Indonesia breaks off military-technical cooperation with Australia

Indonesia stops military-technical cooperation with Australia because of offensive training materials that was seen on the Australian training special forces. This publication reports The Guardian.

According to media reports, the Indonesian military special forces «Kopassus», which arrived for joint exercises of special operations forces on the Australian base in Perth, was insulted and exposition materials which allegedly humiliated the principles of peaceful coexistence (Pancasila) underlying the Indonesian model of community building.

What exactly is considered offensive to Indonesian instructors, it is unknown, however, until a decision on the dismantling of these materials, the cooperation is suspended.

Representative of the armed forces of Indonesia major General Variant confirmed that the decision about the termination of cooperation takes effect immediately, however, admitted that the collaboration may not be updated after solution of technical issues.

The tense political rhetoric between the countries was the first time after the conflict in 2013, when it became clear that the Australian intelligence n reclusively phone calls of the then President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife and other senior officials of the state.

Indonesia breaks off military-technical cooperation with Australia 04.01.2017

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