InoPressa. Europe is at war with «Gazprom», but the countries-members of different gas interest

Brussels wants to control the most important contracts for the supply of gas to the EU and end the dominance of the Russian concern. Goal — plan pan-European gas: to diversify the sources and extend the connecting pipelines. The project «Northern stream-2» divides Europeans in mass media. Gazprom oversees maneuvers of the EU, but does not believe in their success, because «Russia sells inexpensive».

«Russia and Gazprom have been targeted,» writes El Pais. Saturday Brussels approved a package of measures for energy regulation, in which, in the opinion of the author claudi pérez, included the actual right of veto on the agreement of the EU with third countries.

The European Commission will be requested to check the contracts, preventing illegal provisions (currently available in each third), the article says. If the European Commission would oppose the contract, the EU must respond, otherwise the court. Brussels also wants EU member States were informed of all the agreements of private companies if the contract period exceeds one year and it covers more than 40% of the market in one country.

All of these measures Brussels adopts, looking back on the recent past of Russia and «Gazprom». «After the gas crises of 2006 and 2009, when millions of people were left without gas, it’s time to say: «never again,» said the European Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete.

In General, Brussels wants to go on a pan-European plan of gas supply is to diversify sources of supply and to extend the connecting pipes between different countries.

«The proposals will give to the Executive body of the EU the right to carefully check the deals on gas supplies and obliges States to cooperate in the conditions of insufficient supply, put to the test determination unit to challenge the monopoly of Russia in the gas market,» writes The Wall Street Journal.

Germany, which buys Russian gas at a lower price than many of its neighbors, has already disagreed on some points of the new plan, like Bulgaria. The governments of the countries in which growing support for parties opposed to the EU, such as France and the UK, also can rebel over giving the European Commission new powers, indicated by European officials.

If the Brussels proposals will be approved by EU governments and the European Parliament, they will give the European Commission unprecedented powers of inspecting the conditions of gas sales in the 28 countries of the bloc. This will have an impact, primarily on treaties of Latvia, Finland, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and perhaps also Portugal and Slovenia.

According to European officials, it is not clear whether or not under the new rules, the contracts associated with the planned project «Northern stream-2» which will increase the existing pipeline that delivers gas from Russia to Northern Germany.

Regarding the creation of mechanisms of mutual assistance among the countries of the block at breaks in gas supplies, «in practice this means that member countries have to give priority to vulnerable consumers in the neighbouring countries to the more protected consumers at home», the author of the publication.

The project of doubling the capacity of the pipeline «Nord stream» divides Europeans, writes Christian Lemenestrel in the newspaper Le Figaro. «Nord stream-2» can become the new Chimera in the complicated relations of the European Union and Moscow. Infrequently «commercial projects» is subject to disagreement, is able to divide the EU,» remarks the correspondent.

The essence of the project is to reach 110 billion cubic meters throughput of gas pipeline, built in 2011 and delivers gas directly from Russia to Germany, the article says.

The current conflict situation is explained by the difficulty to combine the security of EU gas supply and management commitment of the EU to protect Ukraine from Moscow. The capacity of the pipeline is equal to the volume of gas flowing to the EU via Ukraine. «He drained the transit through Ukraine», — said the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. Annual losses of Kyiv as a transit country can be 5 billion dollars.

By 2035, the volume of purchases of gas by Europe will increase to 480 billion due to depletion of deposits in Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. «Nord stream-2″ and the diversification of sources and aims to ensure security of supply,» insists the French team Engie, part of the consortium led by «Gazprom». But the intention of the Commission to end the domination of «Gazprom» has become an obsession, says the correspondent.

In 2019 expires the contracts signed with the Russian giant. Considers the three options of gas supplies: the southern corridor (gas supplies from the Caspian fields), the project of a gas hub in the Mediterranean (from fields offshore Cyprus and Egypt), and, finally, purchase of liquefied gas from Qatar, Nigeria, Algeria, USA, Canada, Australia. Gazprom is closely watching the maneuvers of the EU, but does not believe in their success. Determining will be the price, says the Russian group. «Russia sells cheap» — privately admitted one of the leaders of the EU.

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InoPressa. Europe is at war with «Gazprom», but the countries-members of different gas interest 17.02.2016

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