Increased the number of victims of crash of «Boeing» near Bishkek

According to the latest reports, 38 people died as a result of falling cargo «Boeing» of Turkish airlines near Bishkek. It is reported January 17, «Interfax» referring to the press service of the Ministry of health of Kyrgyzstan.

There said that on Tuesday was found the body of 38-of the victim, allegedly a member of the crew.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, to the discovery of the body of the fourth crew member in the list of victims, compiled by the staff of the Republican Bureau is judicial-medical examinations, there were 37 people, including three members of the crew of the Turkish airlines plane. Among the dead are 15 children aged from 11 years to one year, and one girl who was 4 months old.

As noted in the Ministry of health of Kyrgyzstan, lists of victims, 16 people, 13 people were hospitalized, three of them receive ambulatory treatment.

«The victims have primarily diagnosed with injuries of varying severity, fractures, brain concussion,» – said the Agency interlocutor.

For its part, the Ministry of emergency situations of Kyrgyzstan, told journalists that discovered under the rubble on Tuesday morning, presumably the body of the fourth pilot of «Boeing» has not yet taken to the morgue.

«The body is not yet transported to Republican Bureau of judicial-medical examinations where the examination will be carried out and the identity of the deceased, the body was found in the cockpit of the crashed plane, so perhaps this is the body of the pilot,» – said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier in a staff on investigation of causes of the collapse of the «Boeing 747-400» said that the bodies of the Turkish pilots will be transferred to the Turkish side after completing «all special events».

As you know, «747 400» Turkish airlines while landing crashed into a suburban village located in the vicinity of the airport «Manas». The plane fell on houses, most of the victims are villagers, who were pinned under the wreckage.

Increased the number of victims of crash of «Boeing» near Bishkek 17.01.2017

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