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Ukraine is afraid of being abandoned by the Americans when trump and Biden wasn’t able to calm her down, writes Le Figaro. Trump will bring the world more instability than all of his predecessors, according to Die Welt. Christopher Steele, the originator of the file on the tramp, lay down on the floor: on his account yet and the investigation, as Russia became the mistress of the 2018 world Cup, reports Der Spiegel.

«During the recent visits of Joe Biden, Vice-President, Barack Obama, did not hide their doubts about the continuity of us support for Kiev in the presidency of the tramp, «writes a correspondent of Le Figaro, Pierre avril.

A Ukrainian journalist in a private conversation, Biden was asked to predict the future of Ukraine to the trump, but he limited himself to smile and answer: «Hope helps us to live.»

Latest offer trump about lifting sanctions against Russia in exchange for agreement on nuclear disarmament, the correspondent reminds. «I think nuclear weapons should be a lot less, you need to reduce (…) And then the sanctions, and Russia is suffering heavily from them. And I think there maybe something to come, from which many will benefit», — said the President-elect.

Kiev alarmed, the article says: until now, Washington as a condition for the lifting of sanctions put forward extremely strict compliance by Moscow of the Minsk agreements, which provide for political settlement of the conflict in the Donbass.

«Ukrainians are afraid that the Donbass will be reduced to one argument to change the policy in the framework of the global agreement between Moscow and Washington. And we have to admit that no one is able to calm them down,» sums up one Western diplomat.

«Establishment a few calm statements of the future Secretary Rex Tillerson, who at the hearing in the Senate called necessary to help Ukraine to defend itself from external aggression, including through the supply of lethal arms to Kiev», — the author.

«Meanwhile, the negotiations on the Donbass remain in limbo — indicates avril. — In December, Victor Pinchuk, the powerful Ukrainian oligarch, is oriented to the West, advised Petro Poroshenko to make significant concessions to Russia in anticipation of the inauguration of the trump. His proposal has caused in the country the wave of indignation».

«Stability in world politics was present only when reigned either balance of power or hegemony, — writes columnist for Die Welt, Michael Sturmer. — Today neither one nor the other is not observed. And uses it not only to Putin«.

«Putin gave in to temptation and lead the country to a new power, drawing strength from the world of chaos — continues the journalist. Perhaps in his case it is not the ability to dominate the world, but certainly the opportunity to make a strategic blockade.» Russia «insists on its right of veto in all matters of world politics,» and demonstrates this in the middle East «by all available means and with violence, which the West looks helpless,» says Stuermer.

«Trump, says Stuermer, — the world will bring more instability than all of his predecessors. This will promote shallowness, political light-mindedness and refusal to heed the findings of 16 intelligence agencies».

«The USA, which for more than 70 years stabilized the system on both sides of the Atlantic, when trump if his statements are true — will be the heart of the problem. Today in fashion the conflicts in the digital space, hybrid war and the «war Vice,» writes the author.

«While Europe is afraid of a new cold war, which America will look from the side, the movement has come a tectonic strata in the Pacific region. At stake is America’s role as a world power, the article says. — China is investing heavily in naval forces, makes claims on the South China and East China sea, turns detached reefs in the unsinkable aircraft carrier and demands respect from all our neighbors».

«In crucial moments of history — such as today — the stability becomes for all — including for Germany, for their survival,» concluded the German journalist.

When the former agent of MI-6 Christopher Steele became known as the author of the dossier about Donald trump, he immediately went underground, fearing not only the revenge of the future President of the United States, but also Russia’s place. «Empire of the former KGB agent and former head of Putin’s special services threatens to Touch double trouble — dossier, disrupting Russia, and because of football,» writes the columnist of Der Spiegel, Jens Weinreich.

The fact that Steele, who heads the firm Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, for many years «collecting information about interesting topics: how Russia won the right to host the 2018 world Cup». This question has plagued the sports world starting from December 2, 2010, when the FIFA Executive Committee under rather doubtful circumstances gave the 2018 world Cup and 2022 world Cup to Russia and Qatar.

The same day Putin flew to Zurich and gave a strange press conference. When in the midst of a press conference he said he believes that Roman Abramovich had not abandoned the idea of support of the Russian plan for the world Cup, the billionaire visibly started in my chair and literally took the position of «attention», says Weinreich.

If you believe the results of the investigation of Christopher Steele, a crucial role for FIFA played is the commitment of Roman Abramovich and several other oligarchs, as well as involvement of Gazprom.

The main issue raised Steele, was how «Putin and the then Emir of Qatar not only negotiated a mega-deal for the development of giant gas fields on the Yamal Peninsula, but has also created an Alliance between Russia and Qatar to qualify for future world Cup,» the article says.

«Trump has repeatedly tried to establish business in Russia since 1987, writes The New York Times.

An ambitious plan to build on the site of the old pencil factory on the banks of the Moscow river «trump tower», in which is located, hotel rooms, apartments and offices, failed in the end. And at the time of joining trump in the presidential race he has failed to achieve positive results with any of the projects in the field of real estate in Russia. But the reason was not a lack of attempts, pay attention to the authors of the article Megan Touhey and Steve Ider.

«Attempts to enter into transactions in Russia are part of a larger strategy for the global spread of the brand «trump». By the mid-2000s, trump found out that his name was especially popular in developing countries where the growing power of the rich claimed for that type of pompous glamour, which he personified», — notes the edition.

In 2008, Donald trump Jr. , he commended the opportunities in Russia, but also called it «a scary place» for business because of corruption and legal challenges, said the authors.

Trump studied the opportunities for business in Russia almost a decade, telling about their interests and Mikhail Gorbachev, Yury Luzhkov, the newspaper notes.

Trump returned to Moscow in 2013 he attended the beauty contest «Miss universe». Earlier this year, the contest «Miss USA» in Las Vegas, he announced that the international competition will host the Russian developers of Aras and Emin Agalarovy.

As reported, Agalarovy staged in honor of trump dinner the night after the contest, which was attended by, in particular, German Gref.

In the course of the visit was to discuss the possibilities of building projects, trump wrote on Twitter that soon in Moscow will be a «trump Tower».

«But the tower has not appeared,» the paper concludes.


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