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The death of Fidel Castro, along with the election trump had clouded the future of the restoration of US-Cuban relations, says the WSJ. «The charm of Cuba — in its neglect and American cars of the 1950’s. However, it also shows that under Castro, Cuba has failed,» writes The Times. Raul may start to actively implement the relations with the us, predicts Die Welt. In the era of «after Castro» the Cuban opposition included not having a leader.

«Unity is the best way to honor the memory of» Fidel wrote in an editorial, the newspaper Granma, official organ of the Communist party of Cuba.

«The Cuban people are saddened by the sad news of the death of the Comandante, and that everyone has something to say. So many memories, so many words of gratitude were found among the Cubans who are not ready and don’t want to say goodbye,» reads the article.

Lazaro Castro Aguilera, Director of the national memorial in Berane, the birthplace of Fidel Castro, told the publication that, upon learning of the death of the Comandante, «went to the tomb of Lina, his mother.» «I made her an imaginary conversation to send a message that is no longer with us her great son whom she brought forth, and so tormented when watching the vicissitudes of his destiny as a revolutionary.»

«Antonio Marrero, Duvergel, correspondent of the Cuban Radio Re-belde believes Fidel’s greatest statesman in history, a military strategist, a consummate politician, a leader of the masses, a man who voraciously acquired knowledge, connoisseur of science, economy, sports, culture, environment, excellent public speaker, world example of internationalism and all those whose heart always ached for the people, for the disadvantaged».

Duvergel, said: «I was born in the village, and thanks to Fidel and the revolution became a journalist. For what I became I owe to him.»

«The death of Fidel Castro even more clouded future initiatives of President Barack Obama to restore U.S. relations with Cuba against the backdrop of historical transition periods in both countries», — writes the American The Wall Street Journal.

Advisers Donald trump said Sunday that he can reverse the historic diplomatic breakthrough made by Obama, unless they made concessions, according to the correspondents.

«On the part of Cuba ought to be taken any steps to restore relations with the United States,» said Raines Priebus, head of administration trump. According to him, the Cuban leadership needs to demonstrate significant progress in rejection of repression, the release of political prisoners, the opening of markets and to guarantee freedom of religion.

«Fidel Castro is dead!» — wrote trump on Twitter, suggesting that he was glad of the death of the Cuban leader.

He added in a statement: «Although the tragedy, death and pain, the cause of which was Fidel Castro, we should not forget that our administration will do everything possible to ensure that the people of Cuba can finally start the path towards prosperity and freedom.»

«Contradictory statements of trump over the past year have shed enough light on how he might react to Castro’s death,» reads the article. «His intentions may reflect the recent appointment of the temporary team in the Ministry of Finance Maurizio of Claver-Karon beach — a conservative lobbyist, opposes normalization of relations with Cuba», — the newspaper writes, reminding that the Ministry of Finance is responsible for ensuring the embargo.

However, Obama’s policy in the field of restoration of relations is popular among many Republicans, said Javier Corrales, an expert on Cuba from Amherst College (mA).

«All the major stakeholders — shipping companies, farm lobby, the oil, construction firms, wall street, supporters of the Evangelical Church — to support it, he said. — If trump will try to hinder this policy, he will come into serious conflict with important members of his coalition.»

«The death of Fidel Castro at the age of 90, marks the end of an era. But you can not say that the world — and especially the people of Cuba — there are reasons for this era to celebrate. All his life he was an opponent of Washington, which nearly caused a nuclear disaster, and has led to the impoverishment of its people,» said the editors of The Times.

«For many overseas visitors the charm of Cuba was its neglect and American cars of the 1950-ies on the streets, the article says. But it all spoke of one thing: if Castro’s Cuba had failed. He and other people (…) blamed it on the embargo imposed by America in a hostile country. However, it was another example of the lamentable failure of the Communist experiment. Free health care and education, few people are comforted amid food rationing, and widespread poverty.»

«Meanwhile, the Castro dictatorship was cruel and oppressive», — the journalists, Recalling the shooting of political opponents of the Castro waves a Cuban escapees, pascalcase on a dangerous voyage to America, sent to concentration camps for gays and priests.

«Unfortunately, the left is still too many defenders Castro,» the edition notes.

«The death of Fidel gives Cuba the opportunity to forge a better future, says the newspaper. — Although his brother Raul since 2006, is President] has undertaken some reforms, including contributed to the warming of relations with America Obama, the gloomy presence of Fidel, even on deathbed illness prevented him to go on.»

The correspondent of Die Welt, Tobias Kaufer claims that Cuba’s «collective sorrow is not felt, at least not yet. An amazing phenomenon for a country that five decades entirely been subordinated to the will of this man.»

The official ceremonies start on Monday. «The majority of Cubans have taken a wait and see position,» the article says.

«Castro has long personified the myth that the regime’s propaganda machine had turned into a light image of communism. The owner of the Caribbean island managed to separate himself from his violent crimes. Will forever remain unknown to the true number of those who died at sea, fleeing from the regime,» the author continues.

As stated by the head of the Cuban Commission for human rights and national reconciliation (CCDHRN), Alisandra Sanchez, «we expect that the amount of repression in the current year will exceed 10 thousand cases.»

This is the highest number of arrests over the past six years, says the author. «The fact that in the case of Turkey leads to the loud indignation of the democratic forces, in the case of Cuba, accompanied by a strange patient attitude to these acts of violence by political scientists and commentators involved in the Cuban topic,» complains Koyfer.

«In the era after Castro, the Cuban opposition is virtually without a leader. One of the key figures of the opposition, Oswaldo Paya, was killed four years ago under mysterious circumstances», — is spoken further. The opposition forces are difficult to reach ordinary citizens because Cubans rely only on the information from the Pro-government media. Even two years after the beginning of the thaw in relations between Washington and Havana, any activity of the opposition in Cuba remains illegal.

«Nevertheless — writes the German journalist — together with Fidel left a powerful mechanism, hindered the thaw. His brother Raul, who is considered the founding father of the process of rapprochement with the United States, can begin to actively implement this plan. He is survived by two years of restructuring and the change of generations in a form acceptable to the Castro clan. After that, apparently, he will retire».

His successor may be the current foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. But this opposition will not be easy, said the author.

«The Cubans are careful to insist on change, predicts the author. — Slow start of market opening of Cuba brings the first results: it improved the situation with the supply of goods, creates jobs, although the widening gap between those who work in a profitable private business and the state».

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