In Zimbabwe were forbidden to celebrate the 98 anniversary of the great October revolution

Police in the Zimbabwean city of Bulawayo was banned from holding festive events dedicated to the 98th anniversary of the great October revolution. This is the website with reference to the organizers of the festivities — Communist group and the Communist League Zimbabwe.

The celebration was planned to be held in the historic room of Stanley Hall in the urban area Makokoba. However, the police are forbidden to do so on the grounds that the organization decided to hold the celebration, not registered officially.

The Communists criticized the government’s decision. «This decision reflects the degeneration and paranoia of the government of ZANU-PF (Zimbabwean African national Union — Patriotic front — the ruling party Zimbabwe. — Approx. ed.) and its state apparatus,» they wrote on his page in Facebook.

The report also notes that the very ZANU-PF was formed on the basis of two organizations — the Zimbabwe African national Union (ZANU) and the Union of the African people of Zimbabwe (ZAPU), which was shared by Marxist-Leninist ideology.

«ZAPU and its military wing ZIPRA were armed and financed by the Soviet Union, which was obliged by the existence of the Bolshevik party. (…) And ZANU and its military wing ZANLA has funded and armed the people’s Republic of China, which has always paid tribute to the great October socialist revolution», — stated in the message.

«In addition, the red star of the Bolsheviks is a distinctive feature of our beloved national flag. This ban was in fact a desecration of our flag and the principles which it symbolizes», — stated in the text.

Zimbabwean African national Union — Patriotic front headed by President of Roberg Mugabe. In February of this year he turned 91 years — he was the oldest ruler on the planet. It was reported that the party, organized on this occasion was worth about a million dollars, which is a tremendous amount considering the fact that Zimbabwe is one of the poorest countries in the world. Previously the US and EU have expressed concern about another victory for Mugabe in the presidential elections in Zimbabwe. In turn, the dictator himself advised those who disagree with his victory to go out and strangle.

In Zimbabwe were forbidden to celebrate the 98 anniversary of the great October revolution 02.11.2015

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