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Russia placing Iskanders in Kaliningrad, conducts exercises at nuclear defense and violates the INF Treaty. «We need to repeat taught history lessons about arms control,» — writes in The Times Edward Lucas, calling to restrain, not to provoke Moscow. New «reset» — a worthy goal, says the WSJ, but it is necessary to achieve it is not by concessions, as Obama tried, and by using the tested formula of «peace through strength».

«While the U.S. strategic triad — the combination of nuclear weapons systems of land, sea and air-based — poorly funded and outdated, Russia is rapidly modernizing its accounting system,» writes journalist Edward Lucas in an article for the Times.

In recent weeks, Russia has presented a new Intercontinental ballistic missile, suspended its participation in the transaction for the destruction of weapons-grade plutonium, said the deployment of missile complexes «Iskander» in the Kaliningrad region on an ongoing basis, conducted a test launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine, and conducted an exercise on nuclear defense with the participation of 40 million people.

But particularly worrying for the West, Lucas considers a flagrant violation by Russia of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF). In 2014 and 2015, the United States publicly accused Russia of violating the Treaty, and last week appealed to her about this at the meeting of the Special verification Commission of the INF Treaty in Geneva.

«Russia was happy to speak out — writes Lucas. — She said that the United States are guilty since they deploy a missile defense system in Poland and Romania. The Americans say that the goal is to stop Iranian missiles heading toward the United States.»

«In principle, the United States right, — believes the author. — Poland and Romania have the full right to host the military bases of the allies. Iran remains unpredictable. America has the right to defend themselves. These PRO system does not violate the INF Treaty. Besides, Russia is behaving badly».

«However, the lack of control over nuclear weapons in Europe will be a huge price for the protection of these principles,» says the author.

«Even such hawks, like me, writes Lucas, and I can see how it would be advantageous to place not expensive and not proven weapons system in Eastern Europe to protect America from a hypothetical Iranian threat, and to invest in the weapon and deterrent, and not provoking Russia. There is, for example, the missile JASSM — subtle non-nuclear cruise missile that can be launched from ships and aircraft. Finland and Poland bought JASSM; America needs to provide these weapons and other countries.»

«Now, when the «Brakit», «Temporanea» and obviously revanchist Russia shake the foundations of European security, we need to repeat taught history lessons about arms control, not to forget them» — summarizes the author.

A senior Russian MP said on Monday that Moscow will deploy a ballistic short-range missiles and advanced air defense system in Kaliningrad, writes The Wall Street Journal. «Consider it the first test of Vladimir Putin qualities of Donald trump as commander in chief,» — said in an editorial.

We are talking about systems Iskander and s-400 «objects» which presumably will be the site of the future posting the updated version of the American missile defense system SM-3, said in the article.

In 2009 President Obama cancelled the plan of the Bush administration to deploy a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. «The reason the Obama administration began implementation of plans for the SM-3 was a military provocations of Russia in Central and Eastern Europe» — say the journalists. They list in this series Russia’s violations of the INF Treaty, the threat of use of nuclear weapons, violations of Russian bombers to the airspace of the EU intervention in Ukraine and Russia’s withdrawal from the CFE Treaty.

«Trump has made it clear that he is committed to his own «reset» of relations with the Kremlin. It is a worthy goal, but on the condition that he will achieve it not by the usual Obama pre-emptive concessions, and by using the tested formula of «peace through strength». Completion of the placing, the SM-3 in Poland would send Putin the right message,» the paper concludes.

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