India reported the first ever case of human death from the fall of the meteorite

India suffered the first ever case of human death as a result of a meteorite. This was stated by the chief Minister of the state of Tamil Nadu Jayaram of Jayalalitha. At the same time, while not confirmed by specialists, reports

«The mishap occurred yesterday (Saturday) when the meteorite fell on the territory of the campus of a private engineering College in the district of Vellar», — said yesterday the Minister, quoted Indian Express.

According to Jayaram Jayalalitha, a meteorite falling to earth exploded. The blast damaged the window of the building and glass buses. Near the College formed a small crater. As a result, three local residents were injured, one person was killed.

A victim of the meteorite, according to authorities, was the bus driver in the explosion of a celestial body passed by. Initially police investigated the incident as a crime of a terrorist orientation, but found no trace of explosives.

As it became known, the authorities will help the family of the deceased — relatives will receive compensation in the amount of 25 thousand rupees (over $ 300).

Earlier cases of human death from the fall of the meteorite were reported. The Director of the space research Institute (IKI) Leo Green has informed RIA «news» that in the entire history of mankind there is only one true fact of death from a falling asteroid living creature — the cow. The incident occurred on 15 October 1972 in Venezuela.

At the same time it is known of hit of a meteorite in person. On 30 November 1954 in USA a meteorite that hit near Sulakova (Alabama), hit the 34-year-old Ann Hodges. A meteorite went through the roof, bounced off a ricochet from the body of the radio, and hit Hodges while she napped on the couch. The woman received severe contusions of the arms and thighs, but your life is in danger they present. The meteorite known as Sulikowski, but is often referred to as Hajeski meteorite. This meteorite was the first documented extraterrestrial object caught in person.

In 2003 it was reported that a resident of India died from the effects of a meteorite in the village of Subcode in Orissa. The incident caused a fire that burned two houses, 20 people were injured, one died. 75-year-old Indian suffered severe burns trying to save his home and later died in hospital. Authorities said that a fallen celestial body was a fragment of a huge car.

Recall, most people in the history of falling of celestial bodies onto the Earth suffered a meteorite «Chelyabinsk», blown up in February 2013 over the territory of Chelyabinsk region. On this indicator it was included in the new edition of the Guinness Book of records.

India reported the first ever case of human death from the fall of the meteorite 08.02.2016

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