India will build the highest temple in the world

In the Indian city of Vrindavan is planning to build the tallest religious structure in the world. To complete the construction of the temple Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir will be larger than St. Peter’s in the Vatican and is higher than the Ulm Minster in Germany, writes CNN.

Height 70-storey building will be 213 meters.

The architectural design of the Shrine, the creation of which was initiated by the International society for Krishna consciousness (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), have been the specialists of InGenious Studio and Thornton Tomasetti.

Earthquake-resistant construction will receive tiered design and will resemble a spaceship. The building will have a capsule Elevator which will take visitors to the observation deck. In the temple place theme Park. Nearby is also built apartments and villas for wealthy Krishna, who, buying a house, will Fund the construction of the temple.

Now the work of the builders is focused on laying a solid 50-meter Foundation. The total project cost is estimated at 115 million dollars.

Earlier in the region, archaeologists have excavated a giant temple of the ages six thousand years.

India will build the highest temple in the world 23.11.2016

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