Inopressa. If trump would surrender Ukraine to Putin, all hope for Germany

If the President of the United States Donald trump is still going to «bad deal» with Putin and cancel anti-Russian sanctions, closing his eyes to the fate of Ukraine, the EU, led by Angela Merkel must assume the task of protecting Ukrainian interests, writing American and British media. Also the English press said that the Minsk agreement «discredited» and need to restart at the initiative of Germany.

«Donald trump says immediately recognize a bad deal when faced with such, and this is what he offers Putin on Ukraine,» reads an editorial in the British business publication Financial Times. That’s the value of escalation in Eastern Ukraine, which began this week, according to the newspaper. The ferocity of the fighting «even more discreditied agreement «Minsk-2″ which already was a diplomatic fiction to most people outside of the Federal Chancellery of Germany», the article says.

According to the British newspaper, Putin is probably «trying to consolidate captured territory in Eastern Ukraine, preparing for the «big deal» with Washington, which can lead to the lifting of sanctions, motivated by the situation in Ukraine, in exchange for Moscow’s cooperation in other spheres, such as terrorism and nuclear disarmament». «The problem with this agreement — says the FT, is that it will allow Putin to bind the steps that he ought in any case to be taken to provide him with freedom of action at the borders of NATO.» This situation, concludes the newspaper, «could set a precedent that Moscow is allowed to violate the sovereignty in Europe, avoiding impacts through agreements.»

American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal in its editorial associates the resumption of the conflict in the Donbas with «sudden vacuum of American leadership in Ukraine». As the newspaper writes, «life agreements «Minsk-2″, which was supposed to bring peace to Eastern Ukraine, supported by artificial means». The Minsk process is in urgent need of revitalization through creative diplomacy, and the void left by trump administration, Europe must fill, and, above all, Angela Merkel, the main negotiator in the Minsk agreements, the article says.

Merkel and other European and world leaders should, according to the newspaper, «to convince trump not to go on any «deal» with Putin, the price of Ukraine’s interests». If, however, the President of the United States «will cancel anti-Russian sanctions without significant concessions to restore and guarantee the sovereignty of Ukraine, Merkel should be prepared to strengthen the resolve of European leaders to save the European measures» against Russia, writes The Wall Street Journal. «Since the EU is a bigger trading partner for Russia than the US, it may convince Moscow that progress on the settlement in Ukraine is in its national interests,» — concludes the publication.


Inopressa. If trump would surrender Ukraine to Putin, all hope for Germany 03.02.2017

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