InoPressa. Europe will have to wait for new bloodbath in Syria?

The EU summit in Brussels did not stint on the harsh words of the inhuman bombing of Moscow and Assad, but was afraid to give Russia a clear signal in the form of sanctions, the media complain. «Spoiled meal», which was prepared for the Kremlin, tough-minded countries, Italian Prime Minister Renzi. As a result, the EU only «will consider available options if the atrocities will continue.» On the eve of Merkel and Hollande spoke about Syria and Ukraine face to face with Putin, and nothing indicated that it is reconsidering the position.

At the EU summit, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has forced the EU to abandon new sanctions against Russia, which was suggested to introduce punishment for the bombing of Aleppo, writes the correspondent of The Financial Times Arthur Beesley.

German Chancellor Merkel, French President Hollande and Prime Minister may on the eve of the summit called for «further restrictive measures against individuals and entities supporting the regime» of Assad. But in the final communiqué merely States that the EU «considers all available options in the case if you continue with the atrocities that happen now.»

On Wednesday, Merkel and Hollande discussed with Putin the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. «According to diplomats, nothing showed that Putin is reviewing its position in Syria,» the article says.

Merkel said that Russian support for the bombing of Aleppo «utterly inhuman».

The publication reports the words of an unnamed diplomat: discussion of sanctions at the summit were «more difficult» than expected Berlin, Paris and London. «Sanctions cautious attitude in Spain, Austria, Cyprus and Greece, but other dissenters were kept in the background, and Renzi took the initiative,» — said the source.

«Yesterday Theresa may has failed to convince EU leaders are right to threaten President Putin with sanctions for the «sickening brutality» in Aleppo, arranged by Russia and the Syrian regime,» writes another British newspaper, The Times. Prime Minister urged to punish Putin, but, «while she spoke in Brussels, the Russian flotilla of warships went to the English channel to join the bombing campaign in Syria», say the journalists.

Britain, France and Germany urged other EU countries to agree to sanctions, such imposed on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine, however, the resistance of Italy, Austria and other countries has led to the fact that the block had to be restricted to unspecified promise to consider «options» response.

A source in the British government said that may will call for a more tough position on a working lunch and mention that Russia used cyber attacks to undermine Western democratic institutions.

EU summit shows that Europe is often powerless in the face of major challenges, says Markus Becker Der Spiegel.

«The lack of harsh words at the Brussels EU summit was not, especially when it came to Russia’s actions in the Syrian war,» says the correspondent.

British Prime Minister Theresa may, for example, said that Russia is doing a «terrible atrocities». European Parliament President Martin Schulz has accused Russia of violating international law and German Chancellor Angela Merkel referred to the «inhuman bombing» that the Russians are satisfied in Aleppo.

But in the end, the threat of sanctions against Moscow, even hidden behind the diplomatic formulations, has not been announced, sorry Explorer.

As it became known from diplomatic circles in Brussels, France and the United Kingdom has supported sanctions, however, Hungary, Greece and Italy opposed. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier also responded with skepticism, noting that «the threat of sanctions to anyone in Aleppo will not help.»

At the EU summit in Brussels Russian air strikes in Syria came under harsh criticism — but the decision on new sanctions was not taken, reports Die Welt.

«The summit in Brussels took place under the impression of war and of death, which lasted for weeks at a time of Russian air strikes on schools, hospitals and residential buildings in Aleppo, Syria. The Chancellor condemned as «completely inhumane.» However, the consequences yet. Europe has preferred to take a wait and see, will Putin continue to drop bombs on Syria,» criticizing the authors.

«The EU is considering all options in the event of further atrocities in Syria, including sanctions against individuals or entities that support the regime», — stated in the summit outcome document. According to the authors of the review, it’s «toothless threats, which will not produce on the Russian President absolutely no experience.»

Disputes have become a hallmark of the meeting in Brussels. «Spoiled meal», which was prepared for Russia the EU demanding austerity measures, including Britain and France, the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi, the article says. «I don’t think it makes sense even to indicate the possibility of sanctions,» he said. According to the Italian Prime Minister, he does not want to further harm the already shaky Italian economy by introducing new anti-Russian sanctions.

Only a few leading European politicians have been able to find clear language to describe the Kremlin’s actions in Syria, notice correspondents. Among them was the Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas, who said that Moscow and the Syrian regime want to turn Aleppo into a new Grozny. And according to the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, «it is obvious that the aim of Russian strategy is the weakening of the EU», the publication reports.

«Paris, Berlin and London, it seemed, managed to sway the Europeans: the new EU sanctions may fall on Russia if it refuses to expand beyond a few days the temporary cessation of bombing Aleppo, in Le Figaro, which agreed to Vladimir Putin», — writes the correspondent Jean-Jacques Mevel.

«Crackdown is the only option, not a firm decision or an immediate step, — explains the author. — However, it reflects an unexpected tightening of the EU against the Kremlin.» Meeting in Berlin with Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel held on Wednesday evening, was unsuccessful. The Chancellor even spoke about the «tough and difficult moments», said in the article.

In the draft outcome document of the summit presented for the approval of the 28 heads of state, said that the EU «considers all options, including additional restrictive measures against persons and organizations that support the regime» of Bashar al-Assad. «In diplomatic jargon, this announcement of new sanctions, says the author. — Russia is not named as the object of sanctions, but the punishment is no longer excluded. This is the main difference from the decision three days ago by the foreign Ministers of the EU.»

«To impose new sanctions require unanimity. Thus, it remains to convince countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus and to a lesser extent Italy, which, as a rule, do not dare to ignore the anger of the Kremlin,» writes Level.

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