Prime Minister and the chief eunuch’s cunning concealed his death in order to prevent rebellion and to build on the throne of the successor. To hide the stench, they added the Imperial procession of the cart of rotten fish.

«Perhaps, today in Uzbekistan there are the same considerations,» writes the newspaper.

The Guardian calls Uzbekistan «secretive and authoritarian government» and sees no signs of that with the change of government in the lives of ordinary people there will improve.

In the past it used to be that democratically elected leaders (e.g. Roosevelt and Churchill) conceal serious health problems. But it’s one thing to embellish the truth, and the other to erase the distinctions between life and death. The second possible (and necessary) only in closed authoritarian systems. «Everything has to be resolved before death will allow you to see the people: he will be tempted to require at least some voting rights», — says the publication.

Alisher Ilkhamov, an employee of the Eurasia program of the Open Society Foundations in a different material The Guardian writes: «as long as Uzbek citizens remain in the dark about the health of their leader and someone who can replace him. In case of loss Karimov disability, his powers should go to the Senate but the Parliament has not convened».

In the short term, the leadership of Uzbekistan may be transmitted to the speaker of the Senate — the former Minister of justice Nigmatilla Yuldasheva. In the long term successors can become the head of the Uzbek intelligence services , Rustam Inoyatov, Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyaev or Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov. The decision about a successor will likely be to take the head of the administration of Karimov Zelimkhan Haydarov. All these persons belong to the political elite of the country and hardly anything will change, the article says.

However, change is exactly what you need Uzbekistan. He always appears at the bottom of the world rankings on corruption. Closely linked to corruption, human rights violations, writes the author.

The citizens of the country can hardly affect the process of choosing a successor to Karimov, but the world’s attention to his condition «should serve as a reminder of the lack of freedom, aggravated by rampant corruption at the heart of the ruling regime», it concludes ilhamov.

«1 September Uzbekistan celebrated the 25th anniversary of the independence of the country, and it was the first national celebration took place in the absence of President Karimov,» writes the correspondent of the New York Times Sarah Kendzior. A few days before the Uzbek government reported that 78-year-old Karimov suffered a severe brain hemorrhage.

«Uzbekistan is on the threshold of change,» — says the author. This state was largely created around the cult Karimov. Secretive and distrustful, he did not name his successor.

«Under his leadership, Russian language and foreign-imposed atheism was replaced by Uzbek, and tough, a state-controlled version of Islam,» the article says. Statues of Marx were replaced with statues of Tamerlane, and the new motto «Uzbekistan is a future great state» is hung all around with portraits of Karimov.

«But the real danger was his brutal suppression of independent thought» — says the journalist. In the spring of 2005, the government shot hundreds of protesters in Andijan, she recalls.

«Uzbekistan has rejected the Soviet doctrine, but the Soviet practices of surveillance and demonstration processes was preserved. Uzbekistan has imprisoned more political prisoners than all the other former Soviet republics combined,» the article says.

Early on the question of when something will change in their country, the Uzbeks said, «When Karimov will not.

«This is the day and waited for, and feared might come. What will become of Uzbekistan without Karimov? For the first time in the history of independent Uzbekistan there was a future,» writes Kendzior.

On Friday morning, government sources it became known that Karimov is in «critical condition,» writes columnist for Der Standard Scoring Andre.

Until his 78 years, Karimov kept under control all the power in the country. In foreign policy he tried to remain neutral between such powers as Russia, China and the United States — from time to time approaching it with Moscow, Beijing and Washington.

«But, unlike his Azerbaijani colleague Heydar Aliyev, who bequeathed power to his son, or of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, who handed the Kremlin , Vladimir Putin, Karimov a successor is not appointed», — the author writes.

As a front-runner for the presidency claim, according to the chief editor of the Agency Fergana Daniil Kislov and expert on Central Asia Arkady Dubnov;Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyaev. «He has been in office for 15 years, close to the family Karimova and powerful head of SNB Rustam RR Inoyatov», is how your prediction Kislov. According to Dubnov;, 59-year-old Mirziyaev will take a course of rapprochement with Moscow. This, however, will not automatically mean the accession of Uzbekistan to such economic and military alliances, as the EEU or the CSTO.

As leave the country’s political opposition and the Islamists, located underground, will take advantage of the troubled transitional period for propaganda purposes, says Kislov. However, the political chances of the opposition almost there, he said. When Mirziyaev should not expect changes in the direction of democracy, but the military operations of radicals from Afghanistan or the civil war is also not expected.

«God forbid, Kazakh or Uzbek scenario of transfer of power will take the path of destabilization. It forms a giant black hole that will engulf not only Central Asia, but will affect Russia and China», — said Kazakh political analyst Dosym Satpayev.


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