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«Russia was involved in our elections?» — testing of candidate for the post of U.S. Secretary of state senators. «The Americans are obsessed with the whole Russian theme,» — said the Romanian hacker Guccifer. The FBI attributed the cyberattack on the servers of DNC Kremlin hackers without their own investigation, fully trusting CrowdStrike, points out BuzzFeed. 2017 promises to be hard and dirty because of the elections to the Bundestag, writes Die Welt.

On 11 and 12 January, the candidate for the position of Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, former head of ExxonMobil, will answer questions in the Senate Committee on foreign relations, writes The Washington Post. «If publicly Tillerson will speak about Russia «the right thing», which he spoke at meetings behind closed doors, the Democrats are unlikely to prevent him to become the next Secretary of state,» predicts journalist Josh Rogin.

This week Tillerson met with senators — Republicans and Democrats. He «bent over backwards to demonstrate that shrewdly and harshly refers to Putin’s Russia, but has not committed to any specific course,» according to Rogin, citing his discussions with the senators and their aides.

«He said, «Look, I understand that Putin and Russia is a «bully in the Playground», they only respect force, and they must speak from a position of strength,» Tillerson told the words of a fellow Senate staff.

One Senator, who requested anonymity, «told me that Tillerson made it clear: he is aware that Russia has a comprehensive threat to the U.S. and our allies,» Rogin reports. «I said, «do You see that Russia was involved in our elections? What are you willing to do?» So I gave him the exam, — said the Senator. — And he first said something like: «Let me consult with people trump«.

«Congress will not abandon its desire to investigate the antics of Russia during elections and to punish her. If behind closed doors Tillerson spoke sincerely, he will probably remain faithful to his position, potentially fraught with disagreements with the new President,» — said the author.

Romanian hacker Guccifer for the first time announced the fact that Hillary Clinton used a private e-mail, called «crazy» allegations that Russia tried to influence U.S. elections. Guccifer said in an interview with Fox News that White house statement that Russia tried using hackers to monitor the elections in the United States, is a «fake cyberwar», The Daily Mail reports. The hacker, whose real name Marcel Lazar Lehel, gave an interview from his prison cell in Romania.

«The Americans are obsessed with the whole Russian theme and that if the Russians invade the US, said Lehel. Is it madness… Is this hysteria, you know.»

Lehel says that there will be «investigations and indictments against some Russian.»

The reporter emphasizes: «With this forecast it made three weeks ago, two weeks before last Thursday, Obama in retaliation for a hacker attack sent from U.S. 35 Russian diplomats.»

«As it became known to BuzzFeed News, the FBI did not investigate the server of the National Democratic Committee (DNC) before issued a report in which a large-scale cyber intrusion attributed to hackers under the patronage of Russia,» writes BuzzFeed News reporter Ali Watkins.

«The DNC held several meetings with representatives of the Cyber division of the FBI and its field offices in Washington, D.C., Department of national security of the U.S. Department of justice and attorney General of the United States, as well as responded to various requests for cooperation, but the FBI never asked to provide access to computer servers DNC,» — said in an interview via e-mail Eric Walker, Deputy Director of the DNC public relations.

«The U.S. intelligence officer told our newspaper that instead, FBI relies on research conducted by the firm CrowdStrike working in the field of cyber security,» the article says.

«CrowdStrike works quite efficiently. There is no reason to believe that any of its conclusions inaccurate,» said the source. «He added that they are confident that the broad hacker attacks were Russia,» the author writes.

«It is unclear why the FBI asked for access to the servers DNC and whether it is a common practice when the FBI investigates cyber attacks of state actors to private organizations,» — says the correspondent.

Will happen if a dirty election campaign of Donald trump as an example for political forces in Germany? — asks the journalist of Die Welt Robin Alexander.

«Dirty election campaign, trump will find here and their supporters,» he quotes his colleagues from the Augsburger Allgemeine. Chancellor Merkel in a new year address stressed that it will «lead a passionate debate, but will remain true to democratic principles» — as if the opponents are threatening to behave differently, the article says.

«No one in a sober memory will not assert that the race before was clean — although there’s no ADH (the party «Alternative for Germany». — Ed.) the intervention of the Russians and today’s activity in the Internet. When, in 2001, Klaus Wowereit became the first representative of sexual minorities in the elections of the mayor of Berlin, his opponent from the CDU «purely by chance» was to campaign with election posters in company with his wife. And in 2005, — reminds Alexander, the wife of Chancellor Gerhard schröder (SPD) indelicately pointed out that Angela Merkel (CDU), to compete with her husband, no children.»

«When they stoop to the baseness that we maintain dignity» is the slogan proclaimed Michelle Obama in the United States, was later picked up by his campaign, Clinton. «And then to the public was passed illegally made audio recording of the sebaceous reviews trump 10 years ago,» writes Alexander.

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