Indian scientists have announced the creation of a vaccine against the virus zika

The first vaccine against the virus zika possibly invented in India. About the invention of the said company Bharat Biotech International Limited, located in Hyderabad, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the TV channel NDTV.

«As for the virus, Zeke, maybe we are the first company in the world that produces the vaccine, which has applied for a patent on a candidate vaccine takes about nine months ago,» said CEO Krishna Ella.

According to him, the company has developed two types of vaccine candidates, however tests in animals and humans can take some time. The company has requested support from the Indian Council of medical research.

«We have just been informed about the candidate vaccine, which is available from Bharat Biotech. We examine it from a scientific point of view, and evaluate the feasibility of its promotion. This is a good example of a product produced within the company Make in India», — said the head of the Indian Council of medical research of Soma Swaminathan.

We will remind, on the eve of the world health organization recognized the spread of the virus zika global threat. In international organizations created a special Department to combat the virus. The last time such measures were used in the time of Ebola.

The zika virus, which became widespread in Latin America, was opened in 1947 in Uruguay. In most cases the disease progresses without any symptoms, so the virus is hard to detect. Outbreaks were reported in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Pacific region. In the Western hemisphere, she now is spreading particularly quickly — the virus has already penetrated the 21 countries out of 55, although in may of last year sick were registered only in Brazil. With this virus, scientists have linked a congenital decrease in the size of the brain and skull, leading to mental retardation in infants.

Indian scientists have announced the creation of a vaccine against the virus zika 04.02.2016

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