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In the universal access had materials about Donald trump, who «want to hurt him if it turns out the real», in mass media. The Kremlin rejected claims that collected information on the future President of the United States, however, journalists cite many examples: the «dirt» in Russia has a long tradition. Information about Russian dirt on trump gathered together ex-employee MI-6 Christopher Steele.

Currently free was incriminating material on future US President Donald trump, who «want to hurt him if it turns out to be real», writes the German newspaper Zeitung Sueddeustche.

Dossier about trump, which now dominates the United States, was released Tuesday by the web site BuzzFeed. In particular, it States that the team tramp through intermediaries close contact with the Russian government during the election campaign. The Kremlin allegedly supplied trump’s «very useful» incriminating information on his rival , Hillary Clinton, report journalists.

If you believe the dossier, «Vladimir Putin not only knew about it collaborationists cooperation, and directed him,» the article says.

In addition, the dossier contained allegations that Trump was offered a lucrative business in Russia, including those associated with the 2018 world Cup. Trump not agreed to participate.

In addition, the head of Russian oil company Rosneft «allegedly offered Trump shares in the company up to 19%, which trump could get after it, already being on the post of the President of the United States will seek the removal of Western sanctions against Russia,» reports the publication.

Another sensitive charge for the videos, which allegedly depicted a tramp with prostitutes at the hotel during a visit to Moscow in 2013. Russian security services allegedly led covert shooting on the case you need to blackmail trump. Whatever it was, nobody knew that trump at one point, will become President of the United States, note the journalists. And trump, and the Kremlin deny the authenticity of the incriminating evidence.

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has denied accusations that Russia allegedly collected compromising materials on a future US President Donald trump, calling it «an absolute duck, fake and complete nonsense», writes in the Neue Zuercher Zeitung Klaus-Helge Donath. In the same vein, spoke former head of the FSB Nikolay Kovalev: «the Collection of dirt on the man who came and engaged in conducting a beauty contest, is not for anyone of interest.»

Thus «the Kremlin has decided to simplify your task and to put all such assumptions as the fruit of a sick imagination of the American elite, which can not accept defeat in the presidential elections,» the article says.

But many Russian analysts doubt that Russia attempted to intervene in American elections.

For example, a Russian expert on intelligence news portal Andrei Soldatov sure that the interference could not occur without the consent of the Kremlin, which «likes to refer to informal hackers, which cannot be linked to state structures». Such «outsourcing» ensures low risks and very high costs, he said.

If you believe the «dossier trump», in the summer of last year Vladimir Putin was outraged by the modest results of the operation against the Democratic party of the USA, which in August, his office has lost the initiator of the operation and longtime Putin confidant Sergei Ivanov, reports the author.

«Informed sources say that the author of the dossier, which contains unproven allegations about the activities and relationships elected President of the USA trump in Russia, identified a retired British intelligence officer and now a Director of a private firm involved in investigation and security,» write the journalists of The Wall Street Journal.

«These people said that the dossier was prepared by Christopher Steele, Director of London-based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. The document, which, according to close to the subject official, has been prepared based on contracts with Republican and democratic opponents of the trump, it is argued that the Kremlin colluded with the electoral headquarters of the trump, and Russian officials have incriminating evidence of the behaviour of trump, which can be used for blackmail,» the article says.

The second co-Director of Orbis Christopher burrows said Wednesday in an interview that not «confirm or deny» the assertion that the report was prepared by Orbis.

Publicity file, which on 10 January was posted online, provoked a «firestorm» as expressed in the publication.

Trump said: «It’s all fake. It wasn’t.»

The author of the report had a good reputation in the intelligence world, he served for several years in Russia, says Jon Cypher, who resigned from the CIA in 2014.

For his part, Andrew Wordsworth, co-founder of London-based detective firm Raedas, found memos from the files of trump’s «absolutely unconvincing». According to Wordsworth, the employees of the Russian special services had no reason to share state secrets with the ex-officer MI-6. «The Russians think: who was the intelligence officer will stay him forever,» he explained.

«The publication of the dossier on elected President of the USA of Donald trump drew attention to Russia’s «insidious art of kompromat» — the practice of collecting compromising materials on prominent figures to blackmail,» write the journalists of The Wall Street Journal’s Nathan Hodge and Thomas grove.

Although blackmail is not a uniquely Russian phenomenon, using blackmail is regularly the case in Russian domestic politics, where the struggle is «no Boxing gloves».

In the beginning of last year the NTV television channel showed footage with a hidden camera, which was sealed by the leader of the opposition party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov. According to the newspaper, this entry has created the impression that the Russian opposition is divided and does not play a significant role in politics. The party Kasyanov has not passed in Parliament.

«Of course, the Kremlin is collecting compromising materials,» said political analyst and historian Valery Solovyev (MGIMO). According to him, the deal is only a small fraction of the collected dirt, publicity is given even less. «If it is quality and reliable, best suited for covert blackmail», — said the analyst.

Kompromat also serves as a weapon in diplomatic conflicts with other countries. «Western diplomats are sent to Russia, learn to avoid «sex traps», — stated in the article.

Some Russians think that with your report trump recalls the dramatic events in Russian political life. Former Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov, who himself became a victim of compromising after I started to investigate allegations of corruption against President Yeltsin and his entourage, doubt the veracity of the dossier on trump, journalists write.

«This is nothing more than a political act, he said. It is ideally written for hand, lost the election. This is a complete fraud, is an attempt to explain to the American reader why trump suddenly entered into good relations with Russia.»

In Russia members of the opposition and critical journalists silenced with shot hidden camera video of sexual pleasures and other incriminating evidence, the authenticity of which raises serious doubts, writes the correspondent Julia Smirnova of Die Welt.

The moment when a Russian oppositionist Mikhail Kasyanov last year was dealt a blow, accurately counted, provides an illustration journalist. His party PARNAS and other democratic party began to debate and preliminary vote for the purpose of formation of party lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections. It was then that the Pro-Kremlin NTV channel showed a video in which Kasyanov captured in the same bed with parnasa activist Natalia Pelevine. Lovers allegedly discussed his colleagues in the opposition. «Even though it is not possible to verify that in the case of this video is real and what is fabricated, the scandal has been programmed,» — says the journalist.

«This is one of the examples of what in Russia is called «compromising». After the American channel CNN reported that Moscow is the material allegedly incriminating elected President of the USA of Donald trump’s the word on the lips of the entire international community,» the article says.

Internet portal BuzzFeed has published the files of a former employee of British intelligence, which describes scenes similar to «film with the participation of Kasyanov,» writes the journalist. We are talking about what the Russian special services with the help of a hidden camera filmed a «perverted sexual favors» trump in one of the most luxurious Moscow hotels. BuzzFeed points out that the information is not verified — the Kremlin immediately declared it a «forgery».

«Compromising» in Russia has a long tradition, but its heyday this kitchen is made up in the 1990s, says Smirnov.

The wide public resonance was received by business of the then Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov, who actively took up the fight against corruption, after a quarrel with influential representatives from the environment of Boris Yeltsin — Boris Berezovsky and Pavel Borodin. As he wrote later in his book Skuratov, in February 1999 at a meeting with Nikolay Bordyuzha, who held the post of head of the presidential Administration and the Secretary of the Russian security Council, he was shown a video in which he allegedly figured in intimate scenes with two women. Bordyuzha claimed that he found the tape in the drawer of his Desk. Skuratov was asked to resign. In March of the same year, Smirnov adds, the video was shown on TV, against Skuratov criminal case was opened, and he was forced to leave her position.

«Skuratov suggested that the video was made public, the FSB on the instructions of the advisers from the entourage of President Yeltsin. Headed the FSB at that time the current President of the country Vladimir Putin», — says the author.

«Under Putin, a video of a sexual nature, and a wire is a popular tool to discredit, and in some cases turn into criminals, critics of the regime,» writes Smirnova. So, after the show on NTV filming with a hidden camera, as opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov allegedly discussing plans for a coup with some Georgian politician, was followed by the arrests of dozens of activists.

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