InoPressa. In anticipation of the oath of trump: «the worst Cabinet», the revolt in the team and associates under investigation

On the eve of the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA, the Western media voiced anxiety and doubt related to the inauguration of Donald trump. The Washington Post urges disgruntled election trump «to show respect to the office, hoping that holding her will try to win respect for themselves.» The publication claims that «trump formed the worst in American history, the Cabinet of Ministers». The WSJ talks about the «rebellion» team trump, and the NYT — that colleagues trump are under investigation. The Western press evaluates the probability of changes in Russian-American relations. According to observers, despite the Pro-Russian rhetoric, trump is not an easy interlocutor for Moscow.

On the eve of the inauguration of the 45th American President the editors of the Washington Post talks about «respect for the office and hopes for the nation.»

«This year, even more than usual, many of the losers are in no mood to celebrate. Dozens of members of Congress from the Democratic party boycotted the ceremony in the Capitol. Thousands of Americans gather in Washington to greet the administration of the tramp, but thousands will protest», — notes the edition.

However, after noon on Friday he will be the legitimate President of the United States. Respect to this result does not mean reverence for irrational policies or appointments. The recognition of choosing the trump does not mean that we close our eyes to Russian intervention, suppression of voters or other election violations, the authors write.

«The best response to the Russian intervention will conduct a daring investigation and to prevent its repetition: to show that democracy is much more than a kleptocracy in the Russian spirit, capable of self-correction. The correct answer to the Trump will show respect to the office, hoping that holding her will try to win respect for himself,» — concludes the publication.

«Today, when Donald trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, it will be the culmination of the political uprising, lasting about 10 years in a country that still suffers from the effects of the recession of 2008 and dissatisfied with the government, paralyzed with intra-party strife,» pichette Wall Street Journal. Trump «is said to be eager to demonstrate the changes that promised to implement. Their main goals are to create jobs, increase spending on the armed forces, tax cuts and a new approach to some of the most slippery political problems of America,» noted Michael H Bender and Carol E. Lee.

However, judging by opinion polls, the rating of trump lower than the rating of his recent predecessors at the time of inauguration of the President. In addition, «after trump criticized hero of the civil rights movement, Congressman John Lewis, more than 60 Democrats sitting in the House of representatives, refused to come to his inauguration,» the article says.

«Meanwhile, trump is trying to suppress a mutiny in his own team, in charge of defense and foreign policy,» the authors say.

«The General-the Lieutenant in resignation , Michael Flynn, whom trump has chosen to a position of national security adviser, has long been in contention with the establishment of the intelligence community on the issue of the US-led war on global terrorism and now «butting heads» with members of the trump team, including Rex Tillerson (who trump has selected for the post of Secretary of state), the Mattis and Mike Pompeo (candidate for the post of Director of the CIA),» — said in the article.

«According to officials from the transition team and close to it officials, Flynn pushes some of his candidates for positions in the state Department and the Ministry of defence and leaves the impression that exaggerates its power in the role of Advisor on national security,» the article says.

«According to sources, the concern of Flynn led the team trump to deprive Flynn of a part of the governing powers associated with cyber security and fight against terrorism», — the newspaper writes, referring to the nomination trump Thomas Bossert for the position of assistant to the President for homeland security and combating terrorism.

According to Paul Waldman, a senior columnist for The American Prospect, «Donald trump has formed the worst in American history, the Cabinet of Ministers». His article is published by The Washington Post.

«The Cabinet of Donald trump will bring a cocktail of ethical issues, inexperience, aversion to objectives, which should be headed by appointees of the new President and banal, but just unprecedented ignorance. It goes to the fact that it will be, no more, no less, the worst Cabinet in American history,» says the author. He listed the appointees trump and concludes: «Never has any one President of the United States is not «collection» of so many people who are not qualified and (or) disrupted the work of departments, who will now be entrusted to them».

Meanwhile, as writes The New York Times, trump will take the oath on the background of the stay of his associates under investigation.

«American law enforcement and intelligence agencies are studying the intercepted negotiation and financial transactions as part of a broader investigation of possible communications of the Russian officials and associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump, including the former head of his election headquarters Paul Manafort, as reported by active and retired American officials — transmit journalist Michael S. Schmidt, Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo. Once the investigation is continuing, then, on Friday, the trump will take the oath while his comrades are still under investigation, and this is after intelligence agencies concluded that the Russian government had contributed to his election. As President trump will control these agencies, and his authority will allow him to redirect or prevent at least some of these efforts.»

It is unclear whether the intercepted negotiation attitude to Trump, his staff, or investigating the hacking of computers of the National Committee of the Democratic party. The investigation is at least partially dedicated to commercial deals with Russia and some current and former advisers trump. In particular, Manafort done business with Ukraine and Russia. Some of its contracts, according to one source, has attracted the attention of the NSA because of the suspicion that they are linked to the FSB, the article says.

The Western press estimates the probability of changes in Russian-American relations after the inauguration of the trump. According to observers, despite the Pro-Russian rhetoric, trump is not an easy interlocutor for Moscow.

«These days in Russia is not so easy to be the one who hates America. When this Friday the office will enter Donald trump, whom Russian propaganda praised in recent months, the familiar image of the enemy will crack,» writes author Julia Smirnova of Die Welt in an article titled «the Absurd contradictions of the Russian anti-American».

Their anti-American rhetoric forced to soften or even abandon it, even «patriots» and the state media, says the German edition.

«Cautious optimism is the leitmotif of the official position of Moscow on the eve of the inauguration of the Donald trump — says the author of the publication. — On Tuesday, Putin sided with their future American colleagues, defended it from critics who say the Kremlin is compromising trump material. The head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed hope for the improvement of the negotiation process on Syria, with the future US administration and praised the fact that America plans to make a priority of its foreign policy the fight against terrorism».

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of Russian security Council, said that Russia is ready for talks with the new US administration, but noted that Moscow has no illusions. According to Patrushev, speaking about fundamental changes in Russian-American relations is not.

Skeptical and foreign policy adviser to the Kremlin Sergei Karaganov. According to him, the advent of the new administration «creates a window of opportunity for normalization of relations,» however, does not provide for nuclear disarmament mentioned by trump.

The similarities between trump and Putin does not mean that both will find a common language; moreover, the arrival of trump may not result in automatic cancellation of the American sanctions against Russia. To such conclusion the political columnist for the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung Benjamin the Tribe.

Trump, which is primarily a businessman, not a politician, «primarily interested in the so-called transactions». «Washington’s foreign policy simply negates the factor that was decisive for the success of the Kremlin», — emphasizes the author. Putin «deliberately used instruments refused to the US and Europe — namely, the unpredictability to gain an advantage». «Now, what exactly trump will be a major unpredictability,» says the author.

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