Increased the number of those killed and injured in the attack in Israel

The attack in the town of Beersheba in southern Israel, two people were killed and 11 more were injured, according to Haaretz. Several injured are in serious condition. Before that it was known about one Israeli soldier killed and five injured, writes

The man, armed at least with a knife, attacked a bus station in the evening on October 18 (local time). At first it was reported that there were two attackers, but this information has not yet found evidence.

It is not excluded that the terrorist was alone. He killed an Israeli soldier, 19-year-old OMRI Levi, then took his gun and opened fire indiscriminately on nearby people. The offender then entered into a gunfight with the police and was eliminated.

According to Haaretz, at the bus station the guards also injured a 29-year-old citizen of Eritrea Haftom Tarjuma (Haftom Zarhum), which, as it turned out, was mistaken for a terrorist. The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition, but doctors were unable to save his life.

According to some sources, initially, the attacker was in possession of only a knife and a firearm in his hands appeared only after the murder of a soldier. According to another version, the terrorist had a gun and he shot the soldier point blank.

Now law enforcement officers establish all the circumstances of the attack. They interrogated witnesses and seized records from surveillance cameras installed at the bus station. One such video published portal Walla.

This is not the first such incident in Israel in the last days. So, on October 17 in Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan river in Hebron killed two Palestinian armed with knives of the Arabs who tried to attack Israelis. A week ago, on 12 October, in Israel during day four of the attack. In the previous five days such attacks were more than ten.

Increased the number of those killed and injured in the attack in Israel 19.10.2015

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