Inhabitants of the DPRK urged to collect the foil to protect it from spy satellites

North Korean authorities have announced the country’s campaign to collect aluminum foil. From it will produce camouflage nets for protection from foreign spy satellites, according to radio «Free Asia» (RFA), citing sources in the DPRK.

«North Korean authorities urged residents to hand over foil to support the army, arguing that (American) satellites can not take pictures of North Korean air defense systems (PVO) if they are covered with camouflage nets foil», — quotes the message of the South Korean news Agency Yonhap, reports

According to sources, to participate in the campaign connected even children. According to the order of local authorities, North Korean students gather on the streets of discarded cigarette packs in the manufacture of which uses the foil. Some families instead of foil hand over money, said RFA.

The theory that some powerful countries use satellites for surveillance of space in the interest of their citizens, there are already quite a long time. The most recognized antidote to this is the cap of the at least two layers of aluminum foil. It is believed, has a reflective effect.

This assumption is not without scientific basis. Properly done protection of the foil operates on the principle of «Faraday cage», shielding radiation coming from outside.

However, a study in 2005 at Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA), showed that the protection foil is able both relax, and enhance radiation — depending on the frequency, writes the American magazine The Atlantic.

We will remind, in February, North Korea launched into orbit its own satellite.

Inhabitants of the DPRK urged to collect the foil to protect it from spy satellites 14.11.2016

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