InoPressa. Dream Primakov, Putin implemented, can change the balance of power in the middle East

«The godfather» of Russia’s military interference in Syria, the late Arabist politician and diplomat Yevgeny Primakov approved the determination of Putin, the media are writing. «Game over», say Western diplomats: the Russian intervention was «driving factor» of any future political solution to the conflict. Syrian rebels implore U.S. to send MANPADS to fight the Russian helicopters, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter «volunteered to assist the Russian bombing campaign in Syria» — in opposition to the official line of the Obama administration.

«The godfather» of Russia’s military interference in Syria — Primakov, a former Prime Minister and head of intelligence, well-known Arabist,» says The Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. In his opinion, Primakov would approve the determination of Putin in Syria, but perhaps would consider it risky. Putin «began to revive the dream of Primakov Russian influence in the Arab world, but the price that has shouldered the burden of fighting Islamic extremism efforts that are so greatly Deplete United States», the article says.

«If Russia really intends to become a «hoodlum» opposing ISIS, it could mean a fundamental change in the balance of power in the middle East: Russia is invoked to protect not only Assad, but also the Europe that is afraid of terrorism, of refugees and disruptions in oil supplies,» the author writes.

Primakov wanted to revive Russian power in the middle East and globally. «Now Putin realizes this dream, and this change is fraught with danger for both Russia and USA, can change the balance of power in the region and beyond,» concludes the author.

«Russia’s influence on the battle in Syria for control of Aleppo,» — said in the title of today’s article in The New York Times.

«There are signs that the most important participants of the new Alliance of Pro — Russia and Iran — are directly involved in the fighting in Syria. During the fight were already killed several senior Iranian officers, and on Tuesday, Pro-government military sources told Reuters that three Russians were killed during shelling that was coming from the rebel positions,» — writes Kareem Fahim and Anne Barnard.

The progress of the offensive has slowed, partly suspended U.S. anti-tank weapons supplied to the rebels by Saudi Arabia, noted the authors. Despite this, the fighting and the recent advances near Aleppo demonstrate a «decisive influence» of Russian intervention at this point, the notes of Sayigh Yazid, a middle East expert at the Carnegie center (Carnegie Middle East Center, Beirut).

With relatively minimal effort the Russians managed to «strengthen the morale of the regime and the army» and to send a signal to the countries supporting the rebels such as the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey that they will not be able to intervene in the conflict militarily, the Turks hinted this summer. «Putin doesn’t need more to do,» says Sayigh.

The decision of the Russians help Assad to strengthen control in Pro-government areas became the «driving factor» for any future political solution to the conflict, according to a Western diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity. Prior to Russian intervention, the government was defended by a smaller and smaller area. «Now it will not diminish, — the diplomat added. — The game is over».

According to the Independent, according to opposition activists, as a result of Russian bombing was killed by «rebel commander who left the ranks of the army of the regime.» The attacks were made in the areas from which the rebels were shelling the villages and cities of Latakia province.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (UK) and local coordination committees activists (Local Co-ordination Committees LCC) reported that the killed commander was the Basil of Simmo, «chief of staff» First coastal division of the Free Syrian army.

«The opinions of the activists about the importance of Simmo for opposition forces differ. One of them said that the Russians were aiming to destroy experienced commanders, preparing for a ground attack by forces of the regime, while others argue that the rebels are exaggerating the importance of those killed, to show that exterminated experienced leadership,» the article says.

«America supported the Syrian rebels are asking the West to send them man-portable air defence systems — MANPADS, which will help them to withstand destructive raids of Russian helicopters,» reports Catherine Philp in The Times.

The supply of MANPADS to prevent the U.S. fears that these weapons could fall into the hands of extremists or be used against American planes flying over Syria.

The journalist recalls that before the start of air battles the most important weapon for the rebels were anti-tank missile complexes (ATGW), which allowed them to knock out tanks, received asadowskij troops from Russia, but completely useless against aircraft.

Meanwhile, former U.S. President «Jimmy Carter volunteered to assist the Russian bombing campaign in Syria,» writes The Washington Free Beacon. According to the journalist, Daniel Weiser, Carter recently stated that it had provided the Russian Embassy in Washington maps produced by the Carter Center, showing positions of ISIS in Syria. It seems that step Carter goes against the official course of the administration of the Obama — refusal to cooperate with Russia in the Syrian war, the newspaper notes.

The Obama administration has stated publicly that the U.S. will not cooperate with Russia, until it strikes on the rebels, backed by the US. «But Carter, it seems, on his own initiative appealed to Putin and urged him to find the point of intersection with the United States, striking in Syria, only ISIL,» reads the article. The edition reminds that earlier, Carter expressed support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, «the U.S. agreed with Russia the rules of conduct in the Syrian sky,» reports The New York Times. On Tuesday, as reported by the Ministry of defence of both countries, Russia and the United States signed an agreement regulating all flights of aircraft and drones over Syria.

Pentagon press Secretary Peter cook «stressed that the agreement does not imply the sharing of intelligence information and data about the whereabouts of targets and what his signing «does not imply any cooperation with Russia in Syria, nor support her actions or policies in the region», the article says.

«In his statement, the Russian defense Ministry expressed disappointment that the agreement affected only military-technical issues. In this statement it is reported that Moscow had proposed several concrete measures for deepening Russian-American military cooperation in the field of countering the threat of international terrorism,» says the author Neil MacFarquhar.


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